Greater Treasures Than You Can Imagine

God said:

When something comes to you, it comes easily. This is what I want to say:

You can struggle and struggle, work very hard, and, yet, when your efforts bear fruit, they arrive easily just the same way as beautiful fruit on the vine fulfills its purpose. One day the fruit is green. Then all of a sudden, the fruit is at its peak of ripeness. Just so, all the forces of nature seem to gather together to give you gifts in life. When success comes, it falls into place. When success comes, it is almost as if you couldn’t stop it if you tried. Have you not received bounties in life before you could say Rumpelstiltskin?

Sometimes, not always, when you desire something deeply, avidly, perhaps even desperately, the fulfillment of your desire may elude you. It is as if your holding on tight prevents you from fulfilling your desire. It may be that you hold on so tightly that your desire cannot catch its breath.

I am not saying that you are to be lackadaisical or that you are wise to care less what comes to you or does not. I believe in desire. I believe in it strongly. What I do not endorse is tightening attachment to your desires, as if they are essential to your well-being. I am saying that letting go, relaxing, and resting in Me can work wonders. I will go so far as to say that sometimes, all you do and all the effort you exert are not what turn the tide. Sometimes, it seems that success comes to you without all that much participation. Sometimes rewards seem to come of themselves. It is like you receive manna from Heaven. You have a windfall. You stand there agog at the good fortune that has visited you.

You certainly feel lucky. And sometimes, from a larger perspective, you may even be lucky not to reap the rewards you may have so desired.

Do not consider Me rude, beloveds, when I tell you that the case is that you know little or nothing! Life reveals a lot to you, and you learn considerably, and, still, what do you know? What can you foretell?

And yet you can foretell that great good fortune is on its way to you. You don’t have to make yourself a hard taskmaster. It makes more sense to thank than to demand. It makes more sense to be agreeable to life as it presents itself to you than to object. If life is the King, you are the gracious servant. Despite what you may think, life is patient. Life is patient with you. You are the one who is impatient with life. You would like to call the tunes that life is to dance to whereas you are to follow life’s biddings, not the other way around.

When life tells you to go here or there, even when you can’t possibly understand why, graciously go here or there as life indicates. You may not see how or why, beloveds, yet life is holding a blessing for you, many blessings for you. The blessings may come under the umbrella of challenges. Challenges are like the salt of the ocean. The salt of the ocean holds lots more gifts than you could have ever imagined. Beloveds, even death that you look amiss at holds greater blessings than you can see from your vantage on Earth. Everything in life holds greater treasures than you can imagine. Imagine the greatest blessings you can think of, and you haven’t thought of enough.

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I Am Always Love You

dear God heavenley Father,
thank you of your heavenley messeges,
and also thank for yesterday messeges,
thank you for your answer me to aware you in my life,
that onley the way to hear you to touch my tought,
and also i dia in my life, of cours i have desire to move
on but i can feel not be fulfel of my desire,
thank you dear God of your advise,
yes i am rest to you,,
and thank of your blesseng
you given to me and to my fameley,


Nothing has changed in circumstances but I am constantly changing - - what a relief ;-)
I know this is what we must learn (again) to do, which is trust and surrender.

Blessings and Divine LOVE to ALL -
- Rising Self

Trust and surrender - this

Trust and surrender - this is great truth. Thank you for sharing Johanne. You helped me seeing this.

Yes, nothing has changed on

Yes, nothing has changed on the outside! Yet everything has changed!

Love you, Gloria

For NOW the love call of the challenge is dreamy.

I no longer have the strength to speak to the beauty of the Heaven Letters but I love them and read them.



(((George))) I am holding you in my heart amidst healing thought and prayers. I love who You ARE!

Blessings until we finally meet in JOY Eternal!

Much, much LOVE, your friend,

Johanne - Rising Self

I love being in your heart and prayers.

I know that Heaven's doorway will have YOU as one of the greeters. I love you Johanne.


Blessings to you.

God Bless you to you always. Nancy

Thanks Nancy for your blessing and love.

Nancy you can't begin to imagine how warm and loved you make me feel.


Hello george

Hi George, Not the strength? That short letter tells a lot about you. Yes the beauty of H.L. Also the beauty of yourself shines out of that short reply.You will be there a long time, if you want to. Lots of love and light to you George may you get stronger and be in good health. Love to all Jack

Jack, your words fill me with unspeakable JOY!

I'd like to tell you how much strength you precious words gave to my hurting heart. Love in return!


Dear George, you are always

Dear George, you are always in our thoughts. You are closer to silence and silence is the supreme strength.

Normand has a way of taking my breath away!

To put into words how the many comments you have written illumined and blessed me is out of the question. So a milliion thanks and a bunch of love. Breathlessly:


I must add

All the Heavenletters are a treasure, but you, George, are a treasure in your own right. You bless us with your presence on these forums. As we are all saying, thank you sweet friend!

What you say is like Nitro to my heart.

You can't imagine how it blessed me! I'll write later.


Why then do they say a mans

Why then do they say a mans life depends on him or his efforts

Can we give responsibility

Can we give responsibility for our loves only to others? Surely we contrbute? You bring up a valientt point, dear one.