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Hallo dear souls!

Hallo dear souls!
I'm Andrea from Italy. I've been reading the Heavenletters for quite a while thanks to a person very dear to me who introduced me to them, but I didn't feel the need to be part of this great community till I met Gloria in person during the Godwriting workshop held in Turin during last week-end. It's been a realy amazing experience that filled me with a lot of joy and gratitude towards our Creator. What Gloria has passed us has been very "simple" but so strong and penetrating that I can't find the right words to describe it. I'm feeling really blessed to have had the opportunity to be part of it and to meet such lovely souls (Gloria, Santhan & all the partecipants).
A big hug to all of you, dear friends!

Hi, Andrea!!

I'm glad you posted. And please post on the forum, too!! We'd love to hear from you!!

Welcome Andrea, how nice to

Welcome Andrea, how nice to have you here and what a lovely photo you put on your profile.

Thanks a lot Bonnie & Emilia

Thanks a lot Bonnie & Emilia for your warm welcome. I liked that photo and reminds me the amazing time spent during the workshop so I thought it was the right choice for the profile :)
Emilia would you mind sending me your correct email address? The one I have returns an "unknown user" error.
A big hug!

Here is Andrea!!! Welcome!

Here is Andrea!!!

Welcome! I'm very happy you are here. It's so amazing find us also in this divine blog. Write more, dear.
Big hugs to you.


Help please: I can't do any

Help please:
I can't do any post comment on the Godwriting Forum because the "Leaving a comment" doesn't work to me.
Have I do something special?



Beloved Pitta, do you mean

Beloved Pitta, do you mean the Godwriting blog? I don't know why, dear, that you wouldn't be able to post, and I don't really know something special to do. I am sure that you are doing everything just right.

I know that sometimes when I have difficulties, I shut down my computer, and restart it.

Heaven Admin is on his way to Romania, or he would find out the difficulty and fix it.

If you still have this difficulty, please write back to let us know.

Ciao ciao, dear Gloria! I

Ciao ciao, dear Gloria!
I read everything about your fantastics workshops around the world. What beautiful!
I will try again, but the angel named Andrea told me perhaps he could help me. Thank you.
Love over all