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Happy New Year Everybody!!

Hello and Happy New year!!

I everybody!!

I am Nuno and i used to translate Heavenletters into Portuguese.

I wish that you all have a great year, that all you really want from your heart becomes part of your life.

Gloria i loved your email.

Thank you for remembering me, i´ll never forget the time i spent here and the great friends i made, like you :)

Thank you all for what you are doing for the world and all the people and the Universe.

You are Special :)

With Love


So nice to hear from you,

So nice to hear from you, dear Nuno! Happy New Year to you, too, and to all team members and Heavenreaders.

Love and blessings, Clemens

Nuno, it means so much to

Nuno, it means so much to hear from you. Loving you always.

Thank you

Thank you Clemens and Gloria!!

It´s always nice to come back :)

Love Nuno