Good Morning, Merry Sunshine!

God said:

My Beloveds, this is the Day I have made for you. Take it. It is yours. You would like Me to fill your Days, yes? Of course, you do! There are all possible kinds of Days to set before you. The Menu is Infinite, dripping with all kinds of exquisite Joy! By all means, partake of this Day. Stroll as you choose. Your walking style depends on you.

There is a splendid Line-Up for you. Today is indeed yours for the asking. You are next in Line.

Every day is like a Day of New Shoes for you.

Every day is a Raffle for you never held before. You are the Consigner of the Raffle. You enlist in every Day!

Come right up. Pick your ticket. Today is for you as no other day has ever been before. The potential before you is enormous.

From what Angle of the Sun will you see Life today?

Upon which Possibility or Inevitability will Today arise? Upon which opportunity never before revealed will today revolve on?

Upon which Revelation? Upon which Star does the Night shine on you tonight? Upon which Stone on the pavement? Which identified Century do you enter or depart when there is no such thing as time, and yet time is paramount to your heart in this puzzle you find yourself dazed in?

What is the Day you choose today like? Do somersaults in Blue Skies. Find yourself on a Rebounder today. The World is your platform. May Today be your jumping-off place. You are not glued to it. You can jump on and off and go all around the block.

The Colors of the Rainbow are yours. We can consider today a Round-Up of Life.

Every day is a sculptured carving revealed. You get onto the Merry-Go-Round and rarely get off.

There never has been a Day like today. Today has your name on it. Do you see your Day Today in Blazing Colors? What else can a Day be in but Bright Light?

Today does not have to emblazon you. Today can be an ordinary sort of Day. It doesn’t have to be spectacular. Nonetheless, there is no Day that isn’t spectacular except in your divination of it. Even a hum-drum day can take off and dance itself across the horizon. Hurrah!

Today is a Day for the Taking. Swing Today forward. Make Today the kind of Dancing Day you would choose. This is what you do anyway. You don’t have to huff and puff and blow the day down. You don’t have to knock today across the Sky.

Beloveds, a Day is more than its Circumstances. A day is an Occasion, Display the Occasion of it. You set up the Ramparts. You connect the Dots. You employ the Day. You describe it. You set it forth. You set up the croquet set. You get your Day going. Sometimes your Day seems hit or miss, yet every Day unfolds remarkably. You sign up for each Day. The Day may be set before you, yet you may dribble the day on and off the court and peek at it.

You may vouchsafe that you will have meetings, expected and unexpected, on and off the Stage. You make Connections. What an arrangement you make every single Day of your Life on Stage and how you sport yourself around the Block.

Welcome to your Day on Earth Today. Get a hold of it. Let’s embrace and Shine Light on Today. Today is for Something. Never was this Day before until this moment in Heaven. You may have dreamed Today. If so, it is your Dream you Dream. It is your Song you Sing. Sing Today Well. Today is your Day. You etch it on Earth. What Name will you Name Today, Merry Sunshine?

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Peace, Joy, Love and Light ☀️

Peace, Joy, Love and Light ..and let's see.. how about Harmony?

Yes, that sounds divine indeed.. This is what I will name my day today!

Your life will play itself out. You are not the predictor of it, though you may be a predicator. Choose your direction. Choose your theme. At least, choose what you want. Like a jukebox that plays jazz, when you press the button likely you will get jazz. Whether your choice is jazz or opera, you must choose it in your mind and heart and let it unfold. There is a big picture for you to choose from. Choose.

There is no boundary that encloses you. Burst them all. You are meant to. The boundaries you conceive are only conceptions. They are not real boundaries. They are only presumed. They are your illusions.

Imagine yourself rising higher and higher, just as an angel might rise. Imagine yourself seeing a vast plane and then reaching it. Imagine yourself as a launcher of the Universe. Imagine yourself finding the key to it and setting the tone. Imagine yourself on all sides of everything. Imagine yourself within a mighty atom. You are the center of it. Imagine yourself holding the mighty atom you are within. Imagine yourself the precursor of the world. Imagine yourself alighting to earth with new vision held in your hand. Imagine all this, and you will begin to sense your exalted place in Creation.

Unless you imagine greater, how can you grow? Unless you imagine greater, how can you begin to see what you are meant to see? By what right, would you keep a limited picture when there is all of infinity before you? Use your freedom of will to encompass greater.

Wherever you may think you fit, you have outgrown it. You are an ever-growing wave of My love. Now unfurl yourself. Just like angel wings, open up wider and higher. ❤️

Adam Michael

What an inspirer you are! How did you find such well-matched Heavenletters. Of course, I had not one recollection of this Heavenletter, dear one.

Oh, wow!

You are an ever-growing wave of My love.

How much upliftment can we bear at one time? Thank you. More, more!

Thank you Gloria

You and these Heavenletters have certainly been a continued source of inspiration and upliftment to me!

And what a pleasant surprise.. There is a whole page of visitor comments at the community link that I have yet to read.
Blessings and Joy!!

Oh Gloria, you know

I just click the Cosmic Heavenletter Generator link on the right sidebar,
and the Universe delivers! I can only speculate why it works so well.

❤️ ❤️

As I sitting here pondering,

As I sitting here pondering, it occurs to me that the wonderful and loving environment here on the forum, and the assembly of all these beautiful souls who have helped to create and contribute to it must certainly also have quite a beneficial influence on me and my own contributions. Thank you to everyone!

Love and Light ❤️ Always and To All

Thank you

Thank you God for pretending to be Adam Michael. What a beautiful expression of you, he "IS".

What an amazing audience

What an amazing audience comes here!

I'm not sure where the illustrations come from.

I do believe we have tetes a tetes with God, and it's so invigorating.

This Heavenletter now is one of my all-time favorites!

As a sidebar, when I was a very iittle girl, my father used to say to me as if with a slip of the tongue:

"Good morning, Merry Moonshine. I mean Sunshine."

It was our joke. :)

By the way, there are some new blogs up. Here's the link: (Not successful in making this a link.) I'll try again: It did work! Hmm, I don't know how.)

Thank you too!

Thank you God pretending to be Christine.. This is so very kindhearted of you to say.