Heaven News 17 June 2006

New Subscribers and Translators all over the World and U.S.
Heavenletters, Love Letters from God, Book One, Greek Edition
Radio, Godwriting Workshops, and TV Shows
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God Quote:

New Subscribers and Translators all over the World and U.S.

A warm welcome to subscribers who have come here since the June 1 Heaven News from:

United Kingdom, Austria, Belize, India, Canada, Scotland, Nepal, Argentina, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, Switzerland, Vanuatu (an island in the South Pacific), Pakistan and the United States –

Georgia, Wisconsin, New Jersey, California, Arizona, Connecticut, Colorado, Texas, Virginia, Michigan, Washington, Illinois, New Mexico, Maryland, South Carolina, Florida, Maine, Tennessee, Ohio

New subscribers come from you. They also come from links and from newsletters that post Heavenletters. Most of the time most come from your personal referrals. Yesterday we had eleven new subscribers. Thank goodness Santhan www.mojahmedia.net created a newsletter delivery system that will accommodate hundreds of new subscribers a day because that day is coming. I remember when I was happy when four or five new subscribers came in one month! Now I want more than five a day to be happy!

If you go to www.heavenletters.org you will see that Kirt, Heaven’s volunteer web master, has put up two new flags on the home page, revealing that Heavenletters are translated into Norwegian and Greek now in addition to Spanish, German, Turkish, Polish, Italian, and previously in Dutch. Hebrew will be coming soon. If you would like to subscribe to any of the translations, please sign up http://heavenletters.org/maillist/index.php.

You will find all translations posted on the Heavenletters Community Forum as well. http://heavenletters.org/angelsplace/index.php

Henning Jon Grini, publisher of Ildsjelen, a quarterly print magazine in Norway, wrote: “I hope to inspire you a bit today too. Brit Weisz , the translator, and I will include 2 Heavenletters in each issue of Ildsjelen. Ildsjelen has more than 2000 subscribers in Norway and some hundreds are sold separately also.”

Maria Theodorou translates into Greek for us now. More about Maria in a minute.

All the translators give their time and skill in service to the universe. Please know we would love to be translated in every language in the world so that everyone can have the love and wisdom and energy God gives in Heavenletters. If you would like to translate, please apply. No need to be a professional translator. The main thing is that you love Heavenletters and gain joy from translating. If someone is already translating your language, we need you.

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Heavenletters, Love Letters from God, Book One, Greek Edition

Maria came along to translate Heavenletters in the Greek language around the same time as we received word from Panos Axiomakaros of Bolero Publishing Ltd: “…I am thinking to start the translation and publication of your work in Greek language with the print book, Heavenletters, Love Letters from God, Book One, and continue with the next one. May the publishing of Heavenletters in our country and language spread the light and love of Heaven and succeed in all ways, that our working together be simple and easy, and that we value each other’s contributions and commitment to the project.”

Maria translated the title for us -- Επιστολές από τον Παράδεισο, Επιστολές Αγάπης από τον Θεό, Τόμος Πρώτος

Maria wrote: “Heavenletters have traveled to the four corners of the earth and now opened a branch in Greece! And the forum is like the U.N ! I didn't know that Panos Axiomakaros was also a publisher. I have seen him several times on a T.V programme about spirituality subjects and I got impressed by his calm way of speaking and also, the depth of his knowledge on metaphysics. I felt a shiver down my spine right now as I realized that I will translate God's word into Greek. I can't still get used to the idea that I and God are One, so when I speak of Him, I feel utter joy and mightiness coming through me. There's a high vibration behind these words. I wish the very best to Heavenletters on their Greek journey! Heavenletters will be the awaking call for a lot of people who now feel abandoned or in a rut.”

