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Greetings from Croatia!

Hi, I'm Daniela, from Pula, Croatia, and I've started translating Heavenletters into Croatian.I found this site through a bulletin I got on My space, and decided I wanted to join the translators circle, so here I am. Since Gloria suggested that it would be a good introduction to the forum friends, I'm posting part of a more personal letter I've sent to her...
„Dear Gloria!
I'm back. The „little routine intervention“ of upgrading my PC with a new hard disc turned to be quite a mess. I had to have a „second opinion“ doctor that cured the things a little and finally put the internet back again (although it's true, it is an old IBM that functions way beyond it's original performances, and I have to be grateful to have it, the poor old slow friend of mine).
So- first things first- THANK YOU for your nice gift and kind words! It was great to receive the book, and also the CD – now that I know the sound of your voice it feels I know you even better. Although my internet is back on for a week now, I did not want to write to you before I had something to send, too, so I've translated the first 3 letters from the book, and the messages from February 5. and 4.
Second, and this is not quite an easy technical thing –it's about translating into Croatian. You see, we have a very distinct singluar and plural grammar, as well for the masculine and femminine. In translating God's setences I've left the, in our patriarchal culture usual, male way (He never speaks as a Woman!), but I was playing with variations with singular and plural, as sometimes I left „you“ as a singular, it feels more direct and personal, and sometimes, when you wrote „Beloveds“, or „you are all Gods Children“, I used the plural way. I don't know if this is clear to you? And I wonder how much such gramatical differences realy affect the way a person think and feel about things, especially such grand and mystical metters as God's messages?
Anyway, I did my best, and it can always be improved.
Also, I'd really like to translate all the book, and maybe someday it could be published here in Croatia, what would you say about it?
I'm thinking of contacting a publisher. Maybe, if it's all right with you, it would be good to have a small note from you attached to my introductory mail? (Am i „flying too high“- because that's what my inner demon is telling me all the time, blocking my will, playing with my insecurities). Actually for quite some time I've been dreaming on translating spiritual books, and last 2 years, after quitting journalism for good (I was a local news journalist for more than 15 years) I've been earning by translating different things and, just for my „soul's satisfaction“, I am translating lots of different spiritual stuff and posting it on blogs. Now I feel I'm ready for some serious moves, and translating your book would be one of these. - We'll see what happens as things unfold day by day...
Again, thank you! Love and blessings, Daniela“

Welcome, Daniela, and doubly

Welcome, Daniela, and doubly welcome as a translator! What a wonderful, great, amazing work our translators from all over the world do!

There has been some discussion on singular/plural in the Global Translators Circle (see forums), perhaps you can find it. And you're right, of course, grammatical distinctions of this kind aren't really important.

Perhaps this quote from Heaven #2162, "Count to One", can shed some more light:


I have one preference, and that is My love, and My desire that you receive it, that you accept it, that you notice My love and take it as yours. You are My most beloved child on Earth. You are My favorite, and all are so.

Of course, to Me, you are One. There is no other to favor nor to fault. I do understand that you think you are multiples. Just as when you understand what I mean when I say: "You and your brother are One," your understanding doesn't mean you don't take it with a grain of salt. Just so, I don't take your belief in others and opposites seriously either. But I do know you believe it, and so I speak your language when I say many. When I say Beloveds, I know there is One Beloved I speak to and One who hears. I know I am the One Who speaks, and I am the One Who hears, and you are miraged in a dream of many.

Dearest Daniela, many many

Dearest Daniela,

many many greetings from Italy to Croatia ! Thanks for being such a blessing for Heavenletters and make it possible for many more hearts to come into contact with God's Heavenletters !
I think you are doing a wonderful work and I feel that your heart is really oriented to spread Heavenletters more and more. It would be fantastic to have a Heavenbook in your beautiful language ! I admire you for being a journalist for more than 15 years, it's great. I am glad that now your heart wants to apply your previous experience, which seems really vast, towards Heavenletters, so that something new may blossom.
Thanks again for being such a blessings.

Much love and a big hug

Hi Daniela, I wrote to you

Hi Daniela,

I wrote to you in the "Heavenletters Translations" before I found your introduction here. You are really 'flying high' and that is good.

Receive also a welcome hug from me and much love,

Dear Daniela, what happiness

Dear Daniela, what happiness you are bringing! You are doing so many translations, and you also want to translate the Heaven book into Croatian. (Every time I type Croatian my fingers start typing Creation :) )

The book is already published in Greek, German, and Romanian! Thanks to the two publishers, Panos Axiomkaros and Monica Vural.

It is already translated into Italian, Turkish, and Spanish!

Will you kindly check the website of the publisher you mentioned? What guidelines for submitting do they have, dear one? Is this publisher near where you live?

Already you have really learned your way around the forum, Daniela!

And already you have received many responses.

God bless you and all the translators and for all the hearts and souls that share themselves on this forum.

A BIG THANK YOU, all you

A BIG THANK YOU, all you dear friends for your nice welcoming words and encouragements. I'll try to keep the pace with all of you enthusiastic translators & Godwriters. Together, I feel and believe we can give some relief and hope for a brighter tomorrow to this dear poor, abused and worn-out Planet of ours. Love and blessings to all, Daniela

"You are your own planet.

"You are your own planet. You are all of it. Earth resides in you. Every bit of Earth has its counterpart in you. You are the supreme content of Earth, this globe, this ball that revolves as if on the tip of your finger. Your expanse is mighty. It is not that the Earth revolves around you. It is that you revolve the Earth. You are like the navel of the Earth.

You are coming into your own power on many levels. In your immediate world and in the cosmos.

Now let your heart secure your mind. Let your heart take its rightful place at the top of the world. Let your heart sing its song and uplift your thoughts and the thoughts of the world. I swing the baton, and now the orchestra plays, and you are the singer that sings your heart out to the world and succors it."

You are your own planet: Heavenletter # 2502