Heaven News August 22, 2007

Opening God Quote:

“There will be angels on Earth, and you are one."

HEAVEN #2443 Angels

New Subscribers All Over the World and U.S. since last Heaven News

From 19 Countries:

Hong Kong
South Africa
United Kingdom

From 31 U.S. States:

Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin

Breaking News – Heavenletters Given Best Column Award

Thanks, Sandie and Vara, Editors.

And, thanks, Xenia, or letting us know via the Heavenletter Spiritual Community Forum!

To see Planetlightworkers’ beautiful representation of Heavenletter #2392 Haven’t You Noticed the Sun, click: HEAVENLETTERS - August 07 - by Gloria Wendroff

New Translator and a Princess

Margaretha, Heaven’s new Norwegian translator, posted a newspaper article on the Heavenletter Spiritual Community Forum about Princess Martha Louise of Norway. The headline read:

Norwegian princess wants to teach people to talk to angels.

Isn’t this princess bold? Click here to read the whole article:

We sent a copy of Heavenletters, Love Letters from God, Book One, and the
Heaven CD to the Princess, and we asked what we can do to help her. (We can be bold too!)

And below is Margaretha, Heaven’s new Norwegian translator, and doesn’t she look like a royal princess?

Noble Heavenreaders

Russ Michael Age-reversal@aon.at continues to broadcast Heavenletters across the universe. You may remember it was Michael who found us the European publishers. Now Michael has two new ebooks coming out that feature Heavenletters.

eBook #15 is entitled: The Secret of SEX and Sexual Attraction! In Chapter 15, of Part Three, Our Universe Does Not Know How To Say NO.

Michael incorporates HEAVEN #2411 What Happiness Is

In another ebook called The Secret Is No Secret, Michael incorporates HEAVEN#2361 The God Bank.


Michael publishes a Heavenletter every day in Michael Worldwide Newsletter and encourages everyone to sign up for Heavenletters. Michael calls Heavenletters “radiant jewels.”

Thanks, Michael, and your wonderful volunteers, Pam and Linda.

Chee and Lee will be including a personal question to God and God’s answer in their next issue http://www.cosmiclighthouse.com/jul07

Right after their first premier issue in July, these two talented young men from Singapore had so many subscribers that they had to get a bigger server to accommodate all their readership. Congratulations, Chee and Lee!

And we’re so grateful to beloved Lady Isis (Lady of the Light)for publishing Heavenletters in the newsletter she sends out every day http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TheLightCircleEzine/ and for publishing Heavenletters on her web site every month! http://home1.gte.net/ladyisis/index.htm

By the way, Lady Isis has a beautiful guest entry, Freedom, on the Godwriting blog. I agree one hundred per cent with what Lady Isis wrote. It is hard for me to imagine that everyone doesn’t agree, yet I am continually amazed to find that good friends of mine feel quite differently. http://www.godwriting.org/guest-entry/freedom-illegal-aliens.htm

Gerry, the Communications Director of Humanity’s Team www.humanitysteam.org and Heavenletters have been in close contact, talking about what we can do together to get God’s messages out everywhere faster. Here’s how Humanity’s Team expresses their goals so beautifully:

“...communicate and implement the belief that we are all one, one with God and one with life, in a shared global state of being, so that the behavior of humanity may shift to reflect this understanding.”

Heaven is blessed to have so many great people and sites supporting it.

God bless and thank you all.


When you order something from Heavenletters, we want you to have it. Never would we not send you what you ordered. We’re not just dealing about a product. We are working with your desire to get closer to God and our service to God. We’re talking about God’s Will and good will. We would never ever want to let you down.

Paypal used to send us notices when someone ordered a book or CD or personal question to God or Godwriting™ workshop or simple donation. That was how I knew that there had been an order placed.

With the exception of those who so generously tithe to Heavenletters every month, we have not been receiving these notices. I relied on Paypal. I discovered this lack of communication only when a Heavenreader who had ordered a book and five CD’s had taken back her payment because she never received what she had ordered. Paypal sent me that notice! I never knew this Heavenreader had ordered anything. I do not like to think what she thought about Heavenletters. We sent her what she had ordered anyway but too late to repair the damage to her heart.

Another Heavenreader kindly wrote to me, wondering when the Heaven book she had ordered was going to arrive. That was the first I heard of her order. Of course, I sent her the Heaven book immediately.

Now I will periodically go to my Paypal account and see what payments have been made so no one will be disappointed again. However, in case I miss your name, I would also ask that
whenever you order or make a donation through Paypal that you also kindly send an email to heaven@heavenletters.org so we can be sure to fill your order right away.

I always email and thank you for an order and/or donation as soon as I receive it.

Incidentally, because I will be on my way to Argentina in November, probably only through October will it be possible to order the Heaven book directly through Heavenletters. After October, it will be necessary to order the Heaven CD and “Heavenletters™, Love Letters from God, Book I,“ from Amazon www.amazon.com or from the publisher, 1st World Publishing http://www.1stworldlibrary.org

Another Possible Godwriting™ Workshop en route to Argentina

Betty Clayborne, who gives Working the Law of Attraction workshops in St. Louis, Missouri, shares Heavenletters at her workshops and has invited us to give a workshop at her church there. More later.

A reminder: Godwriting Workshop in Fairfield, Iowa, September 22 and 23,
Saturday and Sunday afternoons, from 1-5 each day. This is one workshop in two consecutive sessions. Both sessions are necessary. For more details, see:

Capilla del Monte, Argentina

Last December, Santhan, Heaven’s Creative Director, had sent me an email entitled Magical Mountains.

I had forgotten all about it until Santhan recently sent the email to me again:

“This is being written in cybercafe here in Capilla Del Monte.

Last night I saw fireflies! I also swam in a river yesterday. This place has high energy. Last night I saw 3 shooting stars, and the stars put on a magnificent display. The air is pure, and there is this mountain here that that has a center made of quartz and other precious stones.

Capilla Del Monte has been calling me. It was calling me when I was flying over it!”

Capilla del Monte is where Santhan will build a spiritual center. I can hardly wait to be there.

Dear Heavenreaders,

Thank you for all the generous support you give to Heavenletters. It’s wonderful, appreciated, and necessary on all levels. May God bless you a thousandfold, and may Heavenletters bring peace and harmony to your life and the world. http://www.heavenletters.org/hat.html

With love,

Gloria and the Spectacular Heaven Team

God Quote:

“No perhaps about it. If you do not love your life, then you have underestimated it. You found life guilty of not being what you wanted, and so you sentenced yourself to an indefinite term of something akin to despair. What have you not noticed this morning, beloveds? Have you noticed how the sun lights up one side of the trees, shows you the delicacy of leaves...”

Heaven#2392 Haven’t You Noticed the Sun

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