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Welcome to New Subscribers! Since last Heaven News, you have come from:

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Thank you so much for finding us and subscribing to Heavenletters.

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Planet Lightworker

Planet Lightworker does such a beautiful job of presenting Heavenletters. I am blown away every time. This issue they reprinted HEAVEN #2069 A Soldier of Fortune and HEAVEN #2059 A Dancing Star from Heaven This is a fantastic ezine. Be sure to take a look.

Planet Lightworker

We’re grateful that Planet Lightworker publishes Heavenletters, but you’ve got to know that there is a dear person behind Planet Lightworker who subscribes to Heavenletters and sends us beautiful emails like this one:

Gloria, it never fails! When I really really am in need of some deep insights along comes a HeavenLetter that appears to have been written directly to me… Yesterday’s entitled WHEN YOUR FEELINGS ARE HURT, spoke to my heart. Thank you so much for the work you do. It’s an honor for PLW to be publishing Heavenletters. Much love, Sandie, editor of Planet Lightworker
Planet Lightworker/Content

When I asked Sandie for permission to use her words, she wrote:

2000 letters

Absolutely Gloria – though if I had known you wanted to quote something I would have been more eloquent – I just found it hard in that moment and still do in fact to describe in any meaningful way how this Heaven letter touched me in a place that so badly needed touching and reminding this week. Use whatever you feel – always!!!

Dear Heavenreaders, everyone’s sincere comments are welcome, more than welcome, invited. No need for eloquence. Just what you feel. The best place for you to put your comments is on the Heavenletters Community Forum Heaven Letters That way everyone can share in the same inspiration you so graciously send to me. You may also find an appropriate place for your comments on the Heaven blog Godwriting.org

Please know I read every single posting and email and thrive on them, and I regret I am not always able to answer.

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Great Falls, Montana, Great Godwriting™ Workshop

Come to this workshop Saturday and Sunday afternoons, September 9 and 10, 1 to 4:30, at the Golden Room at the Ursuline Centre, 2300 Central Avenue, Great Falls, MT 59401. If you are coming from a distance, rooms to stay over are available at the Ursuline Center. Phone (406) 452-8585 for room reservations or Email centre@ursulinecentre.com. To reserve your spot at the workshop, please email maurer43@bresnan.net Carol Mauer is sponsoring this workshop. That means she has funded the trip and is making all the arrangements. It’s a lot of work to set up a workshop, and Carol has been doing a great job. At the last workshop in Fairfield, a participant drove over eight hours away in order to attend. This sacred workshop is worth going out of your way for. Please reserve your space now. If you want to email me, that’s fine too, and I’ll relay the information to Carol.

This is the second workshop in Great Falls. The first one was held at the Unity Church. This is what Brian, the President of the church, wrote after the first workshop:

Unity Church of Great Falls

August 8, 2004


I wanted to drop you a note to let you know just how much the GodWriting™ Workshop that you presented at Unity of Great Falls was appreciated by everyone who attended!

Many of our commUnity members quote their own GodWriting, now, in the sharing portion of our services! Everyone who attended witnesses to the change in their lives as a result of the workshop – that GodWriting is the one way that they have been able to feel a close connection to God, and to receive REAL answers to their innermost searching for truth.

We have had many renowned speakers at Unity of Great Falls, yet never before has there been such a call to have a return visit and a repeat workshop! We look forward to completing the details of your next trip to Great Falls! I am certain that the turnout will be even greater now that the GodWriting word is being spread through the city!

As President of the Board of Trustees of Unity, I scheduled you to present the workshop, thinking that this would be another good way to invite the public at large to not only visit our Unity church, but also to get a flavor of Unity’s purpose – to pursue the connection to God. “Outside” people did attend, and some are now attending our Sunday gatherings!

On a personal level, I, too, have used the new GodWriting technique that I learned at the workshop to facilitate my own understanding of what God seems to have been telling me for a long, long time…

Gloria, there are not enough words to describe your gift to Unity and to the people of Great Falls, whose lives you have touched in a very real way. Thank you from the depths of my heart, and from the newly-found peace of my soul!


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Heaven Archives and Heaven E-Books

Annette is working full-time on Heaven archives now. I imagine there are no archives anywhere that have the perfection that Annette is giving to ours. Annette recently wrote:

For an advance preview of the Subject Index, go here Heaven Archives and click on "Rose(s)" to get a preliminary list of Heavenletters that mention roses. You might want to check out the major sources listed first. Some of the minor references are really minor, others not. But you see how much God loves roses…Love, Annette

Ebook 17 is almost ready! Soon we will be up-to-date with e-books. Soon every Heavenletter will have its place in an ebook, and then there will be three new ebooks each year plus 65 additional Heavenletters ready for the next year! Each ebook gives you 100 Heavenletters in the order in which they landed on Earth. There seems to be extra power in reading Heavenletters in sequence. Kirt, Heaven’s webmaster, has worked day and night on Heaven’s ebooks, and Margaret, Heaven’s proofreader, has been impeccable.

