Heaven News - Feel the Love, 24 May 2009

Opening God Quote

“Have the intention to come from a high place where you can only live with love and consideration for all.”

Heavenletter #3086 With Love and Consideration for All

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Welcome to Saint Vincent, a beautiful country new to Heavenletters

Welcome, Saint Vincent!

St Vincent Flag
St Vincent ISland

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines lies between Saint Lucia and Grenada in the Windward Islands of the Lesser Antilles, an island arc of the Caribbean Sea. The islands of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines include the main island of Saint Vincent (344km2/133sq mi and the northern two-thirds of the Grenadines (25km2/17sq mi), a chain of small islands stretching south from Saint Vincent to Grenada.

Thank you, Sue Gonzales, 1st Heavensubscriber from Saint Vincent! Welcome!

sue gonzalez

Sue wrote:

Dear Gloria & the Team: I know that we are Divinely guided and there are no accidents in life. Heaven letters I found just wandering around the list of guests on Bridging Heaven and Earth TV Show. http://www.godwriting.org/about-godwriting#video Your path to God touched something in my Heart, so I continue to read the letters and feel that they were personally speaking to me. I felt uplifted and a deep sense of peace. Thank you ever so much!
Love & Light, Sue

Sue, I bet I’m not the only one who would love to sit down with you and join you in a cup of tea!

Welcome New Translating Angels!

Cristina Todoran

Cristina Todoran is translating Heavenletters into Romanian. Wonderful! Cristina coincidentally happens to be a key employee of Heaven Admin’s business in Romania. Thank you, Cristina. And thank you, Heaven Admin, for introducing Cristina to Heavenletters and encouraging her to translate.


Yriah of the Netherlands graciously offered to translate Heavenletters into Dutch. She, along with beloved Anco, now form a team of Dutch translators. A Heavenscriber named Laurence introduced Yriah to Heavenletters. Laurence, please know how grateful we are. Will you kindly introduce yourself to us! Press that Add Comment link at the end of this Heaven News if you haven’t introduced yourself yet before this Heaven News goes to press.

Yriah, after your photo, I can only think of you as the Laughing Translator! I smile every time I think of you.

European Godwriting™ workshop

Heaven Admin is working on pinning down the exact dates for the workshops in Italy and Turkey. Heaven Admin is doing lots more as well, including scheduling, transportation, all the logistics etc.

This is such an adventure we are on. Thanks again to everyone who is making this dream come true. I believe it’s God’s dream too. He wants people all over the world learning to Godwrite™.

In Italy, thanks to Emilia who initiated the idea at this time. To Paula, who has been translating Heavenletters into Italian every single day for six years! Paula had this idea of a Godwriting™ workshop in Italy long ago. And it is Paula who connected us to Magda. Thanks to you, Magda, for sponsoring this workshop in Turin, Italy, doing all the ground work, setting everything up.

To Engin, Heaven’s strong one and only translator in Turkey, and to the two ladies Lale and Jale who take on the responsibility for setting up the workshop in Istanbul, Turkey, bringing the people, and paving the way.

And now Sarita in England is making connections for us with some likely sponsors in London. Looking forward to more from you, Sarita, and to a workshop in London!

And if you live in England, and would like to come to a Godwriting™ workshop in September, please press the Add Comment link at the end of the text of this Heaven News and let us know.

Wherever you live, please press that link and let us know of your desire.

U.S. and Central and Latin America Oneness Journey

Thanks to Heaven Admin and the Universe, the special long-awaited Oneness Journey via motor home will begin in late fall of this year.

From Iowa, we will go west to Mt. Shasta. We’ll also stop in Phoenix and on down the coast of California. We will stop in Santa Barbara and south down the west coast and continue south across Central and South America to the tip of Argentina.

Then I will settle in Capilla del Monte where the Spirit Being Human Center will be built and where I will make my home.

We will be giving Godwriting™ workshops along the way. We expect to give Godwriting workshops in Las Vegas (where I will have a TV interview coming up), Phoenix, and Santa Barbara and the L.A. area.

Again, if you are interested in learning how to Godwrite and/or sponsoring a workshop, please let us know now!

Angels Spreading Heavenletters - how far it goes, nobody knows!

Laura de Giorgio is posting a short Heaven quotation every day on Twitter. http://www.twitter.com/deeptrancenow If you are on Twitter and would like to spread Heavenletters more, copy “tweet” and put RT in front, and you will be spreading Heavenletters on Twitter. Thanks a bunch, and thank you, dear Laura.

Patch Adams
Patch Adams, the clown www.PatchForPeace.com

Judy Lucas

You remember that great movie about creative fun-loving doctor, Patch Adams? Patch is sponsoring a book called 1,000 Pieces of Peace. Heading this peace project is Judy Lucas. Judy has accepted several quotations from Heavenletters and the Godwriting blog as well to include in 1,000 Pieces of Peace. If you know of short quotations on peace from any source, send them in to Judy. judy.fisk.lucas [at] gmail [dot] com. Judy responds quickly. All proceeds from this book will be donated to help create peace in the world.

www.planetlightworker.com Sandie will be interviewing Gloria on the Virtual Light TV Broadcast November 28, 2009, in Las Vegas.
Steve Rother
Steve Rother www.lightworker.com sponsors Virtual Light Broadcasts. Thank you, Sandie and Steve.


Allan, host of the Bridging Heaven and Earth TV Show http://www.HeavenToEarth.com
has interviewed Gloria twice http://www.godwriting.org/about-godwriting#video
and sponsored a Godwriting workshop in Santa Barbara as well. Just now he featured Heavenletter #3086 With Love and Consideration for All in his recent monthly Bridging Newsletter. Thanks, Allan.

Steve Howes

Steve Howes from the U.K. http://nimekuwa.wordpress.com posts on the Heavenletter Spiritual Community Forum quite often. He never said a word about his posting Heavenletters on his site and linking our blog as well, but he couldn’t hide this forever! Thanks a bunch, Steve.

Dr Deb

Dr. Deb http://www.examiner.com/x-7312-Miami-Interfaith-Spirituality-Examiner found us through Blog Catalog http://www.blogcatalog.com/ Blog Catalog, I discover, is the premiere social blog directory on the internet. Through Deb, I learned that Heaven Admin had made sure we were included in the Blog Catalog back in 2006. Furthermore, he managed to get us on Page 3!

Would you like to help us move up onto Page 1? Go to http://www.blogcatalog.com/blogs/godwriting.html and rate us 5 Stars! That will do it!

Pause for Thought from Heavenreaders

“Recently, I refound Heavenletters. The message of that day, touched me, helped me. It was the one about naming, creating yourself.  Create Yourself I had to share this.:-)”
Laurence, Netherlands

“I knew HEAVEN #3099 Open the Doors of Acceptance was a good Heavenletter when I wanted to stop reading it. I did in fact stop, but then went back and read it anyway. Thanks.”
Charles Carson, California

Dear Heavenreaders,

All of Heaven News is like a letter we write to you.

We’re so glad you’re here. Thank you for everything.

With love and blessings,

On behalf of the Spectacular Heaven Team

An Investment in Heavenletters

Thank you for your tithes and contributions to Heavenletter. You must know that it is the love your giving represents that means the most to us. Heavenletters are all about love.

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Ending Quote

“How can you bridge this distance you feel between Us? How can We bridge the gap, beloveds, between the ideas in your head and the Reality That Is? How do We get you to come over to My side of the river?”
An Ocean of Love Deep in the Heart of God

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