Get Up from the Worry Chair

God said:

If you are sitting in a worry chair, get up and sit in a worry-free chair. If you live in a town called Worry, move to a town called Peace. Where you would rather live, move there.

Of course, you take yourself with you wherever you go. Nevertheless, it’s a good start when you accept that you would do well to make a change. The change, of course, is within you. It is your tune you want to change.

When you do not like the song you are hearing on the radio, you turn the dial to another station. And so this is what you do when your frame of mind is not to your liking. I know you don’t like worrying. I know there are passels of things you can worry about, so I say to leave the worry mode and enter peace. Worries will take care of themselves. You don’t have to nurture them. No more feeding worries. No more letting them thrive at the expense of your peace.

You may have a lot in front of you to resolve. You may have many matters hanging over you. Do what you can at this time, and then give the many matters a rest. They are not the making of you, nor are you to support worries. You are not to give them a good home. You are to give yourself a good home where you have peace of mind. Where else should you live except in a peaceful place? Right now, I dub you Peace. Peace shall be thy name. Peace unto you. Here, here is My peace, I give it to you. Place it in your heart so that you may radiate peace forever more.

I did not hand you worry. It must be then that you accepted and adopted it from an unknown source. Worry is not yours to accept. You don’t have to have it. Or, if you must, give it five minutes of your time.

You can work on solving a problem without worry. You can roll up your sleeves and tackle whatever it may be that you have to tackle. But worry yourself? No sirree. Not your job.

You don’t hide from concerns. At the same time, you take care of them as you can, yet you do not worry them back and forth and up and around. Leave the worry part alone. Worry saps you. You know that. You were never meant to worry. Worry is a man-made invention. Worry is stultifying. Worry is not meant to be your thing. It’s like a cold you pick up from somewhere. You know very well that colds are not welcome, and they are not meant to come on board with you. You know that a cold is something you don’t keep. Worry doesn’t have your name on it either. Worry is a worrisome thing. Let go of it. Worry is adding insult to injury.

You are not to put up with the assault of worry. Worry is a sniper. Worry comes out from anywhere. It is an extra burden. You don’t have to take it on. Worry clutters your mind and heart. It constricts you. It paralyzes you. Worry is no help at all. Worry is not your friend, and you don't have an obligation to worry. You have an obligation to let go of worry. Banish it. What you are worrying about may well not be so bad as you think.

Don’t give worry the time of day. Shoo worry away. Don’t put up with it. Replace worry with peace. Let peace surpass your understanding. Abdicate the throne of worry. You have a say.

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My dearest Father!

I sit on your lap and you swing me back and forth, telling an exciting story to me and I listen with big eyes, reading every word of your lips.
Love You! Uta


Why Worry? It might not happen, And if it does, you have been unhappy a long time before, Is it not much easier to correct a happening Now, than worry about it before?
I am Lucky, I have nothing to worry about. What happened? I became LOVE and all worries flew away. I actually started to like myself after I was told to try Love sometimes. Funny things happen NOW, people seem much nicer then before.
Since Love became my goal things became so easy there is absolutly nothing to worry about. Live is Beautiful Thank YOU GOD for bringing Love to me!! Love to all . Jack

Hi Jack! Your words make me

Hi Jack! Your words make me smile. I'll follow your path! Your are right -" there is absolutly nothing to worry about!" if love is my goal! Love to you! Uta


thankyou Jack for your advice