Heaven News 11 November 2006

Welcome to New Subscribers Everywhere
Godwriting™ Workshops and Book Signings in Europe
Godwriting™ Workshop Humor
A Remarkable Invitation for Peace
Just a Few Thank-you’s
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Dear Friends

Welcome to New Subscribers Everywhere

Welcome to New Subscribers around the Universe

India Cameroon Canada United Kingdom

Italy Costa Rica Australia Sao Tome & Principe

Romania The Netherlands Mauritius Egypt

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Welcome to New Subscribers in the United States

Alabama, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Texas, Iowa, Michigan, New York, Montana, Tennessee, Florida, Colorado, California, Pennsylvania, Alaska, Virginia, Oregon, South Carolina, Illinois, Minnesota, Florida

Thank you all for coming to Heavenletters™.

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Godwriting™ Workshops and Book Signings in Europe

Athens, Greece - 25-26 November Hosted by Panos Axiomarkaros BOLERO PUBLICATIONS LTD.
18, Bouboulinas Street (behind the National Museum)
10682 Athens
Dates: 25/26 November (to be confirmed)
Book signings Dates to Be Announced
Email info@olympian.edu

Tutzinger Hof, Germany, near Munich - 2-3 December Hosted by Thomas and Veronika Walsch Tutzinger Hof
Hauptstraße 32
82327 Tutzing
Telefon 08158/936-0
Fax 08158/936-100
Email: veronika@lichtserver.net

Bucharest, Romania December 5-6 Hosted by Monica Visan FOR YOU PUBLISHING
Booking Signing December 5
Email edituraforyou@b.astral.ro

It is Panos who had the idea of The European book tour, and it was he who made it happen. Furthermore, he founded The European Godwriting™ Institute.I am thrilled with the blessing that Panos initiated, and that Thomas, Veronika, and Monica have added their great consciousness and energy to as well.

Think of it, hundreds of people Godwriting in Europe!

All of the sponsors will be taking the workshop and will be translating for me. You can imagine how much I look forward to meeting these beautiful souls.

In addition to the joy of meeting with the sponsors, there are a few more people I am going to have the privilege of meeting. Russ Michael of Michael Worldwide Newsletter Age-reversal@aon.at and his family are traveling from Austria to Germany to attend the Munich workshop. It is Michael who introduced both Panos and Monica to Heavenletters!

It is my hope to also see Silke at the Munich workshop. Silke translated Heavenletters into Albanian, and now is living in Heidelberg, Germany. Do come, Silke!

In Athens, Maria, who translates Heavenletters into Greek, will be attending the workshop, and I won’t be surprised if we do some shopping together.

One more dream that is coming true concerns Santhan. For two years Santhan has been giving his time, skill, and heart to Heavenletters. Santhan is truly a citizen of the world. He has offices in Argentina, South Africa and ROMANIA! It so happens he is in Romania now and will travel to the workshop!

To bring you up-to-date, Santhan designed the beautiful workshop poster. The poster is totally original. Nothing taken off the internet. The gorgeous sky is from a photograph Santhan took in Durban, South Africa. What a gift Santhan has given us. (For a bigger picture of the poster, please go to www.godwriting.org. Maybe those of you who live in the countries where the workshops are being held, would like to print and post a poster in your local library or spiritual center.)

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Godwriting™ Workshop Humor

Who ever thought there would be Heavenletter™ Comics? Not I!

Mauro of Argentina who works with Santhan at Mojah Media is making me smile a lot. Here’s a sample:

More to come!

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A Remarkable Invitation for Peace

Naomi, www.roseofgalilee.org, is part of a group in Israel who receive messages from beloved Jehovah. It is Naomi who translated a Heavenletter into Hebrew. She is one of the most God-dedicated people I know. When she first subscribed to Heavenletters, she wrote:

"Now we think that time has arrived to unite all the spiritual movements in Israel and abroad, so that we could become a productive tool for God for establishing peace on earth. It is His profound desire, projected to me many times. There are many spiritual organizations in Israel and many more over the world. Each organization should retain its individuality and work together toward World Peace and affect the governments all over the world"

Naomi and a professor of law at Paris University are planning an international conference in Galilee on 7.7.07.

“The idea is to bring people from different religions and emphasize that we share one Father, and what unites us is far more important than what divides us. I would like to make the connection between you and the law professor, and maybe people around the world who are associated with Heavenletters could come to Israel for this special and unique gathering. God will bring us together to assist Him in His plan to transform the whole universe into a cradle of love.”

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Just a few thank you’s

Go to www.spiritlibrary.com Also see www.radiantsouls.com and www.soulhug.com

Ben and Mariu, new Heavenreaders, are spearheading a group of people joined by a desire to help change the way the world works - starting from the inside -- wanting to discover new ways to live and work…They put Heavenletters first! Thank you!

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HEAVEN #2174 Being Human

BEING HUMAN IS not a bad thing. It is a good thing. You see it as a lesser thing but that is because you get tripped up by the physical density. The physical is the illusion. The physical is what is far-fetched. The Divine is more understandable. To be Divine is not amazing. To be Human, that is amazing. That is slight of hand. That is the magic trick. Divinity is no trick at all.

Planet Lightworker always does such a great job of presenting Heavenletters. Thank you, Sandie! www.planetlightworker.com

HEAVEN #2164 Your Life

God said:

Of what shall I speak to you today? Of what expanse? Of what horizon? Of what sun in the sky? Or moon, or stars? What shape of love shall I speak to you of today? What picture shall I paint for you? And what will you paint for Me, beloveds? What crayons will you draw with today, and what will you draw? What will happiness look like today? How will it be sculptured? What music will accompany it? What silence?

Thank you, Isis!

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