Healing the Universe

God said:

[Dear Heavenreaders, this Heavenletter arrived in the midst of my personal Godwriting™ on March 23, 2012. God's words were a total surprise.

Every Heavenletter affects us, and every Heavenletter is meant for everyone who reads it. This unusual Heavenletter is no exception.

In this Godwriting addressed personally to me, God speaks to the Divine Feminine, yet this is a universal message meant for the Divine within all men as well.

I understand that this special Heavenletter will speed up desired growth in everyone, and, therefore, hasten desired growth in the whole Universe. As we rise, so rises Mother Earth and every planet known and unknown.

With love and blessings,


God said:

You are eager to be healed deeply. What you are healing is your inattention to your feminine self. Now your feminine self is deep-rooted. It goes up and down your spine. It goes from the tip of your toes beyond the top of your head. You are becoming Universal Woman. Don't fear. You will like it. All your tension is gone. It has been going. You know it has. Now you are relaxed being. All good is coming to you because of your receptivity. It has always been coming to you, yet you have resisted. Resistance is gone. You have bowed down to the Universe. You have given up struggle. You are right. There is no need for it.

You stand at the top of the Universe. You are at My right hand. You who have been serving will have a greater role to play and a greater realization of the role you play. Gone are the past games you play. Gone is the making yourself little. Little and humble are two different things. Humility is yours. It is naturally you. I bless you. I bless you for your humility. I bless you for My sake. I remove all from you that is not useful to Me. It is gone.

Right now your teeth ache. That is because all the tension you have kept there is leaving. Touch and love each tooth. Touch and love each fingernail and toe nail.

Cover your eyes with your palms so that you bless your eyes and your palms. Clasp your hands to your ears that you can hear Me always. Put your hands lightly all over your head and so on all over your body so that you may embrace yourself in the love I carry for you. Feel My love tingling through your body.

Put your etheric hands inside every muscle, tendon, and cell of the inside of your body. In your brain. In every cavity. In your ears. Behind your eyes. The inside of your mouth. Inside your throat, the esophagus and so on, every organ, every gland, and let your hands come out through the soles of your feet.

You have gone through all your organs, all your glands, and you have given them My love through the energy of your hands.

Your blood. Your blood is refurbished. All love and everything good is within you, in every cell, in every atom of your body, and your physical discomfort is no more, for no tension is any more within you. I am giving you the ecstasy of perfect health. Know it is yours. You and the Universe are in balance. You balance the Universe. Your arms reach far. My arms through yours reach far.

Now reach your hands to every continent in the world and bless the whole world as One. And then put your hands into the interior of the Earth and bless it.

And now reach your holy hands up to the sun and receive its energy, for so would I have you have it. Give your energy to the blue sky and receive the energy of the blue sky into every cell of your body. Breathe it all in. Go to every planet and take it to your bosom. Receive the love of every planet. Love be thy name.

The entire Universe is now within your body. You are many-armed. You are the dance of Shiva. You are Lakshmi. Oh, yes, you are Radha, but that is minor compared to all else that you now know you are because I have told you so.

I have pasted My seal of approval of every element of you. I have placed kum-kum on your forehead. It will never wash away. I have tattooed your hands with henna. I have announced you as My reigning Queen. I have more than one Queen. I have many Queens, but not all Queens know they are Mine.

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wow, that is all I can say,

wow, that is all I can say, thank you God and Gloria!

Faith speaks for all of us Precious Gloria.

We all join you in this honest love word.


love and ligth,

dear God heavenley father, and my dear freind Gloria,
am so deeply thank of the healing,
and dear God thank of your precios healing,
thank you so much am always feel of my concious to you,
and my awarnes thank of all your gift you given to me
and thank you wake me up everymorning you feel me new
life and goodt inergy and you make me feel so young and happy
and i feel worward always in my mind and new tought
its very very precios gift you given to me,
and thank you very much dear God,

Carmen adds her loving Amen to our thoughts.

Thank you dear one for showing us your hard work. We love it. We love you.


Love be thy name.

Blessed be the Gifts that GOD has given to you my friend, Gloria! Now you are indeed a Queen of the most High!

