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Welcome to New Subscribers
An Open Letter
Amazing California Trip, TV Show, Godwriting Workshop…
Two New Godwriting Workshops Coming Up
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Welcome to New Subscribers since last Heaven News

"Canada, India, United Kingdom, Norway, The Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Jamaica, Australia, Brazil, Mauritius, United Arab Emirates"

"Ohio, North Carolina, Massachusetts, California, Maine, Wisconsin, Virginia, Georgia, Kansas, Illinois, Kentucky, New Jersey, Florida, Connecticut, Oregon, Texas, Washington, Michigan, Arizona, Nebraska, New York"

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An Open Letter with Gratitude

You are all so welcome. Thanks for coming. I am thrilled with each and every person who arrives and reads Heavenletters. From whatever state in the U.S. you come, I am touched and grateful. From whatever country you come, I am touched and grateful. Everyone wants peace. By our reading of God’s words, we are helping to make One World.

I wonder how everyone found Heavenletters. I know many new subscribers come from the beautiful newsletters that so generously include Heavenletters. A new one now that features Heavenletters is Jerry Stolarksi’s (www.miumu.com/phpbb/freewillforum.html). Probably the bulk of new subscribers come from personal word of mouth, some this month specifically from Bruce Buchanan who sends his favorite Heavenletters out to his many friends! I know this because Bruce keeps me informed, and I hope you will too. And if you have a story to tell about how you found Heavenletters, we would all like to hear it. The forum would be a good place to put it. heavenletters.org/angelspace/index.php

My feeling is that everyone fulfills their role in Heavenletters. It is as if Heavenletters are the Kohinoor diamond, and we are all facets of it. For some reason beyond my understanding, I am privileged to take God’s words down every morning. You who read Heavenletters are another shining facet of this beautiful diamond. You who share them with friends are another. You who learn how to Godwrite another. Those who post on the Heavenletters Community forum and at www.godwriting.org spread the light of Heaven.

And then there are those who so remarkably go to bat for Heavenletters that I can only think they are appointed by God. I sit here and do my thing while all the facets of the diamond sparkle on their own. There are those who day in and day out fulfill the needs of Heavenletters. I will mention a few volunteers who daily give above and beyond. Where do such beautiful volunteers come from?

Kirt maintains the web site, puts the E-books together, and any other number of things that he is called on to do, and he is so gracious and quick.

Margaret proofs the E-books and helps in immeasurable ways. Margaret recently wrote to the editor of the spiritual beat of the Des Moines Register suggesting that there be a feature on Heavenletters.

Adrachin developed the Heavenletters Community Forum, and he and Kirt maintain it. Adrachin goes to great lengths to fulfill whatever he is asked to do, and he is asked plenty.

Annette has taken the initiative to create an incredible archive for Heavenletters. She is volunteering full-time now in order to complete the index.

Santhan www.mojahmedia.com is a like a Godfather to Heavenletters. He is always watching out for our overall good and rolls up his sleeves for any task. Santhan took care of all the mailings while I was away. It’s a lot of work, and he did it joyously. He has given us a mailout program that will accommodate great numbers. He thought of and developed Heaven’s online journal www.godwriting.org which I am enjoying so much. He does all the HTML for Heaven News. He’s creating a new web site that will truly bring Heavenletters millions of new Heavenreaders, and ultimately peace and good will to a world that is thirsty for it.

There are all the translators who translate from the goodness of their hearts.

There are all the great people who write forewords for the E-books.

There is Allan of the Bridging Heaven and Earth TV Show www.heaventoearth.com and newsletter who is a constant friend and supporter who not only featured Heavenletters on his show twice but subsidized the recent trip to California and opened his beautiful home.

There is Bernie Siegel www.ecap-online.org who contributed time, energy, and $’s to the Heaven CD and Heavenletters, Love Letters from God, Book One, and who, day in and day out, sends me uplifting emails.

There is Dr. Laura De Giorgio who on her own made the beautiful flash presentation of Heavenletters. www.deeptrancenow.com and lots more.

There is my daughter Lauren who solves my computer woes ten times a week and has from the beginning.

