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Dear Heavenreaders, Children of God
Welcome new subscribers from 12 countries and more
Alas, credit card company changes its mind
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God Quotes – 3 Favorite Heavenletter Haikus

Dear Heavenreaders, Children of God

It is always thrilling how Heavenreaders go out of their way to share Heavenletters™ from their hearts and often in such creative ways. Here are some recent examples:

Shahid Khatai of India sent a promotional email to British Airways and plans to take a shot at other Airlines as well. Shahid is unstoppable!

Allura Adelson www.GraceHealingArts.com gave a talk recently at a new age expo on How to Open and Allow the Divine into Your Life and generously extolled Heavenletters.

Barbara Dixon www.geocities.com/mindfulresolutions and Ron McInyre http://www.bcearthangel.net both feature Heavenletters on their internet radio shows every week.

Allan Silberhartz, host and producer of the Bridging Heaven and Earth TV Show, www.heaventoearth.com is setting up a Godwriting workshop for July 15 and 16 in Santa Barbara. That’s after our interview on Friday, July 14.

Carol Maurer of Great Falls, Montana, is setting up Godwriting workshops in the fall in Unity Churches in both Butte and Missoula and is sending a frequent flyer ticket as well.

Welcome, Renate and Rudolf www.lippert-verlag, owners of a spiritual publishing house in Germany. They would like to include Heavenletters in their quarterly booklet. Renate and Rudolf heard of Heavenletters through Joshua David Stone’s website www.iamuniversity.org. There are angels everywhere.

Welcome, Alexiis, a new Spanish translator from Argentina. Alexiis wrote: “This is one of the strange things that happen, I didn't contact you to subscribe, but I received yesterday for the first time your letter Nº 1970, The Make Up Comes Off, and after reading it I decided to translate it into Spanish and send it out, to some 10,000 readers I have for my translations. I am the translator of all the Tobias material, Kryon, Kirael, Jonette Crowley with Mark and White Eagle, messages which I feel are worthwhile to be distributed. Will you authorize the translation into Spanish since that is one of my principal mission, to make spiritual material available to the Spanish speaking public.” Of course, you know the answer was Yes!

Russ Michael Age-reversal@aon.at endorses Heavenletters every whichway. He writes to his readers: “I found out that the HeavenLetters come from the same Holy Spirit transmission source as A Course in Miracles and Gary Reynard’s Disappearance of the Universe. Heavenletter's pragmatic wisdom, as posted in my Newsletters, is obvious. Love expressed in little ways to everyone near is something that everyone can understand and follow with ease -- with a conscious intention!”

Dr. Lois Einhorn’s www.loiseinhorn.com spectacular book Forgiveness and Child Abuse: Would YOU Forgive? was officially released April 10. Dr. Lois Einhorn, a world authority on forgiveness, was severely abused as a child. To help her healing process, she sought the help of many leading thinkers. She posed the question: If it had happened to you, would you be able to forgive your parents and yourself? The responses come from people such as Dr. Bernie Siegel, attorney Gerry Spence, former UN Secretary Kurt Waldheim, Rabbi Steven Jacobs, Dr. Patch Adams, "Hurricane" Carter, Arun Gandhi, and Heavenletters! Robert D. Reed Publishers http://rdrpublishers.com/forgive/

Dr. Laura Di Georgio www.deeptrancenow.com wrote a powerful article about self-hypnosis in her most recent newsletter. God in Heavenletters is always telling us to change our thinking. Laura’s article gave some great insights on how to notice and change our conditioning. Laura, you may remember, when she first discovered Heavenletters, stayed up twenty-four hours sending Heavenletters out to every resource, finding us 52 new subscribers that weekend.

Bob Santee wolfer@charter.net is including Heavenletters in Behind the Truth, his most impressive newsletter.

Blessings and love and gratitude to all the beautiful souls who are mentioned in this issue, and to all those who are not mentioned as well. You are always here for Heavenletters, contributing day in and day out. I do not forget you.

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Welcome new subscribers from 12 countries and more

Since the last Heaven News, we are happy to welcome new subscribers from Malaysia, Italy, South Africa, Anguilla, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, Canada, the Philippines, and, of course, the U.S. We are so glad you have found Heavenletters and that you want more.

Heavenletters has 2,000+ subscribers now, and we are looking to double that. Would you like to send a favorite Heavenletter of yours to your friends and family, even if you have before? I have read that many people need seven reminders before they say Yes. If each Heavenreader would send out Heavenletters to even three people, and only one accepts, we would have 4,000 subscribers. Perhaps you came to Heavenletters because a friend shared Heavenletters with you.

There is power in numbers, and the web of Heavenreaders growing stronger and stronger blesses us all.

When you refer Heavenletters to your friends, would you kindly let me know? I like to know, and I like to thank you. Presently, I have no way of knowing unless you tell me. This is one email to send directly to me.

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Alas, Credit Card company changes its mind

2 Check Out, the company we’ve been using in addition to Paypal, keeps adding rules and regulations that are making it difficult if not impossible. They sent a demanding letter recently, saying they will no longer accept payments for donations, including the monthly tithes and other donations that they have been accepting right along. The company says they will drop us unless we remove donations and adhere to other bureaucratic requirements they are making. Their deadline apparently is the end of this month.

When I taught school, I learned that you never take away something that you have given. But 2 Check Out has not learned that. So be it.

For the people who so kindly have been tithing monthly, Paypal makes it easy. There are also automatic monthly payments through Online banking. It will be necessary for you to find another way to continue your regular tithing to Heavenletters.

I am so sorry that 2Check Out no longer serves our needs and sorry for the inconvenience. We hope this change won’t be a stumbling block to you.

If you know of an alternative credit card company that will serve our needs, please let me know.

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The Heavenletters Blog www.godwriting.org

Here are the newest entries:

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Please don’t miss How to End All Wars. Actually, don’t miss any of them! They’re all my favorites! I enjoy writing them so much. Tell me which are your favorites. Please post your comments on the blog rather than emailing me . When you post your comment – and I sure hope you will – others also can have the pleasure of reading what you write, and every time you write a comment, it helps to bring www.heavenletters.org and www.godwriting.org higher up on the search engines. I read every comment posted with great interest, and I respond to comments on the site as well.

The blog is no substitute for Heavenletters™, but if you want the human side of this Godwriter™, after reading Heavenletters, the blog is the place to go.

Blessings and love on behalf of all the Heaven team,


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God Quotes 3 Favorite Haiku poems from Karen:

God said to take flight
The heights of Heaven are yours
Teleport yourself

God said Beloveds
You are the One Light on Earth
Imagining Me

God said remember
Love is the star of the show
Let's get on with it

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