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HEAVEN #2209 Consider how plants grow… December 10, 2006

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HEAVEN #2209 Consider how plants grow… December 10, 2006

God said:

You are like swans gliding along on the serene waters. You are also like whales who dive deep and then leap up to the surface. Or like a pelican who dives and comes up, and dives again. The waves are lapping. .

You do not want to merely skim the surface, not forever. Nothing wrong with the surface, only that it is surface, and surface, no matter how beautiful, goes only so far. There are the depths of life to engage in as well. They are laid before you. They are yours.

Dig deeper into the well, beloved. Pull up the treasures from the bottom of the ocean and bring them up to the surface for all to behold. Make the waves splash and sparkle. You will pull up diamonds for all to see. You will be like a moon shining and shining.

Life on the surface is like taking a walk with your hands in your pockets. To dive deep, your hands are outstretched, and you are welcoming the bounties of life. Admit life. Open your heart bravely. Sweep life into your arms.

Alternate between the surface and depths. Each has its reason. Each has its season. Each rushes to you.

Consider the depths the bank, and the surface the mall where you spend the wealth. As you dip into the treasury, the surface becomes the passing out of the notes. Beloveds, have awareness that there is a depth, an unexplored land which calls to you and will not stop, and where you long to go, the depths that stir your depths. Are not the depths the heights?

Transplanted from the depths of the sea, yet you are equipped to live on land because of the very depths. Let the depths be the pure water you drink without cease.

Consider how plants grow. They grow from the depths up. Their basis is in the soil, their growth, the leaves and flowers. Flowers grow from somewhere, and so does the life you live. Your roots are in the depths, and upward you grow. >From the depths you grow to the heights. Inseparable are they,

You are ever moving upward to claim the day. You are riding an escalator that leads you to the galaxies. The moon, reflecting the sun, sheds its light on you. The sun and the moon deliver themselves to you in one stroke, and now you deliver the sun and the moon to the universe. By the might of their light, you deliver them. Your light comes from somewhere, beloveds..

From the depths of your heart, you are equipped to explore the full range of life. All doors are open to you. The main entrance is found in the depths, beloved. Drink deeply. You have focused elsewhere. Your eyes can see near and see far in life, and so I adjure you to be like your eyes, for do not your eyes reflect the stars in Heaven?

Come to the Highest. It is all around you. Come to My Court where love expands and expands you. Come to the field of infinite possibilities. Facts, beloved, are not enough for you. You who would be realistic will do well to look up and see beyond facts. It is necessary to look beyond appearances. Look into the eyes of Truth. Worshipping realism, you may close doors that are opening for you. Open them wide.

Just as there are phases of the moon, so are there phases in your life. The sun moves, and so must your sights. In life, be as you are when you go to a restaurant. You want the appetizer and entrée and side dishes and desserts. In life, would you want less? Have you not sometimes been wanting to escape life rather than eat its fruits?

From the beautiful soil, you can cast any seeds from which all kinds of plants grow, yet when it comes to your life, by some sense of unreasoning reason, you might narrow it, as if closing a book were the way to read it.

Accept adventure. Advance into new territories. Let the rain fall on your face. Get your feet wet. Travel down new roads. Use a different gait. Knock on doors. Open them, and see what you see. Like a many-petaled flower, grow toward the Sun. Lay yourself bare before it. Absorb its light.

This is life you have enrolled in. Dig deep and live high. Garner a greater circumference. Enjoy the known relative world and the Vastness of the Unknown. Continue forth. Explore all horizons. Deny yourself nothing. Get out and play. Swim and dive. Swim and dive.

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