From the Silent Recesses of Your Heart

God said:

There is no wisdom without love. Wisdom is love from on high.

Wisdom sees from a higher platform. Wisdom comes from a great understanding which develops from love. It certainly doesn't come from selfishness. Greater understanding grows into greater perception, and from greater perception come greater love and wisdom.

Wisdom is large thinking. It has nothing to do with cleverness. Cleverness is an isolated streak and has no comparison to wisdom.

Wisdom is an embrace. It is great comprehension. And there is no comprehension without love. What is love but understanding? What is a caress but an expression of understanding? What is wisdom but a uniting of heart and mind given to a situation?

Wisdom doesn't take a back seat, but it does sit back. Wisdom isn't something thought-out, you understand. It arises. And more and more wisdom is going to arise in you.

Wisdom does not have to be spoken, but it will be communicated. Wisdom is often silent, and often it is wise to be silent.

Wisdom may solve and resolve something, for, with wisdom, a situation is seen in a new light. Seeing in a new light is great wisdom. That's all wisdom is. And love is seeing in light altogether.

Wisdom is love irrespective of a situation. Wisdom sees the light in every situation.

The course of wisdom does not always succeed in the world, but that does not mean the expression of wisdom is unwise. Wisdom is not motive-oriented nor outcome-oriented. Like love, wisdom has no agenda.

Wisdom is like accepting a token from Me. It is like taking a folded piece of paper I have given you, and then opening it up and nodding when you read the message therein.

Think about wisdom today. You haven't had very much, have you? You have been thinking more along the lines of what will be successful. Successful has too often meant a favorable outcome for you, or just getting out of a situation unscathed.

Consider wisdom the High Road. Wisdom dispenses with the affairs of men as they are usually held. Wisdom is a great letting go of what the world says. It is not great wisdom to follow the world. Step back a bit from the world, and you will be wise.

Determinants other than what the world advises will be in place for you. You will have better counsel than the world.

Is wisdom connected to Holiness? I think so. Wisdom comes from wholeness rather than apartness.

The wisdom I speak of is not concerned with what you eat and what you wear and what to say and what not to say, and whom to know and whom not to know. Wisdom does not come from attention on details of life. Indeed wisdom comes from the heart. The heart does not consider details. The heart considers, if you can say the heart considers, only wholeness.

Heart's wisdom is very close to My plan for the universe. Consider wisdom as an outpouring of My heart. Wisdom never exploits. Wisdom blesses all who come near.

When you think about it, perhaps you wonder if you have ever been wise.

Encourage wisdom to sprout by doing something differently. You will be loosening the hold the world has on you. Experiment. Break out of patterns. If you have heretofore not been so wise, that is another good reason to let go of the past. Allow yourself to come from a seat of wisdom, and you will join the company of the wise. There is plenty of room for you here. You are invited.

R.S.V.P. in the silent recesses of your heart.