Hearts in the World

God said:

Let go of judging everything. Judging is often the same as reprimanding. Judging is often condemnation. It can only be a second-guess. Regardless of the direction judging goes in, whether it is toward oneself or another, judging is a spoilsport.

On the other hand, you will do well not to praise nor to judge. Both are amiss. Appreciate when you appreciate, but go easy with it. Whether self-respect, self-regard, self-esteem, self-pride, or any combination thereof is thought or spoken, the idea of self-worth holds different meanings. Judging likely is justifying your point of view.

Who would have ego when he truly has a strong sense of self? Who would require building up, and who would require tearing anyone else down?

When I suggest that you love yourself, I do not mean praising yourself or some kind of over-blown view of yourself. I speak of Reality, the Reality of Self. However, what you call reality and what I call Reality are not the same thing. There are times when what I see and what you see could not be farther apart.

Here, I will tell you something! Let go of ego, and you won’t judge. What is judging but comparing one thing to another? In the world, anything can be compared to anything. “My luv is a red red rose.” This is a statement of love. It is far more valid than, “My love let me down.”

That your love is a red rose is a far truer picture of love. It is most assuredly a truer picture of the love that is yours to give. Love is irrespective of what you think about it. It’s irrespective of how something did or didn’t turn out. There is more to life than anything you guess at.

When you put aside ego and its ramparts, there isn’t much you cannot do. Ego is the father of boundaries. Ego is a boundary-setter par excellence. Perhaps there is no better boundary-maker in the world than ego. What can equal ego for establishing itself in the world. Perhaps ego is the best of the best, that is, if boundaries were any good at all. Ego may win the prize for being the best of the worst. Don’t touch it with a ten-foot pole. Do not get swept up in its antics.

It must indeed be ego that creates boundaries. What measures the difference between properties but ego? What began the whole concept of limits but ego? Ego judges. Ego sees the need for judging. Ego is worthless except to leave other egos high and dry. Ego swells your pride or reduces it and congratulates itself.

Let Me ask you: If all are One with Me, why aren’t you? Why aren’t you the spirit of Christmas Present then? Why isn’t everyone beneficent to everyone? Why do eyes ever squint? Why is any child left behind? If there are big-shots, are there little-shots as well? Who is a commoner, and who is a royal? What makes it so?

What is there but the world, the surface level of life, to say one is worthy and another is not?

Without judgment in the world, is it possible that one who hurts others and causes trouble and everyone considers bad medicine – is it possible in a world that loved rather than judged that this person would not perform as he has been?

And is it possible that this “bad actor” is a way-shower for you, waving his finger and saying: “No, no, don’t imitate me. You have to love. You simply have to find more love. You have to uphold that which gains from upholding, and no longer uphold that which shuts down hearts in the world.”

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There was a post this

There was a post this morning that got lost. It is the last post I would want to have that happen to. There were 50 or more spam this morning that had to be deleted. I can only guess that somehow the post that is missing got deleted by mistake.

The post was from someone new, a lady, and to the best of my understanding she was saying this:

Didn't I, Gloria, realize that when I commented on someone's post and then didn't comment on someone else's post that this was hurtful to those whose comments had not been responded to?

[[Postscript ... one of our readers had stored the original post. Here it is:

| Title: Why? would an intelligent woman ...
Why would an intelligent woman such as you be intimidated by some of the people on your sites? You pay attention to some and not others? Did it occur to you that that is hurtful?

I wanted to tell this dear person that I do understand this very well. In fact, when I taught school, I was very aware of this, and I did everything I knew to not praise one child and by default hurt the feelings of another.

To the dear person who posted this: I really hadn't been remembering this. I also don't know what I can do about it..

I have sometimes thought it is not my place to respond at all. On the other hand, I'm not exactly good at keeping my hands off. Like to this comment I lost, I am impelled to respond to the heart who wrote it. .

Here's my predicament. Time is very short. I could not respond to every comment if I wanted to. Please believe me that I have more Heaven stuff to do than one person can do. I have to be selective of what I put my time and energy on. I am learning that it is not my role to fill everyone's personal needs -- do you know what I mean?

God is the Teacher here in Heavenletters™. God keeps us together. It has to be so. The human being that I am is not meant to fill everyone's needs. I am not capable of it. No one is.

