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Godwriters meeting in Milan

Hallo everybody!
Yesterday (november the 7th) me, Antonietta, Berit and Luca met each others under the auspicious presence of Sri Mata Amritanandamai (Amma) in Milan. We spent a couple of very beautiful hours remembering the experience of the workshop in Turin and reinforcing our friendships. Hopefully we'll be able to organize a more wider meeeting in december at Pitta's. I'm gratefull to Godwriting, Gloria and Heaven Admin to made me know such beautiful and inspiring persons. I also think that, when possible, it's very important to cultivate these relationships personally other than by mail. I'm attacching a photo of Berit and Antonietta spreading joy with their smiles!
A big hug to all of you!

Edited: now I think you're able to see the attached image

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This is just WONDERFUL! Are

This is just WONDERFUL! Are you the facilitator of this group, Andrea?

Are you doing Godwriting when you meet?

Pitta and Luca, we want your photos too! So happy to have yours, Andrea, Antonetta, and Berit!

Pitta wasn't able to come

Pitta wasn't able to come since she's recovering from a bad cold. I dont' have a photo of me and Luca since the place was very crowded and it'a been quite difficult even to take the shot I've posted. I think we're all facilitators :): this time me, Pitta and Berit launched the idea of a meeting and Pitta tested her new e-mail skills :) sending a multiple recipient e-mail to all the partecipants of Turin workshop with the "official" invitation. The feedbacks seem good and, let's see, maybe we'll do a Godwriting session all together between a toast and a slice of panettone (tipical Xmas sweet) :). Of course me and all the Turin workshop "Godwriting addicted" will keep you updated :)

Very nice! Grazie. When the

Very nice! Grazie.

When the time comes, how about posting your invitation here as well!

ehm...where is the photo? I

ehm...where is the photo? I can find it in...?
Sorry Gloria, I'm not able to put my photo on the blog, but Andrea will teach me and I will learn to!

Beloved Pitta, I don't know

Beloved Pitta, I don't know how to post photos either. Email me your photo, and that will be great!..

Ciao Pitta!Per mettere la

Ciao Pitta!
Per mettere la foto nel tuo profilo del forum, fai login coi tuoi dati e da li puoi caricare l'immagine da te scelta nel profilo. L'unica attenzione che devi porre e' sulle dimensioni dell'immagine che hanno un limite. Fatto tutto, salvi e nel tuo profilo rimane anche una tua immagine :) Come sempre contattami se non hai tempo o se sei in difficolta'. Nel blog di Gloria non credo che si possano mettere immagini, a meno di non essere Gloria :)... comunque mi informero' meglio. Un forte abbraccio!

I've just explained to Pitta how to load a photo of her in her profile of the forum. :)