God Played a Flute

God said:

I drew a sketch of you. It wasn't doodling. It was My conception of you. And then I sculpted you of the clay of the Earth, and so you arose as a citizen of the world. You stretched yourself and covered and embraced the whole Earth. You encircled it. You strewed yourself upon it, and you reached around the globe, and, yet, the world is within you. You enclose the world within you. You swallow it up.

You are the holder and beholder of the world. In a sense, the world is your plaything. You thought otherwise.

The world is your toy top. It is your yo-yo on a string. How you revolve the world. How you play upon it. How you twirl the world even as you are flung across it. You do not know all that you are involved in. How mighty you are. Even unaware, you are mighty. There is no least of you. There is no most of you. All of you are equal human beings playing out different fantasies. Some fantasies are honored more than others.

And yet souls are to be honored equally.

Everyone is your soul mate. You are beholden to every soul. You are a conglomerate. There are no weak links. All are integral, and all pull the weight of all and are pulled by all.

What a world I created. I created it alone and yet by consensus.

The world was not a pig in a poke. It definitely was not. The world was a beautiful meeting of exquisite rhapsody.

I played you as a tune on My flute. The notes flew out and became you in all your radiant light. There is no difference between sound and light or vision or anything. They are just one side of the coin, and yet the coin just the same.

You are not really an experiment. You have been time-tested. You have been forged on the anvil of Eternity, or is it Infinity. It doesn't matter. You have been forged. You have been forged by My hands or the beat of My heart. The thing is that you have been forged. You have been fortuitously forged and sent out to the world to make it wonderful.

There is a purpose in everyone and everything. No one is without purpose, specific and general. No one is without wings. Everyone can fly, and fly high and encircle the world and the galaxies beyond. Everyone is much more than he knows. You are much more than you know. There is a grand picture, and you see a thumbprint only. You see a print-out, and you cannot see under it.

To you, the world is flat. And you, who came from the Ocean, swim in it now. You are a fish of the sea of thought and manifestation. You blow bubbles.

You are the pulse of Earth, and yet you cannot feel the pulse. You have to take My word for it. So long as your vision is impaired, you see limited editions of the world. The world is unlimited, and you are unlimited. Limitation does not exist except as you think it is. You set the limits where there are no limits, yet you set them. You go by them. You hold fast to them.

You are My dream, and you are going to come true just as I envisioned you. You are going to rise like the sun and claim the day. You are going to paint the picture I dreamed you would. All My dreams come true. My vision is unlimited, and so are you.

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I see!

I see!

So beautiful

Thank you beautiful Lord.

I have eyes only for You, Dear Heavenly Father and for your Vision.


Everyone is your soul mate.

Everyone is your soul mate. You are beholden to every soul.

All are integral, and all pull the weight of all and are pulled by all.

I love these lines. It makes me feel so relaxed. I love that we are all equal.

Thank You

Thank you for Sharing that beautiful writing with me Gloria, It it deeply resonated in my heart, and feels so true, To my own personal experience with God

Love And Blessings,

Anna x

This Heavenletter sparks my

This Heavenletter sparks my heart too. Heavenletters™ are given to me to share! That is my joy.