God's Vision

God said:

When you look through the leaves of a tree, you can see the leaves and you can see beyond the leaves. Beyond the leaves is the sky and beyond that the sun and beyond that galaxies and beyond that — something more. You can keep your eyes focused on the intimate leaf, or you can focus your eyes beyond. You choose what you look at.

You can look at the leaf itself, and you can study it, and through that leaf alone you can also see the sky and sun and the more that lies beyond.

You can see Heaven through a leaf as well as through the stars. It is not so much what you focus on as it is your vision that focuses. Who is looking bears importance as well as where is looked.

Two people look at the same thing, and see differently.

Imagine all the choices you have.

I am everywhere, and if I am everywhere, I can be seen everywhere and in everything. The light of your vision equals or surpasses the light that you see shining on you.

Human attention has been on the light that shines in rather than the light you shine out. Attention has been more on what is coming in than on what is going out. Human attention has been counting and administering rather than giving and, in truth, receiving. Receiving is not quite the same as getting. You are not a croupier of life who pulls the chips to you.

I tell you that you are My gift. If you are My gift, then be it. A gift is not a grabber nor a pusher. A gift is what it is. It allows itself to be opened. It allows itself to be received. And a gift receives what it gives. We can say that a gift gives appreciation. The appreciation is passed from one to another. That is the gift.

Your vision can be short or long, but know that your vision is also a gift, and that gift is also shared.

It is of great importance on earth where your eyes look and what your eyes see.

Consider your eyes as blessings. They are your blessing, given to you to expand your relationship with the universe. And your eyes are also the blessing you give. Your eyes can contract or expand the world for yourself and for others. Your eyes can open others'. Open your eyes first, and then you will have opened others'. One thing leads to another.

Do not squint your eyes. Do not narrow them. Widen them, and let more light out. Assume My eyes of love and look through them. You may have to assume My eyes, even though they are really yours, for you seem to need to get used to them at first. You may have to grow into them, and that is what you are doing.

Like his father's suit that a boy will grow into, you have your Father's eyes. You do presently look through them, but only through part. Now widen your view, and you will see through My eyes in entirety.

When I gave you My eyes, I was not mistaken. I did not misplace My eyesight. I knew truly that it would fit you and fit you well. I knew you would use it, My vision, and know it was yours to use and to give to an aching world.

My vision I give to you. And now you give My vision to what you look upon.

This is a great enterprise We are on. You didn't think this was a tiny stroll. Deep in your heart you knew you were onto something big, something vast, something enormous. And as My eyes through you see the vastness, the vastness itself expands so you can see further.

Tell Me today what you see when you see beyond.