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Heaven Admin

Dear Heaven Admin,

The additions to this forum you have slipped in while we were not looking have not gone unnoticed! What you have done is too wonderful to be overlooked!

Now it is easy for everyone to request notifications of responses to posts they want -- or all posts.

Also now the notices give you an idea of what you're going to click to. Kind of whets the appetite.

These additions will expand this forum. Thank you for thinking of these things and doing all the extra work to make them happen.

There is no other Heaven Admin in all the world like the one God blessed us with.

However, dear Heaven Admin, wo ist der Deutsche Heavenletters? They are posted on this forum yet subscribers, best I can tell, are not receiving them. Was ist los?

I know that you are working on an automated sending out of translations that the translators can do themselves.

Until then, if it would help for me to send out some of the translated languages, I will be glad to. Of course, you'll have to train me all over again because I've forgotten, and that could be great trouble for you! But, please, don't let it stop you, dear one.

Dearest Heaven Admin, THANKS

Dearest Heaven Admin,

THANKS FOR ALL THE WONDERS YOU ARE DOING !! This Heavensite is getting more and more confortable and nice and smooth to move in !! I love it ! :Rolleyes:

Dearest Gloria,
ja, wo ist der deutsche Heavenletter ? :? Love your German !! I will advise you as soon as I will receive one.
To be honest, I don't receive the english ones either.. :Criying:

With Love and Gratitude

Dear Heaven Admin and Tech

Dear Heaven Admin and Tech Angels,

This is to let you know my appretiation for the improvements and additions that you have created with the subscriptions to the forums. :thumbup:

The Subscribe section is so much more visible now, easy to click and on top of it, has 3 choices!! Well done! :thumbup:

Only some minutes ago, did I realize that I can access to the full list of Subscriptions and check all and see which ones I had opened or not. Some bright mind came up with this one!!!

There might be other improvements that have escaped my until now, but if I discover them, I will let you know. :)

My heartfelt Thanks to you all,