Gloria's Personal Experience of Writing Heaven Letters

Once in a while, I wake up in the morning with thoughts from God and run downstairs to get His words down. But most of the time, by far, I have no idea what is going to come.

Sometimes I have trepidation whether anything will come right then or ever again, but after a minute or two, God's words do start coming and I write them down in what is perhaps pure faith. It certainly is the closest to pure faith I know, for I have no idea what the initial words are leading to or what sense they make, if any, but I write anyway.

Usually after a few moments, the Godwriting becomes like a spring of water, and God's words just bubble up. Once in a while, it's hard to stop, but more often it just stops, and it's done, or I guess it's done, although, on occasion, later I feel more coming, and more does come.

I marvel that God's words come, and come to me. Wow, God talks to me! Each time it is new. And it is the happiest part of my day.

And yet it is not momentous! What it amounts to is just me, the same as I ever was, sitting here with God's words typing out. Happily typing out, but it's still me conscious of myself untransformed.

Any time I spend on Heaven makes me happy. When I am not working on Heaven or talking about it, I am conscious of my longing to be with God doing something with Heaven. It is irresistible to me.

In the Godwriting workshops, everyone finds themselves writing God's words.

Finding ourselves seems a good way to describe the process. We don't make it happen, and yet there is some overture from ourselves. There is the pen in hand and the blank page, and it is our intention to hear what God has to say right at that moment. And then we find ourselves listening and then we find ourselves writing down something we heard whispered so quietly and so clearly.

Gloria's Home where she writes Heavenletters every morning

godwriters house


glorias home in spring

buddha and magnolia blossoms

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I love this site and it is

I love this site and it is one of my miracles of this day for us to have arrived to our meeting. I would love to be a God Writer, so please let me know where the next workshop will be. I await with enthusiasum to be closer to heaven.
Thank you,
Diana Goolsby

Where do you live, Diana?

Where do you live, Diana?

Happiness isn't happiness

Happiness isn't happiness without a violin playing goat...

Hi Gloria what a beautiful garden you have to write Godwriting in
and i love the... the contrast of the garden with the pink blossom and the white snow of winter beautiful it shows how God provides for us in abundance... with his beautiful creation all around us...and a perfect place for Godwriting... Daisy

Dear Gloria, I am so

Dear Gloria,
I am so inspired by these beautiful Heavenletters, which sometimes seem so totally relevant to me! I am so intrigued about Godwriting, and I want to know if you could do a workshop in Chicago some time soon. Thank you for all your wonderful work. Now that I know how to comment and even post a comment, I'm going to do that more in the future. And thanks for encouraging me to do that. Love, Laurie in Chicago.

Dear Laurie, it would be

Dear Laurie, it would be wonderful to have a workshop in Chicago! Thank you! We can stop by on our way to Argentina in the motor home!

It would probably be in February, depending upon our departure date from Fairfield, Iowa. As soon as we have a definite itinerary, we will check with you to see what works best all way round. I will, of course, have more details to send you. As a general overview of workshops, please click the Godwriting(tm) button in the top banner above.

You mentioned that you could arrange the workshop.That would be super. Where would you have it, do you think, and how many people do you think you could attract to the workshop?

The best way I know to warm people up for a workshop is to get them to be reading Heavenletters. Please tell us what we can do to help you.

I have to tell you that my first thought was: "Oh, gosh, where do we park a motor home in Chicago?" Sometimes my imagination gets the better of me! I pictured driving around and around looking for a space! I mentioned this to Heaven's Creative Director from Mojah Media, who will also be tour director, and he found a picture of a motor home parked in front of the Water Tower in Chicago! Now, how did he do that?!! If only I could post photos, everyone could see it here too.

You can imagine how happy your appreciation of Heavenletters makes me feel.

I'll look forward to reading your response here!

Ooops, Gloria, I just

;) Ooops, Gloria, I just discovered this reply tonight, December 15th. Almost two weeks after you wrote it....You must be so busy answering all the mail you get, though, you're probably just as happy! Anyway, I wrote you another email at some point about motor home parks that I found about 10 miles out of the city; but not knowing anything about the size of your vehicle, or, for that matter, about the rules of the road where motor homes are concerned, I'm fairly clueless. But willing to help. You could certainly stay here in our home. The venue I was thinking of is called the North Lakeside Cultural Center, in Chicago ( It's a lovely old home that is currently a community center; I'm a Board member and I'm pretty sure we could find space there. All these things we could talk about. I don't know how many people I could attract to the workshop, though. I wonder. As soon as you put out word that you'll have a workshop in Chicago, I'm sure people will want to come. However...I don't know. Your mailing list probably reaches more people in Chicago than any mailing list I have. I'm afraid I can't promise to get enough people for it, is the problem, of course. Well, February is some time away. I can tell people I know about Heavenletters, and I shall.
love, Laurie

Thank You =)

...thank u for sharing pictures of your home with us.
i said to myself why am i not surprised that she lives
among nature and has a Buddha statue.

your home look kinda like a picture by Thomas Kincade - affectionatly known as the painter of light.

i would to share that i received a small blue radio with a white
Buddha carving in the middle of the radio; the radio wasnt an
FM or AM radio like i thought at first but it had some chants and some high pich rings/dings from a particular was given to me when i went to a Chinese reastaurant close by me

as Divine Mother would say

Later.... lol :)

Would you share a photo of

Would you share a photo of your radio with a white Buddha carving in the middle? That is some Chinese restaurant you went to, dear George. Where do you live?

I have another Buddha statue too. This is of the Laughing Buddha. I will take some photos of it.

God bless you.

Re: would you share a photo of the Buddha radio


i wasnt expting a reply i just came by to see if my message was posted. im tickled lol

yes i will take a picture and post it as soon as possible...

im in Homestead, FL, south of Miami, near the Homestead Air Force Base.

i like those Laughing Buddha statues too...where can i look for those...some website or

or somthing where i can purchase one... =)

well thank u for your reply ....u so busy i dont expect a reply but i am so thankful for that.


God bless and more of God's Love to you.

ps the math qustion was 1+ 0 = (how appropriate -----the oneness theme)


the picture that your home reminds me of looks kinda like this one...the nature aspect of it...

The painting you show us is

The painting you show us is of just the kind of world I would like to live in.


Thats what heaven looks like, well I went to a heaven type place once, it was above fear and saturated with the peace of oneness. It looked very earthy though, just like that painting.
Perhaps you live in that world.

The feeling of that world is such peace that it is impossible to remember from my present state of emotion and worldly preoccupation. Just like many dreams where if only we could never forget their importance.