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Dear Gloria,

I saw youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...I watched that TV program. You are sooooo lovely, soooooo sweet. It was amazing to see you next to me.

And I want to say one more thing, about the title of the text: "This is not an advertisement".
As you know, my father is an author and he never advertised himself either. But I think - maybe unfortunately- this is an age of advertisement. The bestseller books (or movies etc.) have strong advertisement campaings... so people can always find those books on the shelves.That is what I think and your fabulous God-writings deserve to be well-known or let's say famous.

love you

Hi Gloria and Engin! Thank

Hi Gloria and Engin!

Thank you so much for the link Engin.
I just watched them, and you were brilliant Gloria ~ I loved them, and have just sent them on to my friends to watch too!

Love Mary


PS I have the very same photograph that you mentioned in one of the videos. It sits beside my bed, and yes, mine has Life too!

Isn't everything so very wonderful!
What a truly amazing Universe we live in!

Just downloaded the videos,

Just downloaded the videos, And saw the first one.
Gloria - You are AMAZING. You were so gentle and cute, I just wanted to hug you - So get at least a virtual hug :O)
I laughed at the part that you saw the jesus christ superstar endlessly, And that your daughter mocked you in a fun way for it. What was funny too was that you forgot what love is meant by god LOL.....I guess you were excited !!!
Looking forward for the next show video....

P.S. found the Sai Baba Christ picture here for anyone that's interested :

just saw the 2nd video and it is lovely. There were 2 highlights : the first is when Allan asked gloria a loooong question which she answered "yes", And he was dissapointed by her short answer, So the next question he asked her, he told that he hopes she doesn't answer with "yes", So funny gloria answers him "no" HAHAHAHHAHA Gloria , you are FUNNY !!!
The 2nd thing was Gloria's insight : "Things don't have to be the way I want - And it's okay". - LOVED IT !!!

Dearest Hagi, you are so

Dearest Hagi,

you are so right with all that you say !! I enjoyed these videos SO VERY MUCH !!! :big I would really love if there were more or when some Godwriting workshop will be available. Gloria you are HEAVEN and indeed you were so sweet. :wub:
Seeing over and over again Jesus Christ Superstar made me really laugh because I tried to picture that scene in my mind with your daughter who must have thought all kinds of things. ;)

Well I thank you dearest Gloria for sharing these videos, I really loved watching them !!!

Sweet Hagi, MANY THANKS FOR THE LINK !! I was discussing with a dear friend this picture and somehow we had different pictures in mind, so this will definitively clear up which picture it is. I wanted to make a real photo print of it and so YOU ARE THE ANSWER TO MY PRAYER !!!! :Rolleyes:

Love and BIG BIG HUGS TO ALL ! :wub:

Hagi, your response to watch

Hagi, your response to watch the Bridging Shows is delightful! You watched both shows!

Allan, the host, and I have become good friends. He calls me about once a week, and always makes me a laugh.

I have a fantasy, however, of interviewing Allan live on TV one day and asking him questions he doesn't know how to answer!

Berit, the photo Hagi linked us to is not the photo I am talking about. The photo I mean came from a book that said the photo was from Sai Baba, but it is a different photo altogether. I'm sorry, as lovely as the photo just posted is, it is not the one that stole my heart.

The photo that means so much to me is on the Heaven web site under The Story of Heavenletters.

Can someone post the photo I mean on the forum?

Love Berit



WOOOWWWWW..... ;) ;) ;)