God’s Greatest Miracle

God said:

Will you remember that you are a Holy Being? This one thought will embolden your life on Earth. By dint of will or by chance, you are here, and it matters that you are here on Earth at this time. You are a Holy Being who happens to be in a physical body. Your physical body has its restrictions, and it has its fallacies. Yet you are not your body. You are not your physical presence.

Your physical presence exists, yet you are beyond physical. You are realms beyond. You are eons beyond. You are a miracle worker.

It may not seem so to you. You may see yourself as a drudge. You may see yourself as wanting. However, you are far more than your eye can see. Isn’t that the Truth, beloveds? Haven’t you always known that? Why would you be dissatisfied unless you were greater than whatever anyone in the world thinks of you? Public opinion isn’t much. It is fly by night.

Go by your own recognition now. Go by your own suppositions now. Go by My appraisal.

You are a miracle that I created. You keep waiting for miracles when you, yourself, are one of the great miracles visited upon Earth. The stars have nothing on you. The stars are amazing, beautiful, and bountiful, and so are you.

Know yourself as an unlimited miracle. You can change the face of the Earth.

You are on an unmapped journey. You have all the choices in the world and in Heaven. Never mind the past. You have a present, and you have what you perceive as future. You are all one ball of wax. You are incomparable. You are Vastness encompassed in a body. This in itself is a miracle. You are a wonder of wonders. You are not a minor miracle. Do not sell yourself short.

Every minute of the day, you are embarking on a new journey. You are not locked in. Don’t let yourself be. You are unlimited. You can reach the rainbows, and you can ride on them. You are greater right now than your present thinking may allow. You surpass your present thinking. You are here on Earth for wonders to perform.

You are a Great Light on Earth. You may have turned on a dimmer switch in your awareness, yet regardless of what disguise you take on, you are My Greatness on Earth. You are My coin, so to speak. You are more than a token Being of God.

We have a contract, you and I, and Our contract is inviolable. Take My word for it that you have a great purpose on Earth to fulfill, and your purpose is greater than whatever you can imagine. You are Columbus sailing to an unknown land. Columbus thought he knew his destination, yet he wound up somewhere else. You don’t even have an inkling of your destination, yet you are sailing there. You are on your way. You are on an illustrious journey. You are full of promise, beloveds.

Follow the waves where they take you. Honor your holiness. Bob along on the High Seas, and know that you are far deeper than you let on. Know that you carry Greatness. Know that you deliver it. As yet, you have no idea how great life is, even your life that you consider mundane. Your life is out of this world. Your life is a mystery, and your life is a miracle.

It is time for you to recognize your miracle-dom. The Kingdom of Heaven is within you, yes, you! All the power of God is invested within you. I, God, am within you. I may appear to be outside you, even at a distance from you, yet I am deep in your heart, and your soul is deep. We are journeying together, and, now, let Us create miracles and know that the perceived you, no matter how you perceive yourself, is one of My Greatest Miracles. So be it.

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Honor your holiness


What more can our Creator say to convince us to come closer to Him?

The Energy of GOD; the presence of GOD is at this time, in our World. Let's take advantage of this encounter. Let's acknowledge and make contact with Him/Her.Just go to your Heart and feel his presence.

Let us Bless everyone, bless our World, bless the weather and Trees,Animals and Mother Nature!

Let LOVE wash over all of us.and abide within every Heart.

Follow the waves where they

Follow the waves where they take you.
Know that you carry Greatness. Know that you deliver it.
You are here on Earth for wonders to perform.
You are Vastness encompassed in a body.
I, God, am within you.

I am in awe! These words of God in todays Heavenletter do touch me deep. How glad am I, to get the answer to my longing from yesterday. Thank you Gloria and thank you my God. I love you two!
And your observations from yesterday did help me too dear Chuck. See what God says to us today? Isn't this a miracle?

"It is time for you to recognize your miracle-dom."

God will lovingly show you what this means. it's beautiful.


Beloved George, so happy you

Beloved George, so happy you are here to remind us of what God saysis important. Yes, our miracle-dom.

HI Gloria!

I had decided to congratulate you after completion of 4500th Heavenletter. Forgot somehow.
Better late than never! Congratulations!!

Beloved Chetan, thank you!

