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Heaven Letter ecards update...

Hi Gloria and everyONE!

I've been working on our Heavenly ecards all day, and have re-designed them all.
I have taken out all of the 'frills' and reduced the size of the image too,
so it should now (hopefully) fit on your screen better!

I have finished most of them, but still have a couple more to re-do, and also some new ones to add.

Could I have a few beautiful volunteers to test drive it for me please,
just to make sure that everything now fits, and that there are no 'oopsies' anywhere!

Many thanks

Love Mary


Oh yes ~ the url...

Well done Mary! The

Well done Mary! :thumbup:

The E-cards are indeed smaler. To test it, I also sent one to my e-mail and from there, it opened up just right.

I'm missing though, the function of the last sentence that swirled behind the arrow. There was motion to it and one had to give it special attention.

Yes, the cat picture is priceless! Right now, I have my cat sitting on my lap and insisting on extending himself unto the keyboard. :Rolleyes: He is settled so peacefully, how can I tell him to go away? :?

Thank you for gifting us with you creations! :wub:

Thank you for your comments

Thank you for your comments and also for testing it for me dearest Xenia.
You are greatly loved and appreciated! :)

Yes, I took the ripple script off, as it didn't really seem to go with the smaller sized cards quite the same as the larger ones, and so I included the scripts from them at the bottom of each card instead! I have left the ripple scripts on my own ecards though.

If you (or anyone else) have any favourite HL quotes, let me know, and I'll see if they're suitable for an e-card.

My pudcat does that. She snoozes on my lap whilst I'm (trying) to type, but she's so big that I can hardly reach the keyboard around her, and every now and then she decides to stretch and 'press' a key, and my screen goes haywire ~ I'm sure you know what I mean! ;)

But I wouldn't be without her ~ I love her to bits!

Lots of Love and hugs to you and to everyONE



I have to laugh,

:big :big :big :big :big I have to laugh, the cat streching and 'pressing' the keyboard keys, I know what you mean, that happens here too!

In the meantime, I have looked up some HL quotes that jumped at me, for you to choose from:

HEAVEN #2588 The Greatness within You
Honor the Greatness within you.“

HEAVEN #2574 Be a Reporter of Good News
Remember you are here to raise the vibration of the world. Raise it high.”

HEAVEN #2560 Harmony Means More than Agreement
“Make peace in your own house, and peace in the world will catch up to you.”

HEAVEN #2554 The Magnificent Beauty of Life
“If you could but see with My eyes, you would know the immensity of your beauty, and, so, you would know the beauty of everyone and everything.” (this one is a bit long, but ohhh so loving and empowering)

HEAVEN #2545 Bless the Day God Gives
“Let birth and death be blessings, and all the life in between be a blessing as well.”

“Rise anew each day.”

“Be eager for the day you are about to receive.”

“Bless the day, and thank God that you are alive, and that this day is spread before you.”

Let's see what your creative spirit will come up with.

My cat says 'Hi' to yours. Hugs from me to you,

Oh how wonderful ~ I just

Oh how wonderful ~ I just love your suggestions Xenia ~ they're just purfect!

I've sent them to myself ~ and will create something tomorrow.
There are some more new ones up there since the other day.
Beloved Berit sent me a few lovely suggestions too,
and also another beauiful HL Soul who doesn't post.

You are all so beautiful!!! :)

Lots of Love from me & 'PP' (my pudcat) to you and yours!



PS Have you managed to get any subscription threads through yet? I still don't get them!?!
The last ones I received were in early December!

I just simply could not wait

I just simply could not wait Xenia...
I love working for God! :)

I'll look at the others tomorrow, as it's getting late on this side of the pond!

and Love and hugs too!



This one too, is purrfect

This one too, is purrfect Mary! :thumbup:

Perfect choice of flower and so much power in this sentence alone! God must love you.

Well done and a million thanks, :big

SHe loves all of us Beloved

SHe loves all of us Beloved Xenia ~
for we truly are all One,
all equal and all made of the same Divine Energy,
all tiny facets of Radiance Divine,
sparkling in the Light of God
and it is so so wonderful!!!

more coming soon...




Hi Xenia and everyONE! I

Hi Xenia and everyONE!

I have just uploaded another ecard using another of your suggestions Xenia...

Many thanks for your input Xenia and Beloved Berits too!

Love and hugs



You did it,

You did it, Mary! fitted the whole sentence into the card.......and what a work of art it became!

I'm very, very impressed. At the beginning, the colour alone, took my breath away and then..........the beauty of the flower, struck me as divine, and then............the beautiful words of God, rounded everything up! BRAVO!! :thumbup:

Much gratitude,

Yeahhh ~ Bravo to God ~ who

Yeahhh ~ Bravo to God ~ who makes all of this possible through us! :thumbup:

Now send it to everyone Xenia,
so that we can gather more of God's Children to this Heavenly meeting place!