Heaven News December 24, 2009 - Happy Holidays

happy holidays from road angels

Opening God Quote

"Find Me in your stocking this Christmas season. Take Me out. Put Me in your heart, and know I am there, am here, am everywhere. I weigh nothing, and I carry everything. I carry you, beloveds. I carry you. All is well. Lean back.”

Heavenletter #2952 The Song We Sing and the Dance We Dance

New Subscribers since last Heaven News

24 International Countries

Argentina Australia Belgium Brazil Bulgaria Canada Costa Rica France Hungary India Ireland Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Norway Philippines Poland Portugal Russian Federation Spain Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom Yugoslavia

[This listing of countries represents only the countries that new Heavensubscribers have recently come from!]

33 United States

Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Florida Georgia Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Louisiana Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Missouri Nevada New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina Oklahoma Pennsylvania Puerto Rico South Carolina Tennessee Texas Virginia Washington Washington, D.C. West Virginia Wisconsin

[Heavensubscribers already come from every state in the U.S.!]

Heaven Translators Go the Extra Mile!

Christine Duirat of France translates Heavenletters into French every day. On her own initiative, she has also been translating additional parts of the website for her subscribers. Here are the links to her latest translations of the Story of Heavenletters:

http://www.heavenletters.org/introduction-a-lhistoire-la-plus-longue-de-... http://www.heavenletters.org/ecriture.html http://www.heavenletters.org/education.html-0 http://www.heavenletters.org/la-bible.html?locale=fr http://www.heavenletters.org/californie-et-decouvertes.html http://www.heavenletters.org/predictions.html-0

Here is Christine:
Christine Duirat
We are so grateful for you, chere Christine.

Our first German translator was Veronika Walsch. Then Stefan Gracher and Theophil Balz took over. Theophil sometimes translates seven or more Heavenletters in one day! The total of German translations, on the day I’m typing this, is 1963!!! How can we possibly thank translators enough?

Here’s a photo of Theophil:
Theophil Balz

A while back, we had a wonderful Norwegian translator, Margaretha Aase. She had inspired me to write to the Princess of Norway! But Margaretha’s life changed, and you know how life seems to move us this way or that. But dreams do come true, and Margaretha is back translating with a bang. We are so happy. Having Margaretha back here with us makes me feel like we’re in a beautiful Christmas story.

Here’s a photo of Margaretha:
Margaretha Aase

We’re looking for translators in all languages. Are you available?

Here are languages we have had and want more of: Afrikaans, Albanian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, Farsi, Finnish, Greek, Hebrew, Romanian, Russian, Turkish, and Yugoslavian! We would also love to have Hindi and Tamil and any other languages of India. But, really, all languages! Even one translation of yours would be a blessing.

The Steve Rother Interview Show in Las Vegas

sandie sedgbeer and Gloria Wendroff

That’s my friend Sandie Sedgbeer across from me. Watch this riveting 26-minute interview show here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2TtC2gMMHc

Bernie Siegel and Gloria Bring Earth Closer to Heaven

Listen here: Go to http://www.berniesiegelmd.com/ On the right, click Mind Health Matters Then go down to 12/1, Gloria with Heavenletters.

Thanks to Andrea of Italy, here is an MP3 of the show:


Heavenletter Cookbook!

Andrea Maestri who took a Godwriting workshop in Turin, Italy, in September, suggested that we make a Heaven Cookbook. Food is such a common denominator. We all love good food! What are some of your own favorite non-meat recipes? It would be wonderful to have recipes represented from all over the world.

Post your recipes here: http://www.heavenletters.org/divine-recipes.html Andrea will compile all the recipes.

And here’s a sample of a favorite recipe of Gloria’s:


The Oneness Journey to Argentina

When we wrote about the motor home, our dear translator in The Netherlands had the idea that a motor home was a kind of place where motorcyclists stayed overnight! Acting on the idea of our being motorcyclists, Heaven’s very own cartoonist, Mauro (Yacu on the forum), took off on a journey of his own and has kept us smiling ever since!
Here is a photo of Mauro:
Mauro Yacuzzi
Road Angels
Comics courtesy of Mauro Yacuzzi. http://www.heavenletters.org/heavenletters-comics

The real motorhome Journey of Oneness has been delayed. Heaven Admin is here in Fairfield, Iowa. We will take off on the real Oneness Journey as soon as everything falls into place. Meanwhile, wherever Heaven Admin is, it’s fun and worthwhile. For more, see the blog. www.godwriting.org

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, dear Heavenreaders!

May we continue to come closer to God together and all our dreams come true.

We are so glad that you are here with us celebrating peace on Earth and good will to men. Love makes all things beautiful.

With love and blessings,

Gloria and the Spectacular Heaven Team

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God bless you.

Ending God Quote

“You are an arrow that flies through the sky. You are a comet so fast you are not seen. You are swift love, unerring love, constant love that knows nothing but love, just as you feel love in your heart right now, for My words capture your heart and fit your heart in place in the galaxies, where even the galaxies are the stillness of love and the galaxies love you as I love, as you love.”

Heavenletter #2960 The Beingness of Love

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