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The Beauty of Volunteers
Your Most Wonderful E-mails
Holiday Greetings
God Quote and Response

Welcome to New Subscribers Everywhere

Welcome to New Subscribers around the Universe

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The Beauty of Volunteers

Naomi www.roseofgalilee.org has added another Hebrew translation, #2220, The Tone of Your life.

Jana www.iamamiracle.com has translated the flash presentation into French, and

Leen www.reikileen.be has translated it into Dutch for us.

Dr. Laura De Giorgio, www.deeptrancenow.com will get them up for us as soon as possible.

Many thanks to Leen, Engin, Veronika, Maria, Paula, Alexiis, Pablo, and Gloria Janaya who faithfully translate Heavenletters into Dutch, Turkish, German, Italian, Greek, and Spanish. Note we have three Spanish translators. More translators are always welcome.

Paula received the following recognition from a subscriber to her Italian translations:

What you are doing is a prelude to something magnificent and great. Your translations are your way of giving of yourselves to others and your way of passing your immense love to others. You are as important as those who have the talent of writing. Without your translations, everything would be available only for few. Believe me, your work is an enormous light for so many. There are so many people who every morning wait anxiously for your translations, and in the silence of their hearts thank you and love you for what you are doing, even without knowing you personally. Be blessed for ever, with brotherly love --

This acclaim goes for all translators, of course. It also goes to all the angel team who do so much to keep the Heaven train running. This includes all the publishers and sponsors of workshops and the almost 3,000 subscribers. You are long familiar with volunteers like Adrachin, the forum administrator; Kirt, the webmater; Annette, the archivist; Karen, haiku poet; Russ Michael, promoter; and Santhan, Creative and Marketing Director. Berit of Italy is now helping with Heaven News. Great gratitude to you all.

Special thanks to Ron Hall ronaldhall@infowest.com who so generously continues to give us his magnificent Metatron™Global Technology products. The latest is an activated Personal Harmonizer that you carry in your wallet. It enhances every aspect of life. Thank you, Ron.

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Your Most Wonderful Emails

Sadly, too much mail arrives in my junk box. I have even found Heavenletters there! I certainly have found the most beautiful emails from many of you there as well. I shudder to think of all those I haven’t found and that went off into cyberspace.

The solution is simple.

Please put your comments up on the Heavenletters Community Forum http://heavenletters.org/angelsplace/index.php or the Heaven blog www.godwriting.org I will be sure to find them there.

Adrachin has just made it as easy as pie to register on the forum. And for the Heaven blog, it’s always been a breeze. I look forward so much to reading your comments on the forum and the blog. Many thanks for your consideration.

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Holiday Greetings

I know it’s late for Christmas Greetings, but isn’t it wonderful when someone of a different faith values another faith as deeply as his own? Please read this beautiful message from C. M. Yogi in Nepal:

Dear Friends

Namaste !

We wish you a very happy and joyful Christmas. May Christ always be with us showering his blessings in order to enable us to lead a meaningful and benevolent life. May we always be wise enough to understand Him, realize Him and act according to His divine direction for the happiness of everyone. May He always guide us towards the path of service and love so as to create a more harmonized and peaceful world.

Let's praise Him,

for this universe of countless stars
for this planet earth and its abundance of life
for the oceans and sea creatures
for the deserts and their unexpected life
for the mountains and cascading waterfalls
for the plains and the grasses and flowers
for the forests with their prolific variety of life
for the beauty of birds and the wonder of wildlife
for domestic creatures
and for one another - our fellow human beings.

And, we wish that the New Year 2007 will be filled with joy, happiness, peace and prosperity. May the New Year bring more hope, successes and determination to your life so that the world filled with all good virtues would be built where everyone could enjoy the beauty and wonders of the Mother Earth.

Sincerely yours,

Chintamani Yogi

And, Hindu Vidyapeeth-Nepal Family

C. M. Yogi has an ashram in Nepal. He feeds and educates the homeless children. Does he not live all of God’s teachings?

Veronika veronika.lichtserver.net who translates Heavenletters into German suggested that we relax into the New Year as follows. And I think it’s a great idea!


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God Quote:

“No one can tell you what you are. They can tell you until they are blue in the face, but your evolution is not a question of advice. Your evolution is not a sequence that you can map out. It is not a school of study. Your evolution takes its own course. Just like history does. It cannot be clamped down. We are talking about your history, beloveds, and you are vibrant and alive. You are not a theory. You are My child I love. So love and be loved, and your love does not have to have a name. It does not have to fit under a heading. It does not have to be identifiable. It just has to be the love it is where it is and how it is. Aim for love, but do not don robes of love, beloveds, as if love were something you had to put on.”

HEAVEN #2215 Your Evolution December 16, 2006

Santhan www.khanyi.com www.mojahmedia.com selected the above quotation and wrote the following:

My God, I love You
I care not about the Zen and their theory of no God.
I am within You and You within me.
I am Thine.
That is what is felt.
Your presence everywhere.
Your magnificent beauty. Your simple beauty. You’re simply beautiful!
When there is no more me and only You, then I will be free.
Then I will fly again like in that distant intensity,
Fleeting moments of powerful remembrance.

Happy New Year and love and blessings on behalf of all the Heaven Team,


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