Heaven News, August 16 2008

“The tide of God wakes you just like the Moon pulls the seas.”

Heavenletter # 48 - The Tide of God
Published on: December 23, 2000

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Chicago Godwriting Workshop

Godwriting workshop diploma
Saturday and Sunday Afternoons September 27 and 28, 2008 1-5 P.M.

North Lakeside Cultural Center
6219 North Sheridan Road
Chicago, Illinois

Have your own glorious communication with God!

You can hear God's words -- everyone can. You don't have to be anything at all but what you already are. God tells us that we don’t have to get dressed up for Him! We don’t have to be anything at all but what we already are. All it takes is the desire, the asking, and the listening. God does the rest. Godwriting is EASY.

For more about Godwriting workshops, click:
You Can Do It
What Godwriting Means to Those Who Do It
Gloria's Personal Experience of Writing Heaven Letters

For this workshop we are asking for a donation of $100.

Find more information, ask your questions -- please do ask your questions – and REGISTER NOW for this God-centered workshop:

Please send your donation of $100 or more to

Or make out check to Heaven and mail to:

703 E. Burlington Avenue
Fairfield, Iowa 52556

Many thanks to Laurie Sucher for sponsoring this workshop. Laurie is an artist, musician and college English teacher.
Laurie Sucher
More about Laurie here: http://www.lauriesucher.com

New subscribers from all over the world and U.S

This time, to spice it up, I’ve put the countries and states in the order in which they arrived rather than alphabetical order. Maybe this way helps us to savor how dear each country and state are to us.

23 Countries
Thailand South Africa Belgium Burundi Canada United Kingdom Costa Rica Denmark Germany Mexico Israel Romania Norway Sweden Australia Portugal India Turkey Australia Brazil Chile Italy Nigeria

21 United States
New York Illinois Montana Oregon New Mexico Washington New Hampshire Michigan Texas California Utah Indiana Massachusetts Florida Idaho Virginia North Carolina Tennessee Missouri Kansas Louisiana

Al Diaz and co-host Gloria Wendroff - "Communicating with God"

I don’t think I ever talked so much as I did on this one radio show! You couldn’t stop me! Al Diaz has a way of bringing out the best in people.

Listen here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com
Kindly post your comments in support of Al’s show – you’ll see the box right under the show.

Here are two places to post as well to support Heavenletters:



By the way, a sensational internet radio show is coming up with our dear friend Bernie Siegel as co-host with Al. This is a show not to be missed! Bernie is a long-time subscriber to Heavenletters and he has been an angel to Heavenletters.

Sat Aug 23rd at 11:00am Pacific time

Call in (347) 826-7680

Listen in by phone or computer and also communicate with Al and Bernie by phone or through the computer. For the computer, register here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Ilumine-Ao

Oneness Journey -- Message from Heaven Admin

The Oneness Journey is like a long piece of thread that will weave itself from North America to very tip of South America, El Tierra del Fuego. This thread will be woven between conscious communities along the way, establishing a network of people who are living in the way of love and sharing. This network will form an energy line, from which tributaries will branch off and nourish a thirsty world with a new way of higher living. A way that begins with local harmony and extends to global harmony culminating in the realisation of our collective yearning for peace on earth.

The very first Oneness Journey will serve as a model for more to take place in Africa, Europe and Asia.

When the journey finds itself at the foot of Uritorco, in the Cordoba province of Argentina, a model community will be formed from the collective knowledge of the network established on the journey. This self-sustainable community model will the "product" of the Oneness Journey and will be offered wherever the Oneness Journey goes to.

Gloria will be awakening the transformational energy that comes from Godwriting by facilitating Godwriting workshops along the journey. Work will also be done on developing a course, that can be made available online, during the journey. Gloria will be relocating from Iowa in the United States to Capilla del Monte and be involved in the creative aspect of creating the first community and will also continue work with Heavenletters at it's new base in Argentina. Capilla del Monte is a really beautiful place. The energy is so awesome there!

When the Oneness Journey is more actualised, there will be a website and invitations for Heaven readers to participate. Until then...

Oceans of Love

Dear Heavenreaders

The Heavenletter Spiritual Community Forum is yours from start to finish. You choose the subjects. You write the comments. You are doing an amazing job. Your awareness is fabulous.

If you are new to the forum click: http://www.heavenletters.org/heaven-community.html and marvel at the Forum Topics, Forum Comments, Heavenletter Comments, and the Translations!

Here are some great insights from Heavenreaders:





The Godwriting blog is where you find my personal writing, sometimes based on God’s love and wisdom in Heavenletters, often just my random thoughts, book and movie reviews, and sometimes personal questions to God and His answers, and guest bloggers! Two extraordinary recent guest writers are Russ Michael www.RussMichaelEbooks.com and Joy Steltzner http://joyousjourneys.org

Here are some recent popular blog entries:
SADD, a New Kind of Dyslexia/ADD
Out of Africa
Little Garden

And a fabulous personal question and God’s miraculous reply A Personal Miracle in Italy Today
We love your comments on the forum and the blog, and we love getting to know you in this personal way.

Heavenletters Presented around the World

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Dear Heavenreaders,

We are together on this Planet Earth at a very special time in the evolution of the world. It is our good fortune to be here.

A thousand blessings with love,

On behalf of the Spectacular Heaven Team

Ending God Quote:

“I would have you be silent rather than speak one
word that does not raise the vibration of the world.”

Building the World
Heavenletter # 1715 Published on: July 31, 2005