Heaven News, April 17 2008

Opening God Quote

"You may think there are steps to life, and that you must remember what a Heavenletter said and follow My words like instructions. Beloveds, as you read Heavenletters, My thoughts go into your DNA, or, rather, My thoughts are already in your DNA, and My Words stir the recollection. Your DNA is ever spinning. Your DNA is like a post-it note, reminding you that you don’t need to remember. Remembering is holding on, and you are to let go. You don’t have to remember what I say. I will remember for you."

HEAVEN #2724, Walking into the Ocean, to be published May 10, 2008

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Heavenletters are a gift from God to all of us

Everyone on the Heaven Team of volunteers is grateful for the roles that are ours to play in this beautiful adventure we are embarked on. We are grateful to every Heavenreader for being here, and we ask you to help us to continue to share Heavenletters throughout the world with all seeking souls looking to awaken to their true nature. We are a spiritual organization and are funded by your contributions. If you will like your donation to go for a specific purpose, please tell us. Thank you.

Your donations and support help spread the Light of Heaven.

God bless all Heaven’s translators, welcome to two new ones

Here is Vera, our second lovely Portuguese translator. Don’t you just feel the sunshine in Brazil where Vera lives? Heaven’s first Portuguese translator is Ana who lives in Florida. When translators are drawn to Heavenletters, they create a blessing for the native speakers who could not read Heavenletters otherwise. At the same time, translators are creating powerful blessings for us all.


Theophil, Germany, aged 60, father of six children, classical musician and sociologist, has been translating Neale Donald Walsch into the beautiful German regularly for two and a half years. http://www.gmg-materialien.de


Here is Yuri who lives in Spain and has been single-handedly translating Heavenletters into Catalan for several years now.
He translates virtually every day. Yuri has subsequently been Godwriting™.

Great gratitude to all translators.

If you are a translator and your photo hasn’t appeared in Heaven News, please let us know, and we’ll make sure your photo goes up.

Good News about Motor Home Trip


The Oneness Tour across the United States and down into South America is one of those things that seems to be in the distance. Then, suddenly, like Spring, it’s here. (But not quite yet!)

Read all about it: Update on Argentina

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We are so grateful for you.

With love and blessings,

Gloria on behalf of the SPECTACULAR Heaven Team

Ending God Quote:

“You are a new Being today who eternally springs from My heart.”

HEAVEN #2672 The Loveliest of All


Thank you so much for Heaven letters. I am sorry I can't understand so much. My question is: Do you have Heaven letters in Norwegian? Or Swedish/Danish?

I live in Norway.

God bless you all, brothers and sisters!

Best regards, Caroline.

Norwegian translations

Beloved Caroline, here are some Norwegian translations:


Margaretha, a beautiful lady from Norway, does translate Heavenletters into Norwegian for us.
I will make sure Margaretha sees your request and perhaps life will allow her to translate more often!

We don't have either a Swedish or Danish translator. I like to think because of your sincere request, more translators will come.

How did you find Heavenletters, dear Caroline?

We're so glad you are here.