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Grateful to be here
Grateful and thankful
to be alive To breathe
the air.
Grateful to share

Thankful to be here
thankful to share
thankful i can
send my love
everywhere to you

Thank you

I love the sweet simplicity

I love the sweet simplicity of this. It says it all. :wub:

With love and blessings,


Happiness isn't happiness

Happiness isn't happiness without a violin playing goat...

Glad you liked it genuinely from the heart. Bless you Daisy

The sun shines brightly
in the sky
warming us through
giving light
to help us see our
way each
and every day..

God's light to
shine bright
in us... Daisy



Thank you, Mother/Father Creator,
For the beauty and the wonder of Your Creation;
Thank you for allowing us all to take part in it.
Thank You for all the natural beauty You are giving into our care,
And also for all the technical wonders,
Which You are creating through us and giving to our world.
May Your creative ideas continue to flow through our technicians,
To help us all to bring a better and more peaceful world into being,
Where all equally share the gifts that come from Your abundance.

Thank you especially for the miracle of the Internet,
For the wonder of being able to meet and get to know,
Through communications that take only seconds,
Like-minded people, our sisters and brothers,
Throughout our whole planet.
Help us all to re-awaken to our true nature,
So that we can slowly bring ever more light into our world,
Including the Internet,
Until it too will finally have been cleansed of all darkness.

Guide and protect us and show us how to use this wonderful tool
Wisely and for the Highest good of all,
So that we may treat it the same way as all Your miracles,
Technical and otherwise,
With love and respect for You, the One who created it, through us.

Help each one of us to do our share of blessing and healing,
Saving and redeeming ourselves each other,
Our world and all worlds,
Hand in hand with You and the Angels,
Now and forever.

© Aquarius 2007