God Invites You to a Picnic

God said:

Oh, My beloveds, I have invited you to a picnic, and you have accepted My invitation. I have prepared such a feast of wonders for you. Alas, you notice the ants! You notice that it might rain, or that the sun is too hot, or the ground you sit on is too hard or the bench you sit on is not comfortable enough. You notice there is a beautiful lake, and yet you notice that it is not the Indian Ocean. Your picnic may take place in Central Park or in Australia, and yet you may think how nice it would be if I had invited you to a picnic somewhere else. Beloveds, I invited you to the mountains or the valleys where you find yourself. The thing is: I invited you, and you came.

I have invited you to a picnic on Earth, and you quibble about it. Isn't that something, beloveds? Have you not complained about life on Earth? Has it not displeased you? Have not My other children irritated you? Are you not sometimes or often grumpy about one thing or another?

You seem to forget at Whose picnic you are. You may wish for a complaint department, or you want a Heaven customer service representative to give you better service. I am taking care of you, and I ask you to help take care of others. Would you not offer another piece of pie to others at the picnic where you are?

If you get bored, could you not go around and see what you could do to enliven the picnic?

Perhaps you could go for a swim and show others how delightful the water is. Perhaps you could splash joy. Perhaps you would co-host the picnic with Me. By all means, join with Me. We do not have to be guests and host. We can all be guests, and We all can be hosts. We can make Our picnic a rollicking picnic. We can make it unforgettable and get ready for another picnic next week.

This picnic right now, the very one you are attending now, perhaps you haven't noticed some of the activities. You have walked right past them. It is not that you have to go on every ride, and yet you can recognize all the offerings. If you cannot see far, climb a tree and see further. You will see that I am sitting on the top of that tree, and I see very far. Perhaps it is a mountain I sit on the top of. Perhaps you will join Me.

Perhaps We will become an orchestra together. I will play the fife, and you play the triangle or bang sticks. What is wonderful is that We make music together, and the music We make can be heard everywhere in the world. It can be heard on all the picnic grounds anywhere and everywhere.

What mountain would you like to be on with Me? What would you like to do here together with Me? Practice it now. Will you give speeches, or will you dance? Will you sweep the floors or move the furniture? Will you open a store, or will you make potato salad?

And what would you like Me to do for you, beloveds? Where would you like Me to be with you? Do you want to sit on a mountain peak with snow or on a hot volcano? Whatever you desire, you can count on Me. I will be there with you. I am with you right now. Wherever you are, I am with you.

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I really have no words to

I really have no words to express the beauty and infinite love of God and so I just want to say THANK YOU MOST BELOVED FATHER AND SWEETEST DIVINE MOTHER !!!

I love the idea of sitting in a mountain top with God, it needn't be high, admidst a lot of grass and all kind of flowers, with lakes around or the sea, animals and a blue sky with white clouds and the warmth of the sun and the weather might change as well. So, I think I will go on thinking of this wonderful place and have many more chats with God.

I LOVE HEAVENLETTERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Much love

"You have a tendency to like

"You have a tendency to like to think of Me as outside you. You like to think of Me as up in the sky, a God entirely separate from you, a God you can adore and bow down to, a God worthy of being God."

Wherever you are, I am with you.

Even when life wasn't a picnic it was good to know that God was there too.
Now that i look back it is hard to know what "there" is all about but it has something to do with knowing.
It isn't that i know much about life, or places, but i do have a sense that God is with me where ever I AM.
Heavenletters helps me locate my SELF with my Source and helps me see with the eyes within.
I love it and love the people who talk to me at the picnic of HIS love. You're wonderful!

George got the ants in his pants

"Whatever you desire, you

"Whatever you desire, you can count on Me. I will be there with you. I am with you right now. Wherever you are, I am with you."

Well there's the theoretical truth of Life.

You can count on Life, Life will always be there for us, here or hereafter or wherever we are, Life is with us. Said in that way it seems more obvious doesn't it? That's part of my point. The other is that what we experience is more of the positive side of Life.

Now, the trick is to be and experience this truth more fully, more often. So, that the times we don't feel it are so infrequent we don't seem bothered, we have a larger focus and appreciation to sustain us and maintain us as the norm.

Dear Marko,

Dear Marko,

I agree that there probably are many readers for whom "it" may look more obvious and more accessible when "it" is called Life instead of God. People like me on the other hand who have felt godless or godforsaken for a long time and are now in the process of remembering may miss the consciousness aspect or the personal aspect in the term Life. For me it's simply too abstract in this context, almost like "Isness" or "Thereness". "Being" feels a bit more like it. Perhaps we all have our subtle and unexplainable little preferences here. And why not. God has said we may call Him by any name we feel comfortable with. But at the same time He suggests we call Him God because it "holds us in good stead". So, although your point of view is certainly a valid one, people who feel attracted to Heavenletters may prefer calling "it" God. I do.