This also explains a lot to me of recent weeks!
Blessed be my Father! Blessed be his name! Blessed be the divine Gifts that is offered to his Children! Let more Gifts of the Father reach more of his Children in every part of this World!

Love to every Heart.
Love to all Creation.
Let peace and goodwill abide in every Heart.


Victor helps us bow to our Queen of the most High"

Only Gloria need repeat your beautiful thoughts. Thanks sweet friend.


dear God, I was asking for a

dear God, I was asking for a sign from You on that very special day, my mother's birthday, if my mother new that I got the sign what would she say - well my mother's answer would be, dear child of mine, did I not always tell you, since you are a small child - be gentle with yourself for God in this way is nearer to you. And now God says it in His Own Way to you, my dear daughter: You have gone through all your organs, all your glands, and you have given them My love through the energy of your hands. wow thank You God.

Nirmala tells us all how to say it just right!

We envy your use of words to express the extravagant feeling in our heart of our Gloria.


Healing the Universe

Hizzah! A brilliant, powerful milestone. I could feel every Ray of Light within that Blessing. So Be It and So It Is. Perfect choice by God, if I may say;)) Thank you for this awesome message and for the Bounty it clearly is giving to within and beyond the Universe. Blessings and Love. Darryl

Darryl reflects the brilliance of this gift!

Thank you precious Darryl. You said it just right.


Oh how lovely God talks to our Beloved Gloria!

Beloved Gloria you have listened carefully to His slightest whisper, In this letter you let us share with you His love, His glory and that part of Him which is Her. Each man reader has a beautiful feminine part

"The entire Universe is now within your body. You are many-armed. You are the dance of Shiva. You are Lakshmi. Oh, yes, you are Radha, but that is minor compared to all else that you now know you are because I have told you so."

A sweet endearing humility permitted her to write this for us to know along with her. How precious.


I love you Gloria

Hi Gloria, Have I not several times told you how special you are and not to belittle yourself. Now God tells you will you please listen this time. Gloria also remember if you feel great and know that you are a a fantastic Human That has nothing to do with Ego. You as Gods scribe have no ego so never think of it anymore. Love Jack

Thanks for sharing

how beautiful....
you / we are all so blessed.....and yes, it is true, the more we are love, the more love we radiate out in the Meta-verses.

Love to you, Rose 'Gloria Dei' ,,,,,this is how you look and your fragrance is intoxicating.....

Beloved Jack and Diana, we

Beloved Jack and Diana, we want to remember that God said that He is talking to everyone. His messages are for all of us. We are all beautiful roses, Diana. We are all equal in God's eyes. He sees the same in everyone.Of course, He sees Oneness. We all serve as we serve, and it is not for us to single anyone out. God adores us equally. It is for us to adore God and appreciate everyone else. Thank you, dear friends. It is beautiful to know you.

Thank you Gloria for the

Thank you Gloria for the wonderful Heavenletters you are so faithfully delivering to us.

Clearly, as our hearts soften and our eyes open each day, God is revealing us more and more of Himself and our real identity in relation to Him. Like two waves meeting at the sea and merging into one, we are remembering the real value of life. The more we are able to understand, the more we are being revealed.

Dear js, thank you for being

Dear js, thank you for being part of Heavenletters. They are a mutual blessing. We are all blessed. Yes, like two waves meeting at the sea...


Goshhh! This is one of the strongest, most amazing letters. It gave me the energy that I had needed for a long time... Today I feel myself stronger, more energetic and confident than yesterday :)

Thank you Gloria for this beautiful HL

Thank you precious one for this remarkable Heavenletter. I will treasure it and follow God' instructions. I sense its importance for us and the planet and beyond. You are a treasure for bringing this message to us and for us. I will send it on to dear friends. Many blessings, Jimi and Jim.

Beloved Engin and Jim and

Beloved Engin and Jim and Jimi,

I'm going to read this Heavenletter again!

By the way, there's more on the Godwriting blog about how this message came into being, and more of the message itself.


This is a really important HL

Thank you Gloria for this as my personal life (such as it is!) is changing rapidly...and these "love treatments" to the physical and etheric are indeed crucial. Bless you for sharing these with the world! Love, JJ