How many sites are there that feature sixteen (soon-to-be twenty) original ebooks?

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God is prolific! And More Good News – And Book Tour in Greece

If you read the Heavenblog www.godwriting.org you know that Panos Axiomakaros of Bolero Publishing, Ltd. has invited me to represent Heaveletters as his guest in Greece at the end of November. I will do book signings and present a Godwriting™ workshop in Athens. This means that the Greek translation of the present book will be published by that time. I am thrilled and honored to accept this most gracious invitation.

As you know, the exclusive rights to publish Heavenletters, Love Letters from God, Book One, in Greek and German have been sold to Bolero Publishing, Ltd. In addition, publishers in Romania, Brazil, and Indonesia have expressed serious interest. We will know how serious soon. Russ Michael Age-reversal@aon.at continues to knock himself out finding international publishers for Heavenletters.

Meanwhile, a major American publisher called me – do you know how tremendous that is! Having Heavenletters picked up by a major American publisher will lend great credibility to Heavenletters. The mission of Heavenletters is to reach as many people as quickly as possible, and a prominent publisher has the means to get behind Heavenletters and make this happen. Russ Michael has said that a Heaven book will sell billions. Santhan of Mojah Media keeps reminding me that whoever publishes Heavenletters will experience phenomenal success. And God Himself has said there will be millions of readers.

The American publisher asked good questions about Heavenletters. It was easy to give strong answers to every question he asked, except one, and that question was: How many of the print book have been sold? The answer is not enough, dear Heavenreaders.

Please see the rave reviews on Amazon, and add your own. If you love Heavenletters and it feels right to you, will you consider buying Heavenletters, Love Letters from God, Book One, through Amazon? www.amazon.com Buy one copy for yourself, and one for a friend, and get free shipping. We are 2,500 subscribers strong. If in a few days, we sell 5000 books, we would wow this publisher. If we sold 1,000 in a few days, we would still wow him. If you choose to do this, please do it now and tell me so I know how many books to tell the publisher we sold these few days.

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Webserver Move

www.heavenletters.org and godwriting.org are in the process of being moved to a new webserver. You may notice that some emails to godwriting.org and heavenletters.org bounce. Please save these and resend in a day or two. The forum and website may also be offline for 24-48 hrs. Visit again!

The move to the new hosting server will allow Heavenletters and Godwriting to cater to the growth in the number of visitors coming to the website as well as the new website, soon to be launched.

With love and blessings,
Gloria and Heaven Team

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God Quotes:

God said be like Me
And have compassion for all
Good guys and bad guys

God said shine your light
Revolutionize the world
And be merciful

God said with your thoughts
See goodness roaming on Earth
In a world of joy

God said end discord
Listen to My sweet voice now
And the tune of love

Heaven Haiku from Karen in Hawaii

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The story of the Farmer and the Hat

A farmer at our local Farmer’s Market had a blanket laid out on the ground, filled with wonderful vegetables, some in baskets, some just in piles.

I held up a giant zucchini, and I asked him how much.

The man smiled and said, "It's by the hat. It's the hat method." I didn’t know what he was talking about.

He pointed to a big old farmer's type hat, filled with dollar bills, that sat on the edge of the blanket. “You just put in what feels right to you,” he said.

"Give me an idea," I said.

"Oh, no," he said, "then it wouldn't be by the hat."

He truly offered his vegetables for what people had in their hearts to pay. He was not attached. He really wasn't. He didn't even stay around. And he was so generous with the sweep of his hand that I had such a different feeling. I felt that I had been given a great gift, and, with all my heart, I wanted to pay him enough. It felt like joy to receive, and joy to give. He helped me to feel that these vegetables were the fruits of God and he was simply the deliverer.

He was there to be rewarded for his labors. The vegetables weren’t for free. Only he wasn't dictating the price. He truly let go. He wanted his vegetables to go to as many good homes as possible and give all the nourishment they were made for.

It is the same with Heaven Letters. The intent of Heaven Letters is to bring as many people as possible as quickly as possible in touch with God. We are happy you are here, and we want to emulate that beautiful farmer. Heaven Letters are the fruits of God, and Heaven Ministry is simply the deliverer. We are putting down a big hat, and with it, laying out our faith in God. We need your support, but let Heaven Letters™ support you first.

So, help yourselves to Heaven Letters. Subscribe. Take your time. Get a good taste. When your heart feels moved, your by-the-hat donation makes all the difference in the world. Financial help from God to support Heaven Letters™ comes through the commitment, respect, and generosity of readers like you. Thank you for contributing!

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