Beloved Chetan, thank you! What a pleasure to be involved with Heavenletters. As you know, Heavenletters mean everything to me. I cannot believe how blessed I am. And the beautiful Heavenreaders that God brings here, further evidence of His love.

Chetan, how many Heaven Sutras are there? We really have over 6,000 Heavenletters! Actually, more than that. We have about 100 waiting in a queue to be published.

There are many great joys working with Heavenletters. Every morning there is the thrill of a new Heavenletter or more . Two on one day is not out of the ordinary. Sometimes three. They demand to come. One morning five new Heavenletters came.

If receiving Heavenletters were all there was to do, unlimitless are the number of Heavenletters that could come in a day!. There are people all over the world who pick up God's thoughts (or God before thought, language before language, a vibration of God's Voice...)

HI Gloria, There is

HI Gloria,

There is definitely a mission involved in this venture by God. Keep it up!
Was there any day when Heavenletters didn't come? I don't think so because God never goes on a vacation!

Hi, Chetan! Heavenletters

Hi, Chetan! Heavenletters come easily. It is the easiest thing I do. I sit down every morning to receive a Heavenletter. If I waited for inspiration to come to me and didn't sit down with the intention, I don't know if the inspiration would come by itself every morning. But, of course, writing down a Heavenletter is the most charming thing I do.

Nevertheless, the inspiration does come on its own, and I am impelled to write it down and that's always lovely. We are about three months ahead in Heavenletters, and that is because extra inspiration comes -- often when I am at my busiest! What a nice interruption!

So, in answer to your question, a Heavenletter always comes, and I am ready and willing -- actually ecstatic -- to receive them.

Some years ago I broke seven ribs. I was in the hospital ten days heavily on morphine. I didn't even try to write a Heavenletter on those first days. .I was trying to breathe. I know I did start Godwriting again while I was still on morphine so even with morphine one can Godwrite. Fortunately, there were plenty of Heavenletters in line waiting to be published. At the time, my daughter took care of all Heaven matters so there was no interruption.

Thanks for asking! What is your next question?!!

HI Gloria! I was really

HI Gloria!

I was really thrilled to read this incident which occurred in your life. Did you angry with God (the supreme controller od events in our life) when you got your ribs fractured? What was God's reaction over this?

Angry? at God? Not at all. I

Angry? at God? Not at all. I don't think I ever was angry at God or would be.

As for this incident, this was a clear-cut case of my own negligence. No way around that. Besides, I knew enough to be glad it wasn't worse.

I was changing a light bulb. First, I knew I should go get the ladder rather than stand on a chair. I was too lazy. Then when I was up on the chair, I knew I should move the chair closer. Again, too lazy. Those were two occasions when I could have prevented the fall.

So I was leaning over too far, had only the shower curtain to grab onto which might as well have been thin air and I landed on the edge of the tub on my ribs on the right side.

It could have been my head or my neck or my back. I could have broken my neck, become paralyzed or other things I don't want to think of. It was good fortune that I landed on my ribs. And I thank my lucky stars.

And, then, Chetan, God has said as well as others that there are no accidents.

Oh! What a beautiful piece

Oh! What a beautiful piece of positive thinking! I wish I could also do that....

Dear One, I really want to

Dear One, I really want to be sure I convey that this was not by will or effort. It just happens to be where I was.

I have to say that I was physically hurting and not exactly enjoying myself.

I had another accident some years later some years later, and that was truly my doing as well. Clearly. I was on a tread mill, no hands, and I turned around to talk to someone! The next thing I knew I was flipping over and, again, fortunately, I landed on my shoulder, not my head. I could only thank God, Chetan!

I wrote a series of blogs about my recovery from the broken shoulder. I had kind of a miracle recovery. Let me see if I can find it. I'll come back.

Okay, here are two blog entries that you might enjoy:



There are several more, but those two should do it!

Simply beautiful. In this

Simply beautiful.
In this matter, I think, animals and birds are one step ahead of man, in the sense that they never curse God for whatever befalls to them and they never get overpowered by ego by their beauty, sound, strength etc. The quality which Chetan lacks badly!

How we are all growing

How we are all growing together! Remember all the good you do, Chetan. You are a blessing to all of us here in your postings.