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GOOD SPORT???? NO:2608

Dear all,

what do you think of the exact meaning of "good sport"? I could not get the exact meaning here? Patient, gentelman, kind or what???? :rolleyes:

I don't want to say that you are to be a good sport because that would imply there is reason for you to be disappointed and reason for you to be impatient, and so that you are right to be unhappy.

love you all, :wub:

Dear Engin, I think "a good

Dear Engin,
I think "a good sport" is someone who takes defeat or disappointment gracefully, hiding their disappointment behind a smile.
Hope that helps, Jochen

I found two interpretations

I found two interpretations for this:
a good sport - someone who does not get angry very easily when they lose at a game or sport.
a good sport - a helpful cheerful person who lets you enjoy yourself.

I think God means here that He doesn't tell you to hide your disappointment, as there is no reason for disappointment.


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Dear Jochen and Paula, thank

Dear Jochen and Paula,

thank you very much.

I think I will have to write a complete sentence to define the exact meaning of "good sport". ;)

I will find a way :Rolleyes:

love you all


Naturally God wants us to

Naturally God wants us to always be a good sport. If we lose a game, of course, we're disappointed but we don't go on grumbling about it. A poor sport, in contrast to a good sport, might even be angry about losing, say it was unfair, and start a fight or hold a grudge. Of course, God favors our being a good sport.

In this Heavenletter, I believe God is hesitant to say to be a good sport because that implies something has been lost. It's my understanding that God means here that nothing is really lost, that there really isn't something to be a good sport about in the first place.

Does this make sense in the context of the Heavenletter?

Thank you Canim

Thank you Canim Gloria...

Thank you...

love you