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Welcome, New Subscribers
Many Thanks (and an apology)
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Foreword to E-book 16 -- Could the Earth Be Other than Round?
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Welcome, New Subscribers!

A warm welcome to subscribers who have come here since last Heaven News from:
The Netherlands, Canada, India, United Kingdom, Germany, Greece, Portugal, Australia, Germany, South Africa

Colorado, Texas, New York, Georgia, Maine, Indiana, Arizona, Montana, Alaska, Virginia, Illinois, New Hampshire, Mississippi, Louisiana, Kansas, Massachusetts, North Carolina

All Heavenreaders are deeply appreciated.

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Many Thanks

Many thanks to Darlene Markakhan Miss Defy for the following design:

picture of one slice of cake

Darlene's design has given me great delight, especially because it was such a surprise and so unlike anything I ever would have thought of! I’m heavily into the Heaven logo and such! But wouldn’t this be great as a full-page ad in the New York Times, for instance? I bet new subscribers would be lighting up the web site!

Many thanks to Bruce Buchanan of Maine who wrote:

“I sent today's Heavenletter, #2057 God’s Song, onto 15 people. As Bob Proctor (a top Motivational/Personal Development guru) says, ‘Better than good!’”

Many thanks to Denise S. for ordering three of the Heavenletter e-books, and our apology that when she paid through Paypal she was charged for shipping and handling! Kirt, Heaven’s Webmaster, is working on fixing this. I expect this will be fixed by the time this Heaven News is out. (Heaven News are put together two or three days before you receive them.) In any case, until then, please simply subtract $3.53 from your e-book donations accordingly. Wait until you see the foreword to E-book 16 below!

Many thanks to Jo Morgan www.joywiseheart-to-heart.com who is working on greeting card submissions to Blue Mountain Arts. Anyone else who would like to find selections from Heavenletters for varied greet cards, please send them in.

Many thanks to new subscriber Joan R. for letting us know about more links in the Heaven Underground Railroad network! I use the expression underground railroad in the highest sense – people unknown to me doing good things for Heavenletters. Joan wrote:

Thank you for sending Heavenletters. They are just so beautiful and inspiring! I found your link on a newsletter I receive, Serenity's Hope @ the Namaste Cafe, www.namastecafe.com and as soon as I went to your site, I knew I wanted to receive your Heavenletters, as what I read while there was so in tune with what I feel and know.

Many thanks to Luus van Leeuwen of The Netherlands who also told us about her posting Heavenletters on a site that is new to me:

“I am posting Heavenletters regularly on the website of the Community Miracles Center www.miracles-course.org in San Francisco. All the posts are emailed to about 2,100 email-addresses. I found the Heavenletters through The Way of the Heart Journal www.wayoftheheart.net, and I posted the first 7 which are freely available over a period of about 9 months, so there are three more to go. My request is if I may have your permission to also quote from now on the Heavenletters which are published in the Way of the Heart Journal, since the Heavenletters are very much appreciated by many of the recipients.”

Naturally, permission granted! Furthermore, Luus now subscribes and has his pick of Heavenletters!

Many thanks to Louise Smith, 86 years old, of Washington State, who shares not only Heavenletters but also announces the upcoming California Godwriting workshop to her friends:

EXCITING OPPORTUNITY! Have I referred you to Heavenletters, or have you found them on your own? Heavenletters have been mentioned often in Angels & Miracles. Heaven News recently brought news of an exciting opportunity coming to Santa Barbara in July. I dream of some day being able to attend a Godwriting workshop, but my painful knees prevent me. Gloria accesses the most inspiring daily messages I've ever encountered. Her work is now being translated and distributed all over the World, and she is teaching others to God-write in workshops around the country. There's one in Santa Barbara, next month!! Aren't you just a few miles from there? Here are the details:

The Bridging Heaven & Earth Foundation is celebrating its special 200th show with featured guest Gloria Wendroff of Heavenletters™.

As part of this milestone event, Bridging is sponsoring a powerful and unique Godwriting™ workshop.

Saturday and Sunday, July 15th and July 16th 1:00 – 4:30 P.M. (One workshop, two sessions) The Pilgrim Terrace Community Center 649 Pilgrim Terrace Dr. Santa Barbara, CA 93101
To register, email Gloria gloria@heavenletters.org or call Allan or Shelley at Bridging Heaven & Earth Foundation. 805-687-2053 Do it now!

The TV Show is Friday, July 14, the night before. All those coming to the workshop are invited to the show. Please come. I believe the show starts at 6:45. You are also invited to the party afterwards!

Many thanks to Leen Joseph of Belgium www.reikileen.be http://www.the-dhn.com who wrote:

Thank you for sharing the Heavenletters. I speak Dutch as a native language. I could help out in translating a letter once a week, if you would need a translator. That can be my donation to Heavenletters.

Leen is now translating Heavenletters more than once a week! And we’re so happy to have Dutch translations again.

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Heaven Blog

Many thanks to everyone who visits the Heavenletters Community Forum and the Heaven Blog. Your comments are fabulous. I would love everyone to read what you post.

Here’s what’s new on the blog since the last Heaven News:

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Foreword to E-book 16 -- Could the Earth Be Other than Round?