I am just as sensitive as this person who wrote in. I understand very well what she is feeling, and I know very well that we have to get past our sensitivity. We have to.

Why do I respond to one comment and not another? At the moment I read the posts, my heart is impelled to respond to one and not another. Certainly, no offense is meant. It's just something of the moment.

Please accept my apologies for losing your post. I think it was an important one.

I also want to say something more. We need a lot of help at Heavenletters, and so many beautiful people arise. We are so grateful. At the same time, there is plenty of work that Heaven Admin and I continue to carry without the help that could make all the difference in the world for Heavenletters.

The individual is very important, and that is my natural inclination. However, we have to put Heavenletters ahead of personal needs, mine and others'. The web site upgrade has been waiting for a long time. This isn't an ego need. This isn't for vanity. The upgrade will bring Heavenletters higher in rankings and, therefore, bring more readers to God's Words.

For every complaint, I wish we had a committed offer for help or a donation so that we could pay someone to help move Heavenletters forward..

God bless us all.

Well, that is good news! I

Well, that is good news! I didn't delete message by mistake!

Now I'll also move up my post to where the comment actually is.

Thank you, dear person, who knew where to find the post I thought was missing! A thousand thanks.

helping out

I would be delighted to help in any way I can Gloria.
Just let me know what I can do.

Beloved Star-Gazed, that is

Beloved Star-Gazed, that is so lovely of you. Tell me please what sort of thing you most like to do.

helping out

Well I am not sure. If I could speak German fluently I could help you there, but
my German is very broken. I am not very good in punctuations and grammer either.

If you would like just email me and let me know, I would be happy to support you
in what you do here. Could you let me know what you have avaliable?


You are right, Monika

You are right, Monika Star-Gazed!

How are you at light research on Google? I'm not talking about heavy-duty research, but the sort of thing I may need when I put Heaven News together. I need to get a link or a picture, and such tasks really add up. I spend too much time on details.

Are you able to grab photos from somewhere and send them to me as attachments?

Sometimes people send me photos with their emails, and I am unable to make attachments of them. I need photos as attachments for Heaven News and for the blog etc. Can you make photos in emails into attachments? Let me explain: I can press Save as Picture, but then I get a message saying they can't accept them.

Tell me again where you live, dear one? What is our time difference?

I have to tell you that most of what I require is time sensitive. I mean I need the information right away. Next week is too late etc. and you have your life. This sort of thing we would have to work out.

How do you like to do correspondence?

What technical skills do you have? Computer skills etc.?

Have to run.

Love you, Gloria


I am in northern Indiana, I have a pc here at home.
If you wish just let me know what you need, I can look up
some pictures for you. Is there anyway you can let me know by emai?
What kind of pictures do you need? Just scenery ones, of all kinds?
I can certainly do that. Give me an email address and I will start sending them to you.
So happy I can help....

It is not like I ahead of

It is not like I ahead of time have a list of pictures. As I put Heaven News together, for instance, I come across them. There is a banner right now that I am unable to make an attachment of. Perhaps I told you what happens on my computer. In the case of this banner, I can press Save as Picture but then I get a message that says something like: We can't put this in this location.

Let's see if you are able to. That will be wonderful if you can.

I think we are both on U.S. Central Day Light Savings Time. That makes it easier.

Certainly, there are details we, you and I, will be involved in that will not generally be of interest to Heavenreaders. When there is something that could possibly be of interest to other Heavenreaders, dear Star-Gazed, let's post it, if you will.

We want this to be the simplest and easiest and quickest for both of us. You know I have more to do than one person can do.

Do you have a full-time job? Please give me an idea of your schedule.

Please know how much your caring to help means to me, Monika. You rose to the occasion.

God bless you.

With love, Gloria

Who is a commoner, and who is a royal?

This is an awesome Heavenletter that shows how GOD's world (our world) is perfect as it is.

The messages are clear and all the actors are giving extraordinary performances in our daily life to help us remember the panacea of a magical and healthful world.
Understanding the movie let us see the culpret that INADVERTENTLY caused the confusion and muddied clarity.

Now we await the installation of TRUE VISION!

Love to every Heart
Love to all Creation