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To the dear lady who wrote in with a serious question about HEAVEN #2111
Welcome to New Subscribers and Invitation to Peace
Translators and Translations
Great Falls, Montana, Workshop
Next Greece, Germany, Romania, and Albania!
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To the dear lady who wrote in with a serious question about HEAVEN #2111 The Antidote to Suffering

"When I sat down to write to you, I couldn’t find your email. I’m so sorry. Please write again. I do want to respond to you. I will be so glad to hear from you. I don’t have your name or email address in any file, so please email me right away."

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Welcome to New Subscribers and Invitation to Peace

United Kingdom, Australia, Italy, South Africa, The Netherlands, British Columbia, Canada, France, Croatia, Norway, Japan, Germany, Bahrain, Costa Rica, Bahamas, Slovenia

Florida, Michigan, Kentucky, New York, Indiana, New Hampshire, Texas, Virginia, Idaho, California, Arizona, Washington, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Georgia, North Carolina, Nevada, Ohio, Utah, Missouri, Hawaii, Oregon, Maryland, Wisconsin, Iowa, Maine, Tennessee, Montana, Minnesota, New Mexico, New Jersey, Colorado, Arkansas

At this time when the world so needs blessings of peace, a new subscriber, Naomi of Israel, wrote:

"I live in Migdal in Galilee, a place considered as part of the Holy Triangle where Mary Magdalene lived. I want to learn more about Heavenletters, and hope that in the future God will bring us together to assist Him in His plan to transform the whole universe into a cradle of love."

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Translators and Translations

Naomi gave us a beautiful Hebrew translation of HEAVEN #2115, The Song of Your Heart. Here’s just a sampling:

The complete translation is on the forum. heavenletters.org/angelsplace/index.php Scroll way down.

Naomi discovered Heavenletters through Rya, an artist, www.westerngalilee.org.il Here is Rya’s Mandala of Peace:

If you are someone who too can translate Heavenletters into Hebrew, we would love to have you! All languages, actually.

Luca of Italy who has been so happy to receive Paula’s translations has begun to help translate Heavenletters into Italian as well. Heavenletters in Italian now come out every day.

By the way, here is the link for the German flash presentation. www.deeptrancenow.com/heavenletters-deutsch.html It’s wonderful. You will also see it here http://veronika.lichtserver.net/heaven/index.html Hope to have it in all languages as soon as possible. Spanish is almost ready. You can find the flash presentation in English here. www.deeptrancenow.com/heavenletters.html Thank you so much, Dr. Laura de Giorgio for taking the initiative and creating this beautiful flash presentation for us. www.deeptrancenow.com

About the power and future of translations, Santhan wrote:

The translators are raising their very own consciousness by translating Heavenletters. They are becoming intimate with God's message...absorbing it to a deeper level. I felt this when translating a Heavenletter into Spanish with Pablo. We would stop very often and go, "Wow".

smileThe team of divine translators raises the Power of Heaven by making the message available to many more souls...helping them remember. What a heavenly service! Let us investigate how we can get Heavenletters in Braille and more audio recordings. This was initiated with the Heaven CD, and Silke continued with her reading of Heavenletters in Albanian. www.live365.com It will soon be possible for translators to submit recordings in their own language to the website.

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Great Great Falls, Montana Godwriting™ Workshop!

heaven workshopTwenty great people took the workshop in Great Falls. Everyone was Godwriting as if they had been doing it all their lives. And such gems from their Godwriting. Larry and Carol Mauer sponsored the workshop and made everything so smooth and easy, including a tour to Yellowstone Park.

For more about this splendorous workshop, please go to www.godwriting.org. There will be a pictorial blog of Montana up soon (if it isn’t up already by the time you receive this) and also the student evaluations of the workshop and also some samples of their Godwriting.

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Next Greece, Germany, Romania, and Albania!

Isn’t life amazing! We simply don’t know what’s going to happen from one minute to the next. At the end of November, a new adventure with book signings and Godwriting workshops in Europe begins. I am thrilled. Panos Axiomakaros, the publisher in Greece, and Monica Visan, the publisher in Romania, are just about ready to go to press.

The workshop in Romania may be a retreat. Monica anticipates two hundred participants at the workshop she is sponsoring.

In addition to Panos in Athens, who initiated this grand trip, Adrachin and Veronika in Germany will be setting up the workshop and book signings in Germany, and Silke will take care of everything in Albania.

I am so privileged to be a part of this.

I know that Russ Michael Age-reversal@aon.at was instrumental, and that the energy and consciousness of all Heavenreaders played a part, but I still don’t know how it happened!

What does God have in store next!

Well, I just wrote the sentence above when this email from Panos Axiomakaros arrived. Very quickly I found out what is next!

Welcome back!! Blessings!!!

I would like to inform you that I have established the "EUROPEAN GODWRITING™ INSTITUTE" to promote Godwriting in all European countries through workshops, helping human beings come closer to God and their own hearts.

You are honoured to be the Chairwoman h.c. of the institute.

Blessings and Love


I am indeed honoured, dear Panos. Thank you. You certainly think on a grand scale. That must be why God sent you.

With blessings and love,

Gloria and The Heaven Team

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Heaven Quote:

“Your heart is self-fulfilling. As it gives, it grows full.
It is a magic heart. If you had a stomach like your heart,
you would get full by giving your food to others.”

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