God God God God God
Heavenletter # 1536 Published on: February 1, 2005
God said:
Every time you think the word "good," substitute the word "God." Instead of "Good morning!" say, "God morning!"

You are aware that you presently substitute other words for God. Instead of saying "For God's sakes!" you often say, "For goodness sakes!" and so on. Now I advise you to try your hand at the reverse.

God is a good word to think and to say. Say, "God God God God God." You cannot think or say it too often. Whatever language you are accustomed to, say My Name in it.

You cannot keep the word "God" in mind without its strengthening you. By saying "God," little by little, you vibrate a higher vibration. By saying "God," little by little, you come closer to remembering Who you are. And the more you say My Name, the easier it is for you to say it.

"God morning!" I say to you. "God evening!" I say to you. "God day!" I say to you. Pass it on.

Let My Name drop into every conversation of yours. What else is so vital to speak about? Saying My Name is like nothing else. My Name cries out to be said.

It is good for you to hear My Name — it is God for you to hear My Name, I say. There is no speaking of My Name in vain, beloveds. Little by little, negative appendages will drop off. The time will come when you can only say My Name with wondrous awe. My Name is enough. Nothing need follow the word God. What can follow it? What can come close to the word God or its significance?

What is this quality of God that cannot be described? There are no words to describe Me. Words can't begin to declare Me. But you can say My Name. That is enough. Without further ado, you can say God. Say My Name, and My Name echoes through the universe. A vibration called God resounds through the universe because you had a thought of Me.

Would you not like to have more of Me in the world? Even if you whisper My Name, it will be heard. Even if you mouth it, it will be heard. Even if you don't say it and only think it, it will be heard. By My Name alone, you will renovate the universe. Every object will hear My Name as well and line up in readiness for more.

You do believe in the power of sound, don't you? If a certain note can break a crystal glass, what do you think the voiced or even unvoiced pronunciation of My Name can do? What would you like it to do, beloveds?

Nothing can describe Me, but My Name describes you. Lift your eyes up, and your shoulders will straighten. Have you not lived enough without My Name prominent in your life?

Sometimes My Name is embarrassing to you, or to some of you. I know that sometimes My Name is used as a joke, as if My existence were somehow corny or old-fashioned, somehow out of place in Human society, as if My Name were a little unsavory. Doesn't matter. My Name is embroidered in your heart.

Even My Name bandied in discussions that try to prove My nonexistence — still My Name carries its weight. Regardless of circumstances or intention, My Name carries its Truth. God God God God God!

The whole of the universe is contained in My Name. You are contained in My Name, and yet there is no containment. There is God, and there is the word "God." God is good, and God is God everywhere always. Everywhere includes your heart. I am in your heart now, right at this moment, right where I want to be.

Well Jochen I can see your

Well Jochen I can see your point coming from where you are. God is probably one of the most dysfuntionally used words and concepts on earth.

The baggage that comes with the use and definition of God is enormous. By the way, in my background good was another name for God and so was Life.

What is most helpful to me, is the "energy feeling" behind the using the word God, and what that would feel and mean on any one person who uses it.

I don't think necessarily that just saying or using the word God has some kind of divine or even magical energy behind it. However, that doesn't negate that it could for individuals who believe it does.

The most healthy and useful, practical and beneficial word for God would to me is Love. Love has the most positive energy behind it. It too has been misused of course, yet in my mind and heart it holds the strongest of good vibrations that accurately reflect ourselves and God.

If you see God as Life you can see more divinity as a result. God as Life does not exclude anything. At lest that is my logic.

So while I may ultimately and simply see God as a Creative Loving Energy Process behind all physical Life as it shows uP, the most important thing for me is not what word you use as much as the feeling energy that is felt when and by using it. Be it God or anything else.

Good God this dialogue between Jochen and Marko is fantastic

A rose by any name is just as sweet.
God by any name is just as wonderful.
Culture adds baggage and definitions that make sense to it. Some people like you two beautiful souls see God the way Gloria sees it/HIM/ or just that plain old energy that gives us the hiccoughs, the burps, the bliss or the wonderful sadness of holding a loved one as she passes into God or Energy or whatever.
All I have to say is I hope every one reads what you both have written and then gets quiet enough to hear the melody of LIFE becoming the energy of insight with enough power to help us look within.
A double thanks to both of you for all this LIGHT. It's so nice to read you.

George less near sighted than before

The Elephant in the Dark

George, you will always be the one who simply flips the light switch while we are busy making our guesses. Snake? Tree?

flips the light switch

I really hope every one reads that one about the Elephant in the Dark! You're terrific Jochen

George groping for the switch

Thanks for the wonderful

Thanks for the wonderful postings here, all of you are simply wonderful and I love you !
I love the Heavenletter "God God God.." and the Elephant in the dark !!

Much much love to all and THANK YOU !

2 Heavenletter Haikus for

2 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said Beloveds
Wherever you are I Am
You can count on Me

God said to notice
A feast of wonders for you
Go around and see

Love, Light and Aloha!