The Light of the World

God said:

Good morning, My beloveds! How fine to find you here this morning, all ready for Me to shine light on you! You are ready for Me this morning. You anticipate the love that is coming. Your mouth waters for what I will speak to you of. You do not know what the topic is, but you know I have something to say to you and that it is something you want to hear with all your heart and soul.

Actually, it doesn't matter what I say. What matters is that you hear. My words may be forgotten, but I am emblazoned in your heart. Each day a notch more, until your awareness is complete. And your awareness is not complete until I have nothing left to tell you. And that day will never come for I never run out. I Who am Silence always have something to say, and you merit hearing Me. Hear Me well. Come close, and embrace what I say to you.

You and I have a tryst every morning. I wake you up better than coffee, yes, I do. I dress you more richly than the most expensive suit. I shine more brightly than any of your newly-polished shoes. I am the One Who makes your eyes sparkle. I polish your heart. I bring color to your cheeks. No counselor advises you as well as I. The Truth I speak continues to peal around the world and you are beginning to hear it.

I am the Impressario of the World, and you are the notes I play across the vast universe. You might as well accept this.

There is nothing finite about the music We make. There is nothing finite about you, unless it is your body and the multitudinous thoughts you have. There is nothing finite about you, for My love is endless, and so is yours. You keep having the idea that there are limits to love, and limits to your love, both to and fro, when love is All and love reigns.

There is nothing else to equal Our love, for Our love alone exists. All the concerns and emotions that seem to defray Our love are empty bullets that do not affect it one whit. Rant and rave all you want, ply yourself with guilt like wine, object with a gavel, and Our love still is.

When all is said and done, Love is, and that is all there is.

Any plaint you have is mistaken. You have mistaken love. You have yelled at it to come, and, blinded as you have been, you haven't seen its presence. Oh, a few blinks of it now and then.

Radiant love shines everywhere, and you keep looking for it.

Start pulling it out of your heart, and you will begin to see love burnished and bright, for your heart is the lighter of all others.

When Christ said you were the light of the world, he knew whereof he spoke.

And yet you who adore him and attest to belief in him, do not believe him, for he said you are as he, and even greater than he. Accept and realize this, and you will absorb and reflect the light that you are.

So today I would like to convert your mind to the knowledge of your true light. Your mind will not believe what the heart knows. The heart needs no convincing. What is is. And you are the light of My heart and the light of the universe. No star has anything over you. And your light travels, and you are beginning to meet your light on its way back to you. Behold the light of the world, for you are it.