Happiness Is a Decision

God said:

Consider the people who come to you as flowers that bloom at their designated time. Whoever appears to you is a special flower sent to you in that particular moment of space or time — or you, perhaps, are the flower sent to another. Whoever pops up into your life was supposed to pop up. And wherever you are, you are supposed to be.

Do not drag your feet or kick. Resist not. It does not have to be the flower you would have picked.

All that comes to you is a blessing. No matter how disguised or hidden, it is a blessing. Your resistance keeps the blessing away.

You think that is easy for Me to say, for I am not hurting and you may well be. Hurt is not the indicator of truth. It is not nobility that hurts. There is no merit in hurting. The extent of your suffering is merely the extent of your ignorance.

You wonder — how can someone chained in a dungeon not suffer?

I counter — how can someone living in a palace not be happy?

And you are the palace.

Circumstances are not the parameters of you. But you insist they are. You say again and again — how can someone be happy in this or that circumstance?

Even the so-called hard times, when you look back, you see their sweetness. And you miss that sweetness. What was your attention on, however, when you were embroiled in that time?

When did you start to take life so seriously? When did outcomes and circumstances become the point of everything? When did you decide to absent yourself from joy?

Happiness is a decision you make. It is not what comes to you all packaged. What decision have you made? What have your thoughts been?

Perhaps you were ill-treated and you can't let go of it. If that is the case, you have let ill-treatment become your master. Perhaps you have forgotten that you are the issuer of your thoughts. Change your thoughts. Cease that image of yourself as a still-suffering undervalued partner in life. Change the drawings of yourself. Get new crayons. Get new paper.

Follow the image I gave you. Even if you don't fully believe it, follow it anyway. That way you become as big as the world. Remember that wherever you walk, I follow. Or I lead. You are in high company. You are a personage on earth. You are not an interloper. You belong here. You rightfully belong here.

This life is not a sentence you serve. This is your vacation on earth, but you do not always enjoy your vacations. Enjoy this one. Enjoy the route you are on now. That way you will enjoy the next route better.

Sure, there are twists and turns in the road. But what do they have to do with you? The manner in which you walk them has to do with you. You are not an insurgent. You are not a dragger. You do not turn back. You go forward. You are a representative of God. This you must remember.

You are surrounded by young children. All those adults around you are young children. And they look to you. They copy you. You are all imitators.

But today you become yourself. Today you are wise and tall. Today you remove all your disguises. When you do, the world is unmasked.

You are all simple folk.

You are not subterfuge.

You are not imposters. You do not impose nor are you imposed upon.

You are givers of love while you live life on earth — and after. Your giving is paramount. That is the life you lead. Living life as if it were only for you is a myth. The content of your life is the love you leave in your wake. Love is primary. All else is secondary.