Thanks to Kirt, E-book 16 will be coming out very soon if it isn’t already by the time this Heaven News reaches you. Paula Launonen is Heaven’s very first translator, and she translates Heavenletters into Italian twice a week. Read her most beautiful foreword:

When Gloria asked me to write the foreword for an e-book, the first quick thought that came into my mind was that I could not be up to it. But then I realized that it was not about me but about God and Heavenletters™, and I remembered God’s words:

“What you say and what you feel are meant to be the same.
There is not to be a dichotomy between your heart and your
words. Above all, you do not want to kid yourself.”

[Heaven #1818 Your Heart and Your Words]

I can’t remember exactly how I found Heavenletters, I think it was through another website during a period in my life when I was reading anything and everything I could find on God and spirituality. I used to sit at my computer passing from one link to another, trying to fill the longing I felt in my heart. Oh, there were many beautiful and profound messages, many complicated ones. I used to print them and use every free moment to study them. But nothing seemed to quench my thirst.

I was looking for something special, something called ‘love’, but not the conditional love of the world. I clicked on all the links containing this word. And I think this is how I found the ‘Love Letters from God’ and these words:

“It is yourself you have been searching for all
this time. I am yourSelf. God is the way to God.
There is no path to God but God Himself. That which
you seek you are, so intimate are We. What can
Oneness mean but that? Oneness is not two-ness.”

[Heaven #1571 Throughout Eternity]

I immediately felt the urge to translate Heavenletters into Italian, to make them available for as many people as possible. I wanted to share the profound truth of love I could feel in these short but significant letters. The truth of love I finally recognized:

“You recall that the word love as I use it is not prettified.
The love I speak of is a state of consciousness. The world
is seen through the consciousness of love, and the world
appears in a different cast. Oh, to see the world through
the eyes of love! Seen through the eyes of love, the world
forgives itself for its infractions against itself.”

[Heaven #1559 States of Consciousness]

I still continued to read many spiritual messages, until I got to a state of mind where all the words started to seem useless to me. But, as always, God was a step ahead of me and wrote:

“Word meanings fall short. Words are only a
representation. They hardly represent what they
really mean to describe. Even great words for
great things do not begin to express their greatness.
Definitions would imprison what is beyond imprisonment.
Even the word God is a small representation. What
word can possibly express the Vastness of the
Created and Uncreated? What words can begin to
describe you? …Yet words are not random ink spills.
And yet, your consciousness makes of them what you will.
Perhaps all of life is like an inkblot test. All of life
is what you make of it.”

[Heaven #1577 Pull Down the Vastness from Heaven]

Now I cannot read complicated spiritual messages. They just won’t ‘enter’. Heavenletters use the simple language of the heart and yet are full of knowledge and wisdom. There are some days when I read Heavenletters even without a faintest idea of what I am reading, but I know that the vibration of Love penetrates my heart and the words are stored for a future need.

Translating Heavenletters is different from reading them. I need to absorb the deep sense of every letter and understand the true meaning of every word in order to be able to convey the original message to Italian readers. While translating the first e-book, I realized that God does not stand still giving us always the same beautiful words. I saw that there is a subtle guiding thread. Through Heavenletters God keeps holding up a mirror in front of us, reflecting back our true selves. And as we keep looking into this mirror, step by step, He is bringing us ever closer to Him.

I still have my dark moments, but when I do, I know that God is always there. When I finally got to the point where I found the courage to make a personal question to God through Heavenletters, I was literally trembling. But God knew even this: ”…no need to tremble,” He said, “I am the remover of trembling.”

Now I realize that I was actually afraid of revealing myself to God, or of seeing myself as I was. Through a series of personal questions, I have passed from the fear of an angry God to a communion with the real God, who is only LOVE.

Heavenletters is the vibration of Heaven on Earth, and ever more people are finding it. And I think God was talking about the people who are contributing to spreading Heaven on Earth when He said:

“Angels and saints walk on Earth. They are not famous,
or they may be famous but their angelness and saintliness
is mostly unknown. They are not recognized for who they are.
They simply keep going about their work for Me. They are
so in love with My Being that they can only do My Will.
To them, sweeping the street or being a movie star is
the same. They know full well that I am their Audience,
and their attention is on Me the same way that the Earth
revolves around the Sun, effortlessly, ceaselessly, and
endearingly. Their hearts are at My beck and call, and
this is their happiness.”

[Heaven #1553 Saints and Angels]

I sign this with all my heart, Paula

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While I’m Away

Beloved Heavenreaders, Santhan www.mojahmedia.net has graciously offered to take care of sending out the daily Heavenletters while I am unavailable – July 11 to July 21. It is not surprising that Santhan would offer his help, because that’s what he’s been doing right along, pitching in in every way, above and beyond what could be dreamed of.

Please know I will not have access to email while I am away. I am sorry I will not be able to reply to emails. My daughter, Lauren, will come over to check my email in case there is an emergency (such as your not receiving Heavenletters). Then she will forward emergencies to Santhan. Please put Heavenletters Help in the subject title of your email.

If I can get another Heaven News out before I leave, I will. I may not be able to in which case this will be the last Heaven News until after I get back.

Be sure to know that I will be thinking of you as I always do.

God bless you all.

With love,
Gloria and the Heaven team

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Heaven Quote:

God said in Heaven
A good time is had by all
Three cheers for Heaven!

Heavenletter Haiku by Karen Corpuz, Hawaii

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