Hearts and Souls

God said:

You are the green of spring, and you are the white of snow. You are the color of lilacs, and you are the color of columbine. There is no shade of color in the world that you are not. You are not a single flower. You are a spring bouquet.

There is a reason why the grass is green. There is a reason why the dirt from which the grass grows is brown. The sky is filtered blue. All the colors are wonderful. No matter how different one from the other, all colors serve amicably.

Colors are made from light, and what are you made from, beloveds? You are made of light, and you are many-hued. You are not a straight line across the page. Landscapes are not a straight line, and nor are you.

A song consists of more than one note. You are many notes trilled from a flute. Sometimes you are almost silent, and sometimes you are louder.

You are many things, and who is to say which is to be more prevalent?

Who would tell the sky to be less blue? Who would tell the sun to be less bright? Who would tell pink to be red, or red to be pink?

And, yet, are you not often plaguing yourself to be more of one thing and less of another? Can you not enjoy yourself and who you are and not have to add on to or take away from your uniqueness?

Keep growing, yet not be so determined to change yourself. Do not think you have to be taller or shorter, or rounder or squarer. Maybe, just maybe, you are lovely just as you are. If you did not judge yourself lacking, you would be happier. Yes, I want you to be happy. Maybe, just maybe, you can be satisfied more than you are dissatisfied.

Remember, you are My creation. I created you. Must you find fault with Me? Must you criticize My artistry? Must you wrangle with Me? Thank Me for you instead. Thank Me for creating such a Being on Earth. Thank Me that you are a unique Song of God. Love yourself a little more. In fact, love yourself a lot more. Let go of dissatisfaction.

Yes, of course, grow. Grow higher. This happens naturally. You don’t have to work at it so much. You don’t have to whip yourself into a lather of improvement. You will go higher right away when you claim more acceptance of yourself. When you claim more acceptance of yourself, you will appreciate others more too. You won’t feel they have to jump to attention and sparkle one certain way rather than another.

Before you are samples of the people I created. I did not mass-produce. Each one is fashioned by hand. Because one is not exactly like another, this is no cause for alarm. It can only be the surface that is different. Differences are only details. Perhaps you can consider the world as a masquerade ball. Inside, where reality blooms, you are made of the exact same hue.

Everyone carries a heart and soul.

Everyone wants to be more than he or she appears to be now. Everyone wants more. Want without negating your presence as you are now. Of course, I am asking you to be present and not so mindful of the exterior of appearances and words and actions that you set a value to.

You are all made from the same Potter’s Wheel, and you are all made of the same clay. Shapes are only shapes. Appearances are only appearances. Truly, I made you in My image, and I made everyone else so too.

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Our most beautiful colors

I have often asked myself which color is more important or which color/flower is more beautiful ? Of course all the colors are equally important and beautiful.Together all of us all the colors of God make a beautiful landscape and as we are makers of the landscape so are we that One landscape too.

All of us grow and change to bring in different colors and beauty to this landscape.We don't need to compare with each other because colors would not compare compare among hem either.It is united that we make the most beautiful creation.We are One.

Thank You Dear God

a change of perspective

I stop where I am now and I will reverse the process: I will not grow in order to meet You. First I meet You, as I am now, perfectly imperfect, then I will realize I am taller and I will act accordingly. I will bring with me nothing but One Thought...
P.S. dear Gloria have you realized that there are two missing Heavenletters in the archive? The tomorrow one and the one of the 26 of July.

Thank you Emilia for

Thank you Emilia for reminding that "I am perfectly imperfect the way I am".Much Grace and Love

How can we not be changed?

Many of us, perhaps even most of us, were raised with the belief in an all powerful, infinitely loving Creator. Most of our religions espouse these beliefs and, almost universally, we completely accept them.

At the same time, most of us, perhaps the vast majority of us, have simultaneously held the belief that we human beings are at least somewhat defective. Some religions teach the doctrine of our “original sin” or that we have a sinful or evil nature that we must combat. Even our scientists have concluded that our deepest human motivations arise out of our “animalistic” and, therefore, suspect and often destructive instincts.

In this letter, the Author points out the lack of logic in holding both of these sets of beliefs. “Remember, you are My creation. I created you. Must you find fault with Me? Must you criticize My artistry? Must you wrangle with Me?”

If we give up our attachment to the worldly distorted teachings, how can we not begin to be transformed in the process?

How can we not begin to step away from our defective self concepts and not begin to have an immense appreciation and profound love for who we are?

How can we not begin to look past our previous judgments of our many brother and sisters around the world and not begin to love and appreciate our Creator’s image in the heart and soul of each?

I do not think any of us can take this letter’s message seriously, mull it over carefully in our mind, and not be profoundly changed. Unless, of course, we have already re-learned to see through our Creator’s eyes.

Today it strikes me as

Today it strikes me as something deeply mysterious that we have God's words every day and then perhaps ponder them and then, although in widely different parts of the world, chat about them as if we were sitting around a table in the shade of a tree – let's take the old pear tree in my garden. What was so difficult about God's words for all those millennia? We obviously need a few years to shake off those millennia and hear God's words as straight as they come, but then, where are they? What a time we are living in! Having the right view or faith or the wrong one … is over. It's over! We read, some of us feel moved to mention what stands out for us, and we grow a little every day without making growth a project or production. Something not yet "grasped" today may become clear tomorrow, some not-yet-enough growth can suddenly be reached any day.

I'm not quite sure what my words are about. I guess they are simply words of appreciation for Heavenletters (and team) and for everyone who contributes by posting comments and responses.

An incredible coincidence

Jochen, I totally agree with your sentiments, especially: “What a time we live in!” It is truly amazing to realize we live in a time when our Creator inspires our fellow human beings to place His words on paper and computer screens to delight and bless us. I share your deep appreciation for Heavenletters and all who help us to experience them.

Many writings resonate as Truth, I am astounded by the way they all carry the same deep level message, despite their superficial variations of form and origin. They all teach of a universe that is supportive of us and responsive to our needs. They all teach of our divine Oneness with our Creator and the eternalness of our being. They all give absolute assurance that we are all destined to eventually regain our awareness of this state of Oneness and bliss. They also all teach of our Creator’s unconditional acceptance of us despite any of our imagined failings.

All of these teachings validate each other by their incredible consistency. To me, the convergence of all these diverse sources on a single set of consistent meaning speaks of their Truth. How could such convergence come about in any other way?

You are absolutely right,

You are absolutely right, Chuck, they are all wonderful. I have worked with most of the sources you mention and several others over the years and found them all deeply inspiring – and they will remain inspiring for many, I'm sure. Personally, however, all of that, all of it, dropped from my hands when I found Heavenletters, I simply left it with not one backward glance. It's just one of the things that can happen, and it may happen with another source for someone else. No one can tell, and discussing the advantages of one source over another, or even comparing them, is way beside the point, at least that's how I see it. So – and please bear in mind that I never mean to say that any of my views is objectively correct – I will add that, for me, Heavenletters are something else altogether and incomparable. But let us not discuss why that is so. It's hopeless. I just wanted to add another of those many possible perspectives.

Truth is Truth, dear Chuck!

Truth is Truth, dear Chuck!

And the place to know Truth is in our own hearts.

3 Heavenletter Haikus for

3 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said My lovely
I made you in My image
My Being on Earth

God said Beloveds
I want you to be happy
Just as you are now

God said right away
Can you not enjoy yourself
As My creation

Love, Light and Aloha!