Hearts Know Truth

God said:

We could say that life is the melting pot of humanity. It is the forge that unites hearts. It is the gong that signals the reminder of Oneness. Even that which you allow to separate your awareness from Oneness is yet a reminder of it.

When a heart aches, it is remembering something. Hearts know truth, and your heart knows it's meant for more than what it has. What your heart presently has is what you have given to it. Give it more. Give it more credence to start with.

And yet the purpose of life is more than the feeding of your heart. It is to restore you to yourself and therefore restore the world. You have been commandeered for service on earth, and serve you must. This is not a penance. This is your calling.

Your heart will serve. Hearts are not meant to restrict. They are meant to loosen. They loosen the hold earth has on them. Hearts do not make rules. Hearts do not enforce them. Hearts are harbingers. They are thermometers. They tell you which way the wind blows. So your heart is an indicator.

Unlike your mind, your heart is innocent. Your heart is a pure note from Heaven. Yet the world has been tossing it peanuts. But you are the filler of your own heart. No one else is. No one else can.

What can fill the great heart I have given you but more greatness? Your heart is infinite, as infinite as you. The infinity of your heart is love. Your heart is not a place for anything else.

Any wounds to your heart are self-inflicted. You are the hurter of your own heart. If it is restricted, you have restricted it. Your heart is not — I repeat — not dependent upon what comes in to it. It is dependent upon what goes out from it. If your heart were dependent upon the outside world for its survival, what would be the point in having it?

Let your heart know its commonality with all humanity. And let it know what it is capable of. Just as a runner must run, your heart cannot stay still.

Your heart is not fixed. It is not a fixed object. It is a live pulse. In that sense, it is a timer. Timers remind. Your heart reminds you what time it is. The only time your heart ever signals is a time for love. Anything less than love torments your heart and demeans it. Why would a Human heart then signal anything else but love?

Your heart is located in the center of you. It is not located at your feet. Nor is it located in your head. Your heart is located where it is for good reason.

And there is a center within your heart that is greater than any beat from it, and yet this center beats the rhythm of life. Hark to the beat of your heart.

Loyal is your heart. The physical heart has been beating love incessantly. And when the physical heart lays down its work, its beat of love still goes on. Hearts are timeless, and love never ends. It never wavers. You are the one who wavers.

Encourage your heart to be the banner it is. Encourage your heart to lead. Encourage your heart to signal its love out and succor the world. Let your heart set the dominant beat for the world. Let other hearts set their clocks with yours. That is indeed what has been happening. Now, set your heart higher.