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New Subscribers from All over the World and the U.S.
Upcoming Events - Radio and TV Interviews and GodwritingT Workshops
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New Subscribers from All over the World and the U.S.

Welcome Kenya, Mauritius, Nova Scotia, Nigeria, Qatar, Uroguay, Singapore, Canada, United Kingdom, India, Turkey, Belgium, France, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Greece

Ohio, South Carolina, North Carolina, Missouri, Connecticut, New York, Indiana, Colorado, Minnesota, Florida, Montana, Arizona, Texas, California, Hawaii, Oregon, Nebraska, Maryland

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Upcoming Events

Radio Interview Sunday June 4 1:00 - 2:00 Pacific Time, BBS Radio www.bloginservice.com

The name of the show is The Messenger. Carolyn Evers www.ArchangelMichaelsConclave.com www.ConversationsWithCaesar.com www.HealingMysteries.com is the host, and she suggests that we talk about death from the point of view of journey and what we learn from the transition. And also love, of course. Carolyn invited me to read HeavenlettersT that illustrate these points. Carolyn's motivation is to get good works known. By the way, Carolyn found Heavenletters through Lady Isis' newsletter Lady Isis where you will also find Carolyn's work.

Godwriting Workshop for Graduates Sunday June 11, 1:30 at Gloria's House, Fairfield, Iowa

TV Show, Bridging Heaven and Earth www.heaventoearth.com , Friday July 15, Santa Barbara, California. Allan, Heaven's good friend and mine, is the host of this one-hour show. This is the second time Heavenletters will be featured on Allan's show. This TV Interview will be pre-recorded, edited, and then distributed to Public Access Stations throughout the country and will also be seen internationally. The Bridging Show features guests from all over the world as well. If this Bridging Show is not yet shown where you live, and you would like it to be, please call Allan (805) 687-2053.

Godwriting Workshop Saturday and Sunday, August 5 and 6, in Fairfield, Iowa. This workshop was initiated by a subscriber who is driving from eight hours away in Ohio. Details to be announced.

Godwriting Workshop in Great Falls, Montana, in September. Dates and Location to be announced. This will be the second workshop in Montana. I am looking forward to seeing my good friends there. Carol and Larry Mauer are sponsoring this workshop, taking care of the flight and providing sightseeing as well! If you have never been to Montana, you must. It is incredibly beautiful.

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Speaking of Miracles

We never know when or where Heavenletters are going to pop up. Here are two examples:

Jana Ostrom, Book Team Coordinator of the I Am a Miracle Foundation www.iamamiracle.com just accepted a Heaven blog entry for the next I Am a Miracle book. The proceeds from the sale of this books are distributed to projects that are creating miracles in the world. If you would like to read Heaven's submission, A Moment of Miracle, before the book is out, click www.godwriting.org

Does anything here seem familiar? Jamelle Rackley-Riley www.livinginspirit.net spotted Heaven material in a recent Daily Tips www.perfectcustomers.com, Originally, only people who had purchased a Millionaire Program had access to this:

We are more attractive when we watch for miracles.

star The following inspiration was received from Robert Allen and Mark Victor Hansen. .. authors of the #1 mega-best-seller One Minute Millionaire

Instead of thinking that the world is out to get you - think again. Remind yourself that the world is weighted in your favor. This one platform of thought will change your life. When you change how you gear for life, your life is changed.

lightbulb Changing your thinking is changing your alert system to a relax system. You have been on guard. You have been gearing up for something untoward to befall you.

lightbulb Start thinking this one thought: The world is weighted in my favor. Isn't this different from what you have been thinking?

lightbulb Start thinking:

'The world wants me. The world greets me. The whole world looks to endow me. The crowds of the world lift me high on their shoulders and cheer me so that my travel is hastened and lightened. The whole universe propels me forward. The universe swirls me in joy. I am lifted high. I see over the crowds. I see wonder rushing on its way to me. The scales tip in my favor. The world is weighted in my favor .'

This one switch in your thinking allows miracles to reach your awareness. This switch in your thinking is a way to set a trap for miracles. You have been wary of trouble. Now you will start to engage in miracle-watching.

Knowing your place in the scale of the universe predicates the goodness that is to come. Your new thinking clears a path for you. It sweeps the old thinking away. One change in the configuration of your thoughts, and everything is changed. You rise to the forefront of your life.

lightbulb You are a champion of the world. You are a heralder of wonders to come. You are a miracle-watcher. (Copyright 2002. Heavenletters. Quoted with permission from Heavenletters www.heavenletters.org )

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Heavenletter Video Presentation Translation, Health Tip, and Screen Saver

video pictureHere's the link for the Italian Presentation that Dr. Laura De Giorgio put together for us, and that Paula Launonen translated:

heaven letters-italiano

Here's a proven health tip from Dr. Laura De Giorgio's www.deeptrancenow.com most recent newsletter:

"Forget It and Heal It -- When I find myself facing a health problem, I simply occupy myself with pleasurable activities, often some kind of new learning which requires my total focus and concentration, and my health problem disappears. Sometimes it can be a creation of a new project - like creating a presentation for Heavenletters , where I delighted in the message, in the pictures, in the music and in the anticipated joy the presentation would bring to other people. When we're involved in something that brings happiness and pleasure to many other people, our own experience of pleasure expands, multiplies, grows, intensifies. Expressing ourselves artistically in some way, unleashing our creative urges, has a profoundly healing effect on the mind, emotions and body. It allows the healing power of spirit to flow through us, purifying mind, heart and body - filling us with new life."

A subscriber from Mauritius had a wonderful gift idea about the Heavenletter video presentation: heaven letters Here's what Lina wrote:

"I have no words to say the effect the video presentation had on me !!!! 'Marvelous' is nothing compared to the intensity of love it aroused in me. Wow !!!! Thanks to the one who did it and to the whole team of Heaven letters and to GOD. This morning I was wondering what gift will I give my husband for his coming birthday, but now I have found a treasure. Who would have guessed a love letter from GOD as a gift ??? Thank you."

Dr. Laura also gave us a great Heavenletters screen saver as a gift: heavenletters Help yourself!

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When Santhan, Heaven's Creative and Marketing Director, www.mojahmedia.net put the Heaven blog together www.godwriting.org , he chose a beautiful subtitle for the blog - Listening to the Voice Within. Just perfect.

blog img

When Dr. Laura De Giorgio www.deeptrancenow.com put the video presentation together, she thought of Journey into Oneness for its subtitle, also absolutely perfect.

The subtitle I thought of for heavenletters is Bringing Earth Closer to Heaven. And the subtitle for the Heaven book is Love Letters from God.

I wonder how many fantastic subtitles for Heavenletters there are out there! When you think of one, please send it in!

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New Entries on the Heaven blog since last Heaven News:

· Room 108 about good times teaching in junior high school

· God Works! About trying to get a rebate!

· God Answers Paula's Personal Question

· Drama a little about my dear mother

· Hidden Pictures, Poetry, and Narnia subliminal advertising

Please know how much we want your comments posted on the blog. What good is a blog without your responses! www.godwriting.org

With blessings, love, and great appreciation,

Gloria and the entire Heaven Team

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God Quote:

"Bid thoughts of Me to arise.
Bet on them. Make them your choice.
Today choose love, and stay in that state.

Hold it to you like a beautiful bouquet of flowers,
and then toss the petals to the world
and see what the winds hold for you and
how beautiful everything is. "

Submitted by Engin Vural, Heaven's Translator in Turkyye.rose picture

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