From Which Direction Today?

God said:

All that comes to you holds goodness especially meant for you.

When you believe that one thing, your life plays out on a different plane. If goodness comes from everywhere, then love comes to you from everywhere as well. Goodness and love come unbidden and unseen sometimes, and you do not know where they are coming from next.

Yes, from everywhere, but you do not know ahead of time from which direction today. You have no idea who will be the deliverer of the goodness meant for you. But you do know that you are the receiver of it. That is all you need to know. You are an accepter and deserver of all the good that comes. Just be ready.

But how do you ready yourself for all goodness to come your way? Not by looking for proof of it, but yet by keeping a lookout for it, a gentle awareness of something wonderful about to arrive.

Just as when guests are coming to your house, you prepare for them. You make way for them. You may not know the exact time of arrival, but you know they are on their way. You set the table. You make things nice for them even before they get there.

And what is this you are doing when you prepare for your guests? You are giving something of yourself to them. You are expressing your value of their arrival. You are expressing love for them.

It is quite unlike preparing for your enemies, but you do see how you prepare for them too. You have prepared for assaults of one kind or another all your life. Otherwise, why would you be tense?

When you know the sweetness that is on its way to you, you are the most relaxed being in the world.

Resistance becomes a thing of the past.

You melt into your good fortune.

You plump the pillows of your life.

How do you prepare a good meal?

You have all the ingredients together in a cupboard or in the refrigerator. Your cupboards are full. And you pull out ingredients of your choice. And you add them to one another, and you mix them. And you let them cook and sit a while.

And that is how to live your life.

You have many ingredients to choose from, and you have many menus to choose from. Menus are like thoughts, and you have many of them. You are full of ideas. And you are the chooser, and you are the cook. And you are the eater at the feast.

All in life that comes to you is a friend. No matter how disguised, it is a friend coming to tell you a secret that you might not hear otherwise.

Perhaps you are presented with an opportunity to develop yourself. And what is developing yourself but opening yourself to something before you. It may be a new turn of events. But developing yourself is not really developing. It is allowing the more of yourself that is already there to come to the forefront.

Perhaps you have paused too long at the top of the stairs, and now it is time for you to go up the next flight.

Change is your friend. It is not your enemy.

A shake-up in your life does not have to shake you.

You are not dependent upon your present life for life.

You move in your life. Life is your milieu. It is the pond you swim in. It is not the maker of you. You can always swim in another direction. You can dive and you can leap. You are the one who makes the ripples. They don't make you.

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Hello Friends,

God said all in life
Comes as opportunity
For you to choose from

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