Give God Your Hand

God said:

Whoever wishes to come to Me, come to Me. Are you waiting for Me to grab you and run away with you? Of course, this is not unheard of. The thing is I often steal hearts, and yet it is for you to come of your own accord. All you have to do is to not resist. Come along. The momentum has begun. Do not drag your feet. What are you waiting for? Come to Me now.

It’s easy. Coming to Me is easier than not coming to Me. Coming to Me is coming to yourself rather than to all of the false idols you have pandered to along the way. You know better than to be detoured, and, yet, you have been detained. Put no Gods before Me means to realize yourself.

It is yourself you hide from. So powerful are you, and you hide from the power that exists within you. You run away from it. You hole up somewhere and take slim pickings. You who are the engine of the whole world eat leftovers from a dumpster when you could be King. You are the prince and the pauper, all in one, weighted on the side of the pauper. I am talking about spiritual wealth, you understand. Frankly, there is no other wealth to come near.

Do not think I am opposed to your having all kinds of wealth. Just don’t mistake one kind of wealth for another, for then you cheat yourself. You get fat in one leg and not the other.

In any case, this is not for you to worry about. It is for you to come to Me.

“How do I do that?” you ask.

How do you walk, I ask you. One foot after the other. How do you climb to Heaven? One foot after the other. Take a step in place, beloveds. Set out in the direction of Heaven. Hear Me calling to you. Over here, over here, I say, and I take you by the hand, and yet you get diverted.

There is not a time that I am not calling to you. There will be a time when you hear. Hear Me now. I am calling to you. I do not demand that you hear Me. I do not command that you hear Me. I invite you. It is for you to come willingly. It can only seem that I sweep you off your feet. It is you who comes running to Me, full steam ahead.

Have confidence in yourself, and come to Me.

And still you ask, “How do I do that?”

You are waiting for instructions when the real instruction is to come. In this matter, I am at your beck and call. The instant you start trotting over to Me, I pick you up. Consider Me a taxi. You do not call Me so that you can stay where you are. I call you to My side, and so you step in and ride high with Me. There is room for all. There is certainly room for all, and there is certainly room for you.

If you say you can’t hear Me, then bend your head a little closer. Lean in My direction. Avail yourself of Me. Come walking. Come running. Or stumble your way to Me. Just come.

You are on your way anyway. You come to Me, and I come to you. Give Me your hand. I give you Mine.

It is easy to come to Me. It is hard to stay away. I am the Greatest Magnet that exists. Come, let Me pull you to Me. Give Me the signal. Let Me know that you wish to come to Me, and that you wish to come to Me now. Then the deed is done. Such a small step. It is almost no step at all.

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Enlighting. There are no

Enlighting. There are no instructions. There are no more words. Just come to Me. How do I do that? Come.
Intention, and that's all. Intention and you are already there.

Blessings to all, dear angels

yes it is beautiful

Hi all. just your intensd is all that is needed and now all is beautiful. Live life NOW and walk with GOD Love Jack