God's Good Advice

God said:

Let Me give you some advice. It is not new. However, you may have forgotten. Perhaps what I have said didn't penetrate. Perhaps you didn't pay attention to it, didn't believe it for one moment, passed it off as impossible, perhaps, not even worthy of a second thought, maybe good advice for someone but not for you because you feel bogged down in life.

Perhaps you thought I don't really know what I'm talking about. Perhaps you imagine Me sitting on a throne of some kind in a far-off place called Heaven where everything is wonderful, where there are no human difficulties to deal with, and you wonder or are certain that I have no idea of what it may be like for you on Earth.

Perhaps you imagine Me as you imagine a billionaire far away from your life, certainly unqualified to give you advice on how to spend your meager money supply. You may say: "What does a billionaire know about living from paycheck to paycheck? What worthwhile advice could he possibly give to me? He doesn't have a clue to what it's like with little money in the world I live in."

You may well be correct in the case of a billionaire, but in My case, you are as far off the mark as you can get. In My case, I understand that you may be far from the accomplishment of what I advise you. I well know you are sure you don't know how to get there. I understand that, yet I am not asking you to promise Me that you will commit to this advice and always follow it. I am just asking you to accept it, to have the idea that it works, and that it is possible that you can live this advice I give to you. Maybe not this moment, but later. Later is all right, yet you can accept the validity of My advice now. If there is even one Being on Earth living this advice, isn't it possible that you can too? Why not you?

Actually, there are quite a few sons and daughters of Mine who do live this advice. They unlearned a habit and replaced it with another.

Here is My advice: Don't worry any longer. Simply don't. Stop worrying.

I am not the only one to give you this advice. You have heard it many times. You have heard it in song. What is the good of worrying? It never was worthwhile. Pack up your troubles in an old kit bag, and smile, smile, smile.

Beloveds, worry, besides being a waste, puts you down. It is a kind of self-torment.

Wow, how much happier you will be when you give up worry! What do you keep it for? You have had a long list of things to worry about, and new ones pop up every day. There almost isn't anything that isn't on your worry list. Beloveds, give up this list. Hand your lists of worries to Me. Be without this list, and never make another one. Do not accumulate worries. You are so good at thinking of terrible things that could befall. Will you kindly think instead of all the lovely things that could befall? You can do it. I know you can do it.

Beloved, you do not have to be up-to-the-minute on possibilities to worry about. Are you perhaps so attuned to anxiety and worry that you think you can't get along without them? When you worry, beloveds, you are not loving yourself. Will you love yourself today? Even for a few moments? Couldn't you get used to letting go of worries? Couldn't you? Will you? Yes? How about now? See how good it feels to let go of worry. Feel it.

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How true!

We always see so many people look at other people and only see all their problems. If they all really believed (or know), they would know that it's all part of the plan and not add worry to the world. Lets not add worry to others.

Let us all look at our blessings and be full of gratitude!

Thanks for this great advice.

The Magic of Movement - We need to get people to move, any direction. If they move they will have a better outlook for everyday.

Lets not add worries to others

oh what a wonderful, WONDERFUL Heavenletter this is !! ... and, I am really learning this, I am learning to shift from worry to faith and laugh with God. The only way not to worry would be to know all about the game and know how it will end, isn't it ? well, we know how it ends, we know that really even the game is an illusion put up by us, we know that WE ARE THAT ONE LOVE, ONE WITH GOD AND ONE WITH ALL BROTHERS AND SISTERS AND WITH ALL OF GOD'S CREATION.
So, indeed, let us not add worry to others but send some rays of love and joy and make things lighter and laugh a bit more.

Much love to all !

Don't worry

.............Reading these makes you feel like you are being tucked in with your special 'blankey'!.............

Don't Worry, Be Happy

Worry is about the future
thoughts, desires, fear
beliefs infusing, stress to suture
there's only now, my dear

When you worry forward
it takes you away from now
when you worry backward
you recreate somehow

Hope, possibility, quintessential
a rose bud chose
"up-to-the-minute", trusting potential
loving now a-rose

Preference swelling, worry replaced
look around, see joy
feel My Love, God embraced
"don't worry be happy", enjoy

.....and ego won't let go?
ego has you over a log?
the rose of awareness within the fog
within yourself, know

Hand your lists of worries

Hand your lists of worries to Me.

