God's Eyes

God said:

You have a lot to complain about in regard to how the world is made. You have railed about the injustices and pain in the world. You have called man's inhumanity to man Mine. You have dismissed the free will I gave you. And if it were taken away, what would you downplay then?

And where would your energy go then?

Would you bemoan My allowing weeds to take over your garden? Why would a good God invent weeds? How could a just God do that?

And what about dust? Why would a good God create dust so that you have to clean all the time and even then not be able to keep up with the enemy dust?

What about bodies altogether and the upkeep they demand? Why do they have to be fed, and why do they have to rest?

Why aren't there only pleasant emotions?

Why can't the sense of touch be only for nice and not include pain? Why did God not create only pleasant tastes and smells? Why are there raucous sounds and not only sweet ones? And why are there not only beauteous sights to behold? What was God doing when He created this universe?

And bugs. What kind of a God would create mosquitoes to buzz and bite you? And so on.

Do you begin to see how you have focused on what you don't like as much or more than on what you do like or would like if only you had been presented with a different universe?

Instead of thinking how misshapen the world is, think of what, even so, makes it right. Steer your attention in another direction. You have to. You have been stirring the same pot of thoughts for too long.

Which is smarter — to bemoan what is or to get on with it? Which is smarter — to issue complaints or to be glad for what does make sense to you?

Is it possible that you have overdone your complaints? As if complaining makes you more worthy? As if pointing out what's wrong with creation is more sensible than noting the good?

I'm afraid you take the good for granted. It was your due, but somehow God did not give enough to you. From your point of view, I made errors, and you cannot forgive Me for that. I think you want Me to do it over. You want Me to undo, and then you want Me to do it again only this time better. You would like Me to re-do the universe according to your specifications.

Well, perhaps today you will begin to list what is right with the world. Isn't there something you like?

Perhaps you will begin to see that you have been given great opportunity. Just as everything is, you have much to choose. Especially choose what you give your attention to, for you are a motivator of the world. You can tear it apart, or you can put it together. You can assemble hearts, or you can dissemble them.

And how about your own heart? How well have you treated it? And what are you going to do about it? What goodness will you perform today to ease your heart?

Finding fault does not ease your heart. Find a blessing somewhere and uphold it in your heart.

The world is on a grander scale than you have thought, and you are on a grander scale than you have thought. Rise higher today. See further. Come closer to Me, and you will see further. See My eyes. See what I see. Come, look out of My eyes and know the love they cast.