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Gloria does it again ...

Gloria, as you know from the Godwriting™ blog, I tend to sit down with my treasured copy of Heaven's book and flip to a page (a low-tech version of the Generator! LOL). However, a habit of a lifetime is to read the front and back matter of a book. I like getting a sense of the author by reading the dedications and such. I'm nosy and like knowing how many editions are out there, etc. Weird, yes, but very helpful. It's a beautiful book--the cover and binding, the layout and font selection are lovely.

When a friend of mine said she was thinking of publishing her daily devotions in book form, she asked for my help. I thought of your publisher.

My friend made one phone call and had a wonderful conversation with a nice man (I don't remember his name) who "answered my questions before I could ask them." She mentioned that she had gotten his info from "a friend who saw the information in Gloria Wendroff's book." The publisher is very excited to publish her book and apparently went on and on about how wonderful you were (I already knew that!).

Anyway, know that thanks to you, another wonderful book will find its way into many hearts and minds.

Dear FortheLove, I like your

Dear FortheLove,

I like your version of the generator! It's more enviro-friendly. I sometimes use the very same type of generator!

I can understand why the publisher went on and on about Gloria! Good to hear that your friends book will be published.

Oceans of Love