From Whence Cometh Godwriting? V

God said:

In order to Godwrite, easy does it. Let go of ideas of grandeur or perfection. Have no expectations of being dazzled. Simple Godwriting is good. Simple Godwriting opens yourself to the Heights where you really are.

On the other hand, you may have great anticipations anyway. I don’t ask you to strain to banish your anticipation and dreams. Effort to refrain from your desires is no less effort than having to have superlative Godwriting.

Do We understand effortlessness more effortlessly now?

There is nothing for you to be concerned with about Godwriting. If I am the Godwriter, this relieves you of responsibility. Lean back and Godwrite. Put your feet up and Godwrite. Recline in bed and Godwrite. Be at ease with Godwriting.

You don’t have to be dressed to the nines. Nor is your Godwriting a test of any kind. I do not look for a stellar performance from you, not at all. I look for no performance from you whatsoever. None.

The best you can do is to relax with Me. You can’t force yourself to relax with Me, of course not. Force is trying. Nor can you try hard not to force yourself.

By and large, it is impossible to try hard and succeed when it comes to Godwriting. Just put your toe in the water. See how that goes. You don’t have to jump in and dive deep. Just write down. Leave the Godwriting Itself to Me. Don’t mind what you write. Don’t have on your mind excellent Godwriting. Be glad for simple any kind of Godwriting! If the Godwriting that comes to you wants to be sublime, it will be. The Godwriting that comes to you is what it is to be. You don’t shape it. The advice to you regarding Godwriting is also good advice for ordinary living, and this is:

Don’t hold on too tightly to the steering Wheel of Life. “Que sera sera, whatever will be will be.”

It is not for you to pull My Train of Thoughts ahead. My Thoughts have their own engine. You don’t light the match. My match is already lit!

You don’t have to organize anything. I am already trusting in an Intelligence in My Thinking. I come by My Own Route. Trust in Me. Rely on Me. Be open to whatever path I take. What I say, allow Me the privilege.

There are no rules about Godwriting. I require nothing of you but to desire My Presence, and then I ask you to let go of your desire and leave it to Me.

That’s the least you can do anyways. And that is the uttermost that you can do as well.

No need to rank Godwriting that comes to you. The prize you are seeking is the experience of Me. Allow Me to give you the experience of Godwriting. Do not compel Me to live up to all your personal desires. Allow Me to give you Me.

I am not a lottery. I already know your desires. There is no need to insist on Me to perform for you. I perform for My Self which includes you. Allow Me.

I am as easy as pie. This is the Truth. You don’t want to roll the pie crust too much. More is not always more. More can be less. Ask less of yourselves, Beloveds. There is nothing more of you to ask of Me.

This is the end of the sequence of five Heavenletters that speak of letting loose of Godwriting which is the same as to say that there is no making Godwriting to happen. There is no cranking up Godwriting. Just let Godwriting be. It’s not yours in the first place.

As it happens, one more relevant Heavenletter in this series is wanting to be heard…

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Feeling close to God

A great series of Heavenletters on Godwriting. I hope this encourages more people to start doing the writing.

I feel so close to God and and 'enfolded in God's loving arms' when I finish and re-read the writing.

Absolutely everyone can do Godwriting. Just be relaxed as you write down what God wants to say to you.

Thank you specifically for

Thank you specifically for this really helpful series. Grateful :-) I AM

This series about Godwriting

This series about Godwriting is like a legacy. I am deeply moved.

I hope so much that we are going to see the long forgotten practice of Godwriting being far spread all over the world and open to everyone who wants to do so.

Isn't God teaching us in a miraculous way?

Dear Gloria, infinite thanks to you for your (= God's) wonderful work!

Love and blessings to everyone

There are times I "feel" a

There are times I "feel" a Heavenletter wanting to get itself down on paper. I am minding my own business, so to speak, when I feel an urging. It's like God is saying: "Get this written."

I am impelled. Here's the thing:

No matter what,, we don't have to figure it out. There is nothing we have to figure out. As Godwriters, we don't have to know everything. We don't have to know anything. No one has the last word on Godwriting. Godwriting isn't on level of knowing.

Innocence is the key. Of course, we don't make any effort to be innocent, for then we are trying.

Often some of us routinely sit down to Godwrite every morning. This is in line with washing our face or brushing our teeth -- yet much more enjoyable. :)

Sometimes a voice inside us sort of barges in seeming to say that God really wants this urging to be fulfilled right now. Or could this be because we cohabit with God, and the urging is our urging God to hurry up and come forward? God seems to say that this is no big deal. We don't have to figure it out. It isn't something to be figured out. Better we don't try to know it all.

God says we don't have to know. We don't have to find out. It is no big deal. We are better off not clinching everything. Rather, we want to be in the process of discovery. This is a good thing because it keeps us open. We are not seeking some kind of finality. We are seeking Infinity.

As I read your comments this morning, it came to me that one of the sweetest simplest Heavenletters that I recommend to everyone -- How to Read a Heavenletter #1314 Published June 22, 2004 is also speaking of How to Godwrite!

Here are a few quick quotations from this Heavenletter:

I pour down love upon you and a certain lyric wisdom far more than any words you extract.

There is nothing for you to learn here but to be with Me.

You do not necessarily know what you take away from Our meeting.

Be My love, won't you?

What is My message here for you today? Forget about it.

Just be with Me, and allow Me to take you places. Do not sit up so straight. Do not take notes. Just rest in Me.

Let Our hearts rub elbows. Sit down with Me a while.

We are not experts on Godwriting. Only God is. And, even then, I wonder if God may also have new realizations as well.