There is Karen of Hawaii who synthesizes the Heaven Haiku poems from daily Heavenletters and John, college student, who so responsibly posts them on the forum and who also took care of posting Heavenletters on the forum while I was away.

There is Jeff Keller, www.attitudeiseverything.com, who suggested we have Ebooks and gave reasons why. Jeff also generously gives me his counsel at the drop of a hat.

There is Panos Axiomakaros of Bolero Publishing Ltd. of Greece who sees the future of Heavenletters and who has bought the rights to publish Heaven books in Greek AND German and who is such a delight to work with. Panos writes: “You have filled my heart with Heavenletters, and I will be just happy to publish Heavenletters.”

There is Rodney Charles, the original publisher of Heavenletters, Love Letters from God, Book One, who believed in Heavenletters from the beginning and awarded it the Chelson 2004 Inspiration Book Award. www.1stworldlibrary.net Rodney just emailed:

“Beautiful! Sweet flash presentation. Heaven’s success is no surprise to me. It’s the genuine article. What fantastic hope, inspiration and remembrance to bring to everyone.”

There is Ron Hall who gives Heaven thousands of dollars worth of magnificent software. He even wrote a special program for Heaven’s laptop to ensure the smooth running of Godwriting workshops. He will give you one free software program for your home or student computer. Email ronaldhall@infowest.com

Now, here is Russ Michael, Michael’s Worldwide Newsletter, Age-reversal@aon.at . God must have appointed Michael agent and publicist for Heavenletters. Michael is a well-published author who has some great new books coming out. He writes to his many publishing contacts on behalf of his books and includes an equal or bigger endorsement for Heavenletters! It is Michael who brought Heavenletters to the attention of Bolero Publishing. I am floored by Michael’s generosity. Here is just one sample of what he writes to publishers:

“Please don't miss out on being Gloria's Romanian book publisher... IF you have not yet asked Gloria to send you a review copy of Heavenletters, Love Letters from God, Book One, --- you may wish to do it before another Romanian publisher decides to offer a publishing contract. I personally can't stop re-reading, pondering and"basking in the aura of each of the dynamic 91 Heavenletters in it. No other books I have read have moved me so much or captured my deep fervent interest and high respect, and I AM NOT ALONE... Most Heavenletter readers say they have never read such crystal pure and beautiful spiritual teaching before...I AGREE. You will thank me a thousand times in your heart and mind for BEING PERSISTENT about bringing your attention to this immense BOOK SERIES...”

And to me personally, Michael wrote this morning:

“If I were a millionaire, I would be giving my fortune to help assure that you get all these books printed in all languages on Earth. I love promoting Heavenletters. It's my daily bread...”

I am so sorry to leave out the names of many important angels whose names belong here. The list is endless, and I just had to stop somewhere, but I haven’t forgotten you. Please know I am so grateful.

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California Trip, TV Show, and Godwriting Workshop, Heaven Blog and Community Forum

Find out about the California trip here: www.godwriting.org. The entry about the remarkable workshop is called Beautiful People. The one about the trip itself and the TV Show is called California, how I love you! There is place for your comments.

And, as always, you are invited to read and post on the Heavenletters Community Forum. heavenletters.org When I got back from California, I was happy to see how the beautiful people who post their comments on the forum take the responsibility and keep the forum going in such a high direction.

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Fairfield, Iowa and Great Falls, Montana Godwriting workshops coming up!

A workshop participant in Santa Barbara wrote that “the workshop was a sacred experience.” That’s how it seems to me too.

Fairfield, Iowa, August 5 and 6, 1 - 4:30 P.M.. A subscriber is driving from eight hours away in Ohio to take this workshop. We want you to come too. Sign up at www.heavenletters.org Email me with questions gloria@heavenletters.org

Great Falls, Montana September 9 and 10, 1 – 4:30 P.M. Montana is tremendously beautiful. This will be the second workshop in Great Falls. Carol Mauer is sponsoring this workshop. Many thanks, Carol. Email Carol maurer43@bresnan.net or email me.

All workshops take place on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. One workshop, two sessions.

God bless you.

With love,

Gloria and the heaven team

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God Quote:

Hold love to you like a beautiful bouquet of flowers,
and then toss the petals to the world
and see what the winds hold for you and
how beautiful everything is.

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