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Radio, Godwriting Workshops, and TV Shows

Carolyn Evers radio show, The Messenger, BBS Radio, www.bloginsrvice.com featured Heavenletters on June 4. Carolyn interviewed me for one hour, and it went fast. Carolyn is a spectacular interviewer and a great promoter. If you ever get a chance to be on her show, you want to do it. And you want to listen in to her show, every Saturday and Sunday. Carolyn asks great questions. Carolyn read from the Heavenbook beautifully, and I read some Heavenletters, too. We touched on Godwriting itself as well, and it was a wonderful experience. Carolyn will send us a CD of the show. www.ArchangelMichaelsConclave.com, www.ConversationsWithCaesar.com www.HealingMysteries.com

One thing leads to another, and soon after we received this email:

“I host a radio show called Write Now radio on 88.3 Southern FM, in Australia. The show is all about authors and writing, and I do book reviews and conduct author interviews. I would like to review a copy of Heavenletters, Love Letters from God. I have read Heavenletters in the print magazine, Way of the Heart www.wayoftheheart.net and I would like to find out more. You are welcome to send information / books / CDs for review. I will be able to discuss your book and recommend that people check out your web-site on the program on the 6th of July between 7-8 pm Australian time. Radio details are at www.innerkiss.com , under the Entertainment, Radio section. Love your web-site. ” Paul Morris Segal

The Great Falls, Montana Godwriting™ Workshop,sponsored byCarol Mauer, is all set for Saturday and Sunday, September 9 and 10. There will a special session for Graduate Godwriters at the end of the second session on Sunday. More details as we get closer to the event.

Meanwhile, The Bridging Heaven and Earth TV Show www.heaventoearth.com in Santa Barbara, California, will feature Heavenletters Friday, July 14. This show will be aired on Public Access TV throughout the U.S. and the world on varying dates.

Allan Silberhartz, the host, and my good friend, is also sponsoring a Godwriting Workshop. Here’s what Allan included in his newsletter:

The Bridging Heaven & Earth Foundation is celebrating its special 200th show with featured guest Gloria Wendroff of Heavenletters™. As part of this milestone event, Bridging is sponsoring a powerful and unique Godwriting™ workshop.

Saturday and Sunday, July 15th and July 16th 1:00 – 4:30 P.M. (One workshop, two sessions)
The Pilgrim Terrace Community Center
649 Pilgrim Terrace Dr.
Santa Barbara, CA 93101 – off Modoc Road.

What graduate Godwriters™ say:

“There are no barriers between myself and God. There is always a message
from God for me to receive.”
“A light went on when the subject I was writing about shifted, and I knew
I wasn’t controlling it.”
“It feels so good to Godwrite.”
“I took the workshop to come closer to God. Now I find that God gave me insights
so profound that my life has been transformed.”

What Gloria says:

“This writing workshop brings you closer to your own Inner Being where love and wisdom reside.
You might call this Source your Higher Consciousness, Higher Self, Spirit etc. Bernie Siegel,
author of Peace, Love & Healing, calls it the Inner Voice. David Hawkins, author of Power vs. Force, calls it the Presence. I call it God.”

What God says:

“Stop waiting for Me. You already have Me. I am ready for Our adventure. You are still looking for your shoes…It is My workshop. I called it. I invited you…So take it. I give it to you.”

To reserve your space, call Allan or Shelley at the Bridging Heaven & Earth Foundation. 805-687-2053

Visit www.heavenletters.org Email gloria@heavenletters.org

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E-books, Heaven Blog, Web Site, Movie Presentation, and Special Project

Here’s the foreword to E-book 15. The writer is a good friend of mine too!:

If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to have a communiqué from God, or if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to receive God’s personal counsel, then take a look at Heavenletters!

Heavenletters™ are the heart child of Gloria Wendroff, a sweet, unpretentious lady, really not someone you'd ever think would be a conduit for God's thoughts.

Imagine opening your computer each morning, and there at the top of the page, before all the daily scam and spam letters, is a welcoming love letter from God. How many times have I rushed to that precious e-mail to see what is in God’s mind, today! Oh, could it really be true? Could it really be that I can finally hear what is in God’s heart?

This is the great promise of Heavenletters. To hear clearly, in the most wonderful and simple prose, the thoughts, and feelings of the Divine paternal and maternal Lord.

Imagine if you could sit in on a private conversation of God's. What a great treasure that would be. To know how the Lord of the Universe thinks! How He really feels about this universe. Why He created it, what our place is in it! Even, what we’re doing right! Welcoming us back home, eager to have us back home, God sends to us, his prodigal sons and daughters, an e-mail each day to let us know we can come back anytime.

When I first started reading Heavenletters, I couldn’t get enough. I consumed them one after another. I even asked Gloria if there were any extra letters that I could receive. Of all the books about life, of all the spiritual treatises, ideas, or philosophies I've read, these innocent thoughts and warm recitations of God Him/Herself have been one of the most powerful experiences of my entire life!

Then, I discovered that I, too, could have this experience that Gloria calls Godwriting™. “It is easy!” she’s fond of saying. So, with her coaching, I was amazed! She’s right! There’s nothing to compare to being able to feel that soft, divine touch as you sit quietly and allow yourself to put yourself in God’s shoes.
What would God say to you? At first you might feel silly. Maybe even how impossible this might be. But you move from your own thoughts quickly to His. No matter what your thoughts, worries, or anxieties, God’s response changes your perception.

Could it be this simple? In a world filled with such apparent lack of Godliness, could it really be this easy? Well, I have to say now, after several years of reading Heavenletters and doing my own Godwriting, a resounding YES!

I’m so happy for you that you’re reading these words and are about to plunge into the delightful plenty of God’s prose. Every moment, so full and optimistic. Each moment the words wash over you, cleansing and soothing at the same time.
I know you’re in for a treat. Come now, read a few lines. Find the experience for yourself! You’ll never be the same! And, yes, make a note to learn your own Godwriting soon!


Mark Kincaid
Astrologer, Writer

Kirtwill have E-book 15 up before you receive this Heaven News. Download your ebooks here: www.heavenletters.org

New Blog Entries are:

· The DaVinci Code
· Not a Day in the Life
· How My Teaching Was Different
· Sequel to How My Teaching Was Different

The technical team is working on a feature whereby you can be notified when a new entry is posted. We’re testing it now. And thank you for posting your comments. Your comments help me to write more blogs.

Mojah Media www.mojahmedia.net, is revamping the Heaven web site, soon to be unveiled! One great module that will be added is where you will be able listen to Heavenletters being read aloud! Your suggestions for the web site are invited. Please email your ideas with Web Site Suggestions in the subject. Thank you.

In case you haven’t, watch a beautiful Heavenletter presentation created with love by Dr. Laura De Giorgio www.deeptrancenow.com Also help yourself to the screensaver www.deeptrancenow.com

Cards, Books, Calendars, and Prints

2000 letters

Blue Mountain Arts is asking for poetry for greeting cards and will pay up to $300. per poem. This could be a great fundraiser for Heaven. They are looking for unrhymed poetry. They don’t want one liners, and they are not exactly looking for the spiritual. Love is a great topic! If you would like to send us some Heavenletter quotes that might work, please do. Please put Poems for Greeting Cards in the subject title. . There is no limit on how many submissions we can make. I’m lining up some of Karen’s Haiku poems. I think Blue Mountain Arts would be wise to open up to a spiritual line that will allow us to keep “God said..” I think the time has come, don’t you? If you would like to check out the guidelines, click here: www.sps.com

And, of course, you may have poetry of your own to submit. We cheer you on.

With blessings and love,
Gloria and the Heaven team

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God Quote:

“You are not searching for experiences.
You are seeking greater awareness of Me.
That’s all. That is the same as to say seeking Truth.
You are walking on a path to Me.
Along the way you may sight signposts.
The way to Me is straight,
and you don’t really need street signs
and street scenes along the way.
They become diversions.
Just as when you walk along the bazaar,
there are many tempting booths to stop at.
Don’t linger long. Best to get on your way.”

Submitted by Bernie Siegel, M.D., Author, Peace, Love & Healing

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