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Greetings from Croatia!

Hi, all! This I've sent to Gloria, but she suggested it could be interesting to post it in the forum, so, here's my letter, with few more added words..."Viva, Gloria! I've just posted 7new translations and am happy to inform you my computer is finally upgraded,and if I compare it to my last cofiguration this feels like moving from a slow city car to a rocket. I hope some „real“ work will come soon, too, because I really need it, although I don't complain (and I KNOW so many people arround the world are in a much worse position than I am, so even if it's been a quite long rough time for me on many levels I am so gratefull to God. Actually, I can almost say that lateIy I have the time of my life, doing translations of things that I like and browsing the Internet in all possible ways, like Neo when he was just brought to Zion, out the matrix, only with the difference I now feel the matrix got me for good this time;) It's like having a little longer "study year", and all this information overload will hopefully one day pay off...
Among other things I've joined Children of the sun community, and yesterday they have organised a global meditation for economic prosperity and banishing the poverty consciousness, hope it will work for me, too. It's funny, so many years I read and I think I understand (at least on the mental level), the principles of The course in miracles, and Low of atraction and Abraham („ask and it is given“) and the rest, but it seems here in Croatia the notion of being poor has some deeper roots (it's probably conected with our socialist upbringing and the idea that only the poor are decent, hardworking and honest people (?!) Well, I'll have to work some more on this issue, ha!
Hope all is fine with you, blessigs! D."
Thanks and blessings to all the Heavenletter stuff and community! Daniela

Deaest Daniela, it's so good

Deaest Daniela,

it's so good to have news of you. I'm happy for your super speedy computer now, must be fun !! Enjoy the time you have now and look for all the good things God is giving you, you are doing a wonderful work with the translations. I since some weeks I have contacts with Croatia concerning my office wok, I will see if I can send some Heavenletters. I did so with our polnish plant and they were very much appreciated, so that now I'm sending more of them.
I think it's wonderful that you have joined the Children of the sun, you are a Child of the sun, of God's sun and you shine so sweetly.
I think you are right about poverty being deeply rooted in Croatia, that's why your light there is so precious dear Daniela.
Much much love from Italy to Croatia !

Hi, to all! Especially-thank

Hi, to all! Especially-thank you, Berit, for your kind words. As for my PC, I guess you still cannot call this new configuration "a super speedy computer" if you compare with today's state of the art monsters, but I'm quite happy with the new performances, with the "miracle" my friend did with some second-hand components. And since I was avoiding computers altogether for a long time it's now quite a challenge. Every day I discover new things to learn and it is actualy becoming a fun game to me.So much so that sometimes I cannot get off- tonight for example I was watching Ross Noble on You Tube- boy, that was FUN!- one of the best nights I've ever spent with some man in my life! :thumbup: Ha, here's another new funny thing-I just now discovered the smileys option! Plus, it is all really becoming user friendly, less and less complicated, so even "computer dummies" as myself can have a happy ride.
Well.that's it. I've just posted another translation and going out, it's a beautifull sunny day here, I don't want to miss it!
Blessings to all! Daniela

Daniela, I could have sworn

Daniela, I could have sworn I answered your beautiful posting here yesterday, but I don't see it so I will do it now once more and remember to submit!

It was wonderful to read what you posted, and thank you for posting and sharing so much joy with us.

When I saw seven new translations, I almost fainted from joy! This is indeed Heaven, Daniela!

I think having less than we desire has deeper roots for everyone.

One thing I’ve got to say, Daniela, is that you are not poor. You are wealthy beyond measure.

All my love,


Hi great to

Hi great to have you here! And thank you for your translating skills too! Just curious...what kind of food do you eat in Croatia? Just wondering. Love, Jimi.