existence of God


God said:

Sometimes your ideas become God Almighty. You are so sure that your concepts are absolute. You believe, therefore, you are right. Be wise to your beliefs. Be on to them. They are suspect.

What Makes You Doubt?

God said:

When you see how light falls through the leaves of a tree, can you doubt My existence? When you see the height of a tree, can you doubt My existence? When you hear a bird sing, can you doubt? When you see a blossoming flower, can you doubt? When you see a butterfly extract the sweet nectar from a butterfly bush, can you doubt? When you see the vast firmament, can you doubt? When you hear the first cry of a new born baby, can you doubt?

What then makes you doubt?


God said:

When you look up, literally and figuratively, you meet My eye. In truth, there are no directions, but on earth, you are surrounded by direction, and so you must look up. When you look up — the actual act of looking up — presents you with another dimension. Your looking up reminds you of Heaven. Your looking up is a signal to you. It signals that I am, and that I am for you.

Yes, God!

God said:

I am the Nothingness from which everything comes. And I am the Everythingness. And you are an embodiment of Me. I am embodied in you. I Who have no physical form exist within you. You could not have come into your existence (My Existence) without My breath upon you.

What is My breath but the absence of everything but love?

I breathed love into you, My love, gave it to you so you could embark on a journey through the journey called life. Your own journey. No one else's. Yours. All journeying the same, and none alike.

Be Innocent

God said:

If you already know everything, what can you learn?

Take a step forward, and know nothing. Then you will learn everything.

You try to match what you think you already know with what I say, and then you keep or discard accordingly.

Be open. That's how things get in. Closed, what can enter? You close yourself in to a small territory. Abandon territory. Open the gates. I am not talking about exposing yourself to the world. I am talking about opening to Truth, and I am that Truth. Expand your boundaries of thought. Let in a possibility.

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