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Heaven #3824 need help

Follow this link to find the letter:

Very last line : "This is how you become bless-ed"

Why using "bless-ed" and why not simply "blessed"? Do I miss something important here?

Many thanks for your kind clarification.

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"You are blessed. As you

"You are blessed. As you think of your blessings, they multiply. This is how you become more blessed. This is how you become bless-ed."

This is the last paragraph of the Heavenletter.

Most commonly blessed is a single syllable word. It is used as a verb and an adjective.

"Bless-ed be thy name." "Bless-ed are you among women." Here the word blessed becomes two syllables. It is not normally spelled with a hyphen to show that it is two syllables. It really has an accent grave over the ending e to show that it is two syllables. I chose the hyphen because I didn't know another way to do it.

Now, there is more to it. For example, I can say that you are blessed. That means, as we readily understand, that you have been blessed.

We can also say that you are bless-ed. The meaning is slightly different, Jean-Christophe. You are bless-ed is more like saying you are so wonderful, or so saintly. It is not so much that you are blessed but more on the idea that you are a blessing.

In English, there really is a difference between blessed and bless-ed in this last paragraph. Blessed as one syllable as the last word doesn't work.

Does this make sense?

What you do in your French translations -- wow, I leave that to you!

Thank you, dear one.

Thank you

Thank you Gloria,

Definitely! it does make sense.

I'll find a way to express that nuance in French.

Thank you very much.

It is for me to thank you,

It is for me to thank you, dear one.

Great question and answer.

Great question and answer. Good to know!

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