Greater Understanding and Peace

God said:

I get the idea that, for the most part, you like to hear from Me, that what I say may give you pause for thought, that something I say gets stirred in you, that something of what I say means something to your Heart. Some of you, of course, may out and out love Me.

Of course, it’s My Joy to write to you and gaze at you. I love to reach you. I love it when you sit up and take notice, when something I say makes you perhaps nod or smile.

It isn’t that you have to, of course. We don’t always speak the same language. Nor are you forced to. That is, I don’t make you.

I gave you Free Will in the first place. It matters to Me that you exercise Free Will. You don’t have to agree with Me. If you are emboldened to disagree, however, be gentle. Be gentle not for My Sake but for yours.

Never do I desire to turn you into a Yes Man unless you truly do see something in what I say that is meaningful to you. It is never My Will for you to agree with Me for the sake of agreeing.

Nor do I look for you to debate with Me for the sake of argument. You don’t have to take me so personally.

Your interpretation of Reality and Mine are simply not the same. Plainly, We see differently. We come from different points of view. This is perfectly allowable on both sides. What is, is.

We aren’t looking for a winner. We don’t feel obliged to prove either one of us right or wrong. You are not obliged to agree with Me, nor am I obliged to agree with you. Beloveds, at the same time, I doubt very much that you will bend My arm to the table. Of course, neither of us is out to strongarm the other.

Neither of us wishes to start a war or battle to the finish.

We offer our thoughts, and then We let go. We both have other purposes in Life than winning arguments. Let’s come out shaking hands, and mean it. Neither of us means to thwart the other or to show more muscle than the other. We are not opponents.

Surely, neither of us wants to start a holy war because We each see Life from a different vantage. Nor do I want to take advantage of My advantage, do you agree? Nor do you want to take advantage of what We both see as your disadvantage. No offense.

What gain can there be in a fight to the finish for either of us anyway? Why would We want to partake in a duel? Not I. Not you.

Nor do We come from the point of view of: “Let the best man win.” Not good enough.

It is Truth Itself that wins the day. Neither of us has to declare ourselves a winner. Certainly, We are seeking to be True to a Higher Purpose than ego.

It is likely We both wish to be above a fight.

It is good to look at ourselves squarely in the eye. There is no need to declare a winner. We are not in a boxing match at Madison Square Garden. We are in Our Own Hearts. We can concede. It is fairly clear which one of us likely holds the cards and Whom the odds favor at the betting table. What are We seeking anyway?

As I see it, Beloveds, We are seeking Greater Understanding and Peace.

Nothing less, and there is no greater.

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Santhan, One of the dearest

Santhan, One of the dearest Heavenletter Volunteers, who puts Heavenletters up on the Heavenletter Listings as soon as possible for Translators who wish to translate to translate in advance have the opportunity to do so and, and so I have at least one more chance to proofread before you send the actual email out to subscribers etc. and you, who wrote about today's Heavenletter you sent out:

"WOW! What a Heavenletter! Another favorite for me!"

Thank you for all the good care you give to Heavenletters. I don't think anyone knows how much you give and give over and over again.

Muchas gracias. So grateful to you.

Love, Gloria