Yes God -- it feels SOOOOO good to let go and let God and to Know and Trust in Your unabiding Love for me and for all. Don't worry about the future - God is always there as a member of St B's Forum quoted the other day.
Instead of worrying -- I love to create -- I love to create a beautiful day. I love to create prosperity and abundance. I love to create harmonious relationships. I love to focus on peace. Rather than create a to do list and a worry list - I now create in my gratitude journal what I am thankful for right now and gratitude intentions knowing that I hardly even need to write them down for You know what is in my heart and You have fulfilled my every need before I even ask...I love You God and I love you, Gloria, for creating this beautiful space!
God bless everyone in Heaven Letters and yes, don't worry -- be happy and overflowing with love and gratitude....and don't look to the left or the right to see what anyone else is doing...I am running my own Marathon.

1 Heavenletter Haiku for

1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said smile smile smile
Don't worry any longer
Think kindly instead

Love, Light and Aloha!

Dont Worry

Thank you God for the reminders....the best advise...and it does feel good...
a whole load a release......."Let go...let God"


Dear God

Dear God

Recently i don't what happen to me, i was in very bad mood. I am unhappy with my life....one minute i was happy or maybe really a pretentious happy and one minute i'm as moody as cab be....i asked myself these days am i normal... recently a lady broke my jewelry i was so mad....i told her that she has to pay....and she said it's an accident....but i told her if everybody said that then i'm out of biz.... i felt that i don't deserve the way people treated me...i have humbly helping people...but it seemed i'm always at a disadvantage situation i'm too nice sometimes.... i truly understand your advice...but sometimes i felt that you are just watching us....trying to see how we feel and how we react.....i can't hear you at all... i wish you can talk to me.....an angel reader once said to me that i'm in my misery so much that i blocked YOU out..... i don't understand, if you are so powerful... how am i so powerful to BLOCK YOU out.....

I understand i'm in this financial predicament it's my own situation to handle.... but whatever i tried to do .... to manage my emotions so that i can manage my finances..... but how when every moment of my life is so dramatic...... i really don't know how to handle my life anymore.... i wanted something to happen...but as of todate it's not happening ..........i have waited over 30 years and waited for my time..... but it's been a long time.......

Perhaps, when you are not looking, you will see Me

Dear Juliana,

I resonate with so much of what you are saying here, especially this: "... how am i so powerful to BLOCK YOU out....." I have been asking myself this question for a long time. The answer I found in Heavenletters and was given directly is that we simply aren't so powerful. Blocking out God is not possible. Not being aware of Him is possible to a certain extent but not altogether.

Your seem to be facing major outer challenges in your life and although my life is running relatively smoothly at the moment, I do remember quite clearly how difficult things can look when you are in the midst of them, and how desperate you can get at times. Still, Juliana, do go back to that wonderful response you got from God some time ago. The subject line for this post is taken from it. I re-read it just now and found so incredibly much even for myself. There is so much of that loving softness you need perhaps more than anything now.

Since that response from God is such a treasure chest, I will post the link here for all of you who may be interested:



I think your all deluded with what heaven is like. I BELIEVE ANGELS ARE SPIRITS WHICH GOD TRAPS IN A ANGEL OUTLINE AND SENDS THEM TO DO HIS BIDDING! God is too clever for mankind and we fall for the promise of love and pleasure in that heaven is perfect. God could be a devil in disguise and I have lost faith in him so please give me some advice on why we should trust him when he let his only son die?

Beloved Chloe, you and I and

Beloved Chloe, you and I and everyone are free to think as we think. No one has to think the way I do, and no one has to think the way you do. We are all free to follow God as we wish. I don't have the say of you. No one has the say of anyone else. We are free to love God as we happen to love God.

Dear Chloe, I wish you

Dear Chloe, I wish you somebody in your life who loves you and I wish you somebody to love. May this love be as God is telling us here in the daily Heavenletters. If you choose to read them daily I guess you will get a sense of this love since this is my experience.
Yours, Uta

Uta, you gave an amazingly

Uta, you gave an amazingly beautiful response to Chloe. Very beautiful.