Hearts Laden with Love

God said:

When your heart feels saddened, for no particular reason at all except that it is sad, there is an immediate cure, and I am the Curer. This is true. I am well-embedded in your heart. You cannot replace Me with sadness. You can only overlook Me with sadness. Go deeper within, and you will see that sadness is only a cover-up of the enormous love that dwells amiably in your heart.

When sadness comes from an outright cause and your sadness is considerable-appearing, what I say above remains true. You have covered Me up, this time perhaps with a darker crayon.

Uncover Me. Peel off that layer of sadness and see the light within. It is bright.

Consider Me a light that flares in your heart. I encompass your heart. I fill it up with light. I am an eternal candle in your heart. My light is the same it always is, only a shade may have been put over it so it seems dimmed. But the light original is as it has always been, full-spectrum. But you have added a dimmer switch or have looked away. The good thing is that, when you have darkened the room of your heart, you can brighten it again.

Or, open the window of your heart, and polish it.

The heart within is beautiful, and it is full of love. Love is not diminished. Evidence of love may be stashed away in a corner, but it cannot stay there for long, certainly not forever. Even after many days of rain, the sun comes out. In this case, the sun is your heart, and you will unwrap the love in your heart and flare it lavishly for the whole world, and so the world will be lighted.

Signals of love may be missing. That is all that can be missing. The content of love is not changed. The dimensions of love are not changed. Only output of love wavers from time to time. The signals of love may weaken, but not the love, not the love. The love is obscured only so long as it is obscured, but the love itself cannot be less than intact. The only thing that can be missing from your heart is your giving out the signals of your love. First signal love to yourself, for you are in need of it. Most of all, you are in need of your own love for yourself.

My love is indestructible. The love from the world matters to you, but it really matters not at all. You may think the world and people in it are battering you, but it is you who batters yourself.

You need a better opinion. Mine is better. Mine is much better.

"Opinion" isn't the right word here, for I have not opinion; I have Truth, and Truth is far better than opinion. Opinions aren't worth a whole lot, but you have been going by them, yours and others'. And that is why your thoughts about yourself go up and down, high and low, back and forth, this way and that dependent upon which way the wind blows at a particular moment. But your heart is not a feather.

Your heart is laden with love. A heavy heart can only be laden with love. The love within your heart has perhaps fallen deep, and so you must lift the love up and let it be shown, and shown, most of all to you. For you, who are the holder of great love, need to be the beholder of it. Behold, all the love that shines in your heart. And now, when you bequeath all that love on My behalf, behold, your heart